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Performance marketing study

  1. 1. The value ofUK Online Performance MarketingJanuary 2013
  2. 2. Agenda1. Introduction2. Methodology3. Headline results4. Detailed analysis5. Summary The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  3. 3. Report made possible because of the financial contributions of…Company Logo Website Window http://www.affili.netBSkyB Junction Internet Group Group The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  4. 4. Report made possible because of the financial contributions of…Company Logo WebsiteNectar http://www.omgpm.comRakuten LinkShare Letter Days Media Consulting Ltd The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  5. 5. 1. Introduction The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  6. 6. Background• Existing IAB / PwC Digital Adspend Report captures above the line advertising spend → Affiliate Display £85 million → Affiliate Search £38 million → Lead Generation £51 million• Does not represent full range of Online Performance Marketing revenues → Sales Commission generated → Set up, management and consultancy fees → Technology and data costs• Sales generated by advertisers not included The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  7. 7. Background• IAB wanted to accurately represent size and value of the Online Performance Marketing sector to include → Full range of advertiser spend (e.g. sales commission, and management fees) → Advertiser sales generated and ROI• Work closely with the Affiliate and Lead Generation Councils• Commission PwC to create new study The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  8. 8. Traditional affiliate network model• The user clicks on an • Following completion of the advertisement or product Advertiser sale, the advertiser will then on the publisher website pay an agreed commission (Agency) to the publisher (typically a• The user is then re- fixed fee or a % of basket directed to the advertiser £ value) website to complete the transaction • The affiliate network will Affiliate Network also receive a fee for• A cookie is placed on the £ facilitating the process users web browser by the affiliate network to record • An agency may also sale origination receive a fee if managing the  advertiser’s  media  • Affiliate networks are most Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher campaign commonly deployed when the advertiser establishes This could be 10s, 100s or 1000s of publishers relationships with a large Transaction or application number of publishers, and process typically accurate sales records completed online (e.g. via need to be maintained a  ‘checkout’) Note:  terminology  varies  across  the  Online  Performance  Marketing  industry.  ‘Advertiser’  is  used  interchangeably  with  Merchant and Retailer. Similarly, Publisher is used interchangeably  with  Affiliate  and  Content  Owner‘.  In  general,  we  have  used  the  terms  ‘Advertiser’  and  ‘Publisher’  in  this report The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  9. 9. Traditional Lead Generation Model• The user clicks on or views • Following delivery of the an advertisement or product Advertiser lead, the advertiser will on the publisher website. then pay an agreed They are invited to complete (Agency) commission to the an enquiry form or provide publisher (typically a fixed contact details (e.g. to sign up Lead captured and passed on £ fee) for a newsletter, to request a test drive, to see a quote) Lead Generation • The lead generation Company specialist will also receive a• Lead Gen companies are £ fee for facilitating the most commonly involved process Lead Capture Lead Capture Lead Capture when the user is purchasing a Form Form Form complex product where • An agency may also professional advice is receive a fee if managing required (e.g. life insurance, a Publisher Publisher Publisher the  advertiser’s  media   new kitchen). Lead Gen campaign companies are engaged Typically between 20-150 publishers when advertisers seek new Transaction or leads in addition to those application process gathered through its own typically completed website or CRM database offline (e.g. via a call centre or broker) The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  10. 10. 2. Methodology The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  11. 11. Definition of Online Performance Marketing (1)Definition: A form of online advertising that differs from traditional online display advertising, as payment is triggered by an outcome (e.g. a user initiated action such as a purchase or submitting contact details)2 principal forms: Affiliate Marketing: Lead Generation: In the affiliate model, users will In the lead generation model, users typically click an advertisement and will typically enter their details (e.g. be re-directed  to  the  advertiser’s   into a lead capture form) which are website to complete the transaction, then passed onto the advertiser, following which a fee is paid to the following which a fee is paid to the content owners once the transaction content owners (payment is on a per is completed enquiry basis) The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  12. 12. Definition of Online Performance Marketing (2)• Online Performance Increasing volume Marketing represents part but not all of the Online Performance Marketing online advertising and commerce chain  ()  • Content owners are CPM CPC CPL CPA (cost per (cost per (cost per (cost per often remunerated thousand) click) lead) action) on a cost per action Key: (CPA) basis or a cost  Included in OPM () Partially included in OPM per lead (CPL) basis  Not included in OPM• In some instances, Increasing value content owners are remunerated on a cost per click (CPC) • Brand/Awareness building • Action/Intention focused basis • Unregistered • Registered • View/ Click • Lead/ Purchase • Unqualified • Qualified • Browsing • Researching • Implicit • Explicit • Reach • Targeted The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  13. 13. UK Online Performance Market eco-system ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY. NOT EXHAUSTIVE Advertisers Media Agency Affiliate Network Publishers Ad networks Lead Generation Aggregators Specialist Online Performance Marketing Agency Tracking/ technology Email Data services (processing, analytics, platform Marketing verification and presentation) Other publisher solutionsNote:  c ompanies  m ay  act  as  a  ‘publisher’   and  as  an  ‘advertiser’,  or  work  across  m ultiple  segments  of  the  v alue  chain,  e.g.  operating as an ad network, lead generation and data services provider The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  14. 14. The new study in context Key differences: • More participants are included from the wider Online Performance Marketing industry in this New Online market sizing exercise Performance Marketing Study • We are capturing total spend, not just media space  ‘adspend’,  i.e. including commission on sales generated, technology spend, set-up fees, consultancy fees, data cleansing • We have undertaken additional modelling of non-survey participants in the OnlineIAB/PwC bi-annual Performance Marketing space (based on Digital Adspend publicly available financial data, market data interviews and desk research) • This survey gathers more granular data to better understand underlying trends and dynamics of the Online Performance Marketing industry • In addition, this survey also seeks to capture the value of sales generated by Online Performance Marketing and its value to the UK economy The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  15. 15. Methodology overview Online Performance Marketing Online Performance Marketing Advertiser sales generated by Advertiser sales generated by expenditure by advertisers expenditure by advertisers Online Performance Marketing Online Performance Marketing 37% 47% Survey Survey 37% Survey Survey data data data data 47% 53% Estimated Estimated Estimated Estimated 63% 63% 53%For future surveys:• We will welcome feedback on the methodology and data collected in this survey• Increased participation from across the industry in the survey, increasing the granularity of response and historic trend data The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  16. 16. Survey methodology• Our current survey is based on 27 detailed submissions from 23 companies → Two types of submission forms: Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation → Some companies provided both Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation submissions• Survey captures revenue from major players in the OPM market, who represent 1000s of publisher websites• Figures are adjusted for double counting, based on information provided by survey participants• Historic growth trends are presented on a like for like basis, i.e. based on companies submitting in both years• The figures are drawn up on the basis of company declarations and have not been verified by PwC The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  17. 17. Methodology for estimating advertiser spendOnline Performance Marketing expenditure by advertisers ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY Provides Estimation base d on a combination of publicly available financial/ Provides historical and comme rcial data, PwC marke t inte rvie ws and le veraging insights from current the bi-annual PwC/IAB Digital Adspe nd study detailed trend market size data estimate Incremental revenue not captured in PwC survey data £Xm Lead Gen Lead Gen Affiliate Bottom-up market sizing e xe rcise base d on re venue Marketing submissions from a significant proportion of ke y playe rs in Affiliate the affiliate marke ting and le ad ge ne ration space Marketing PwC survey Major price Large in-house Gaming B2B Lead Other sectors/ Market size data comparison affiliate sector Gen players under- estimate sites programme represented The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  18. 18. Methodology for estimating sales generatedAdvertiser sales generated by Online Performance Marketing ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY Surve y data re fined base d on curre nt 2012 commission le ve ls whe re sale s value and PwC estimate £Xm acquisition cost is known (by spe cific sub-se ctor where available ) Lead Gen PwC survey data High level extrapolation based Lead Gen on market average commissions Affiliate Other (a combination of market Marketing Affiliate interviews, desk research and PwC survey data has informed Marketing Affiliate this view) Marketing Where sales Where sales Lead Gen Other PwC market estimates where sales Market size value known value not sales values value not known estimate known not known The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  19. 19. Participants and support from27 Detailed survey submissions from:Ad Pepper, Affiliate Window, Affilinet, Commission Junction, Goallover, Intela,IPT, LeadPoint, Magnetise, Mindshare, MVF Global, Nectar, Neo@Ogilvy, OMG,Performance Horizon Group, Quidco, Rakuten Linkshare, ROEye, Savoo, TenThousand Hours, Tradedoubler, ValueClick, WebGains31 Interviews conducted with:14 advertisers, 6 publishers, 3 media agencies, 7 survey participants and 1independent market consultantAdditional support from:Affiliate Window, Commission Junction, Goallover, LeadPoint, Nectar, Neo@Ogilvy,Red Letter Days, Ten Thousand Hours The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  20. 20. 3. Headline results The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  21. 21. 3,000 – 4,000 advertisers spending£814 million on 10,000 publisher websitesLead Generation 14%Affiliate Marketing 86% The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  22. 22. 100 milliontransactions 70 million leads generated The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  23. 23. generating £9 billion salesLead Generation £1 billionAffiliate Marketing £8 billion The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  24. 24. Return on investment? spent =sales generated The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  25. 25. Online Performance Marketing shows consistentgrowth Average Growth 12% per year (every year) 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  26. 26. The context of Online Performance Marketing c.7-9% of UK digital c.6% of the UK marketing spend1 internet economy2 c.5-6% of UK retail c.0.6% of UK GDP3 ecommerce4 This is based on Retail only sales in Online Performance MarketingSources/ Notes:1. This figure is illustrative only. Calculated based on a combination of digital adspend (captured in the IAB/PwC Digital Adspend Study) and other digital marketing spend (not captured in the IAB/PwC Digital Adspend Study). We have excluded technology and management/ set-up fees from our Online Performance Marketing market size2. ‘The  Connected  Kingdom’  (Google/  BCG),  ‘The  internet  Economy  in  the  United  Kingdom’  (Vodafone/  A.T.Kearney)3. Assumed GDP of c.£1.4tn (IMF, Oct 2012)4. Based on retail only sales in Online Performance Marketing compared to the UK retail ecommerce market value (Verdict Retail, 2012) The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  27. 27. 4. Detailed Analysis The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  28. 28. Finance, Retail, Telecoms & Media and Travel & Leisure are key sectors Auto, 1% Energy & Utilities, 3% Other, 1% B2B, 5% Gaming, 6% Travel & Leisure, 9% Finance, 45% *c.90% of Finance revenue relates to price comparison sitesTelecoms &Media, 10% Retail, 20% % of £814m total spend The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  29. 29. What do advertisers say about Online Performance Marketing? “Affiliates  drive  the  highest  value   customers compared to other channels like paid search, display “This  year,  Pay  Per  Lead  campaigns   and  offline  channels” have been the key focus of our (Large advertiser) marketing  investment” (Large advertiser) “Affiliates  are  now  25%  of  all   online sales, having been around 12%  five  years  ago” “It  helps  us  target  customers  that   (Small advertiser) our other campaigns do not reach” (Small advertiser)“42%  of  our  digital  adspend  is  CPA” (Large advertiser) The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  30. 30. Measured spend has grown significantly since 2008 300 Between 2008 and 2012, OPM grew by 57%, due to affiliate marketing increasing by 50% and lead generation by 136% 240 250 Growth Index vs 2008 (100) 180 200 147 150 127 143 150 100 127 100 100 105 50 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012* Affiliate marketing Lead generation*Note: The following graphs relate to the PwC survey results only, and hence can only be used indicatively as growth rates and trends in the overall market. In this, and all following PwC surveygraphs, 1H 2012 refers to actual figures and 2H 2012 is based on budgets/ outturn forecasts provided by participants during October/November. The split between Affiliate Marketing and LeadGeneration is based on the split provided in company submission data, and not necessarily allocated based on payment model splits between CPA and CPL The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  31. 31. Cost Per Action is the dominant payment model Payment model (H1 2012) CPM, 1% Other, 1% Includes CPC, CPP (Cost per call) and fixed fee (PwC survey data does not provide comprehensive coverage of major price comparison sites, and as such CPC is likely to beCPL, 12% under-represented in this analysis) CPA, 86% The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  32. 32. Majority of advertiser spend is sales commission 2012 Breakdown of revenue by transaction type Management fees, Other**, 4% 2% Tenancy deals & content sponsorship, 4% Fixed sales commission, 16% Variable sales commission, 74%**Other refers to categories where fewer than 5 participants provided revenues in 2012. These categories include: hybrid commission payments (mixture of affiliate and lead generation activity),display banners leading to capture forms, email list rentals, email & SMS broadcast, lead validation & verification, other unclassified revenue. The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  33. 33. Affiliate marketing spend is spread across a variety of publishers % of total revenue Other** Based on 94% of total affiliate revenue H1 2012 Paid Search (PPC sites) Content, blogs etc Comparison sites and directories Loyalty & reward websites Coupon and rebate websites Cashback websites 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%*Note: revenue from price comparison websites is likely to be much higher in terms of the overall market. However, this graph onlycaptures data from the PwC survey which is largely focused on the major affiliate networks and lead generation companies in the sector**Other includes display networks, email list & newsletter lists, registration path or co-registration sites, surveys, social media, contentunlock websites and other unclassified The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  34. 34. Lead generation spend also across a variety of publishers % of total revenue Based on 90% of total lead generation revenue H1 2012 Other** Content sites, blogs etc Registration path or co-registration Display networks Email list and newsletter list 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%*Note: revenue from price comparison websites is likely to be much higher in terms of the overall market. However, this graph only captures data from the PwC survey 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%which is largely focused on the major affiliate networks and lead generation companies in the sector**Other includes PPC sites, price comparison sites, coupon & rebate websites, social media, loyalty & reward websites, cashback websites, surveys, content unlockwebsites and other unclassifiedFewer categories are shown in this case as the sample size is smaller The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  35. 35. Mobile and tablet specific sites generate around 4-5% of total revenue Online Performance Marketing revenue via mobile and tablet devices (1H 2012) - Affiliate and Lead Gen • Sales generated through sites 25% specifically designed for mobile and tablet devices currently accounts for just 4-5% of the total market, primarily 20% because tracking capability is currently less sophisticated on many mobile % of total revenue websites/ platforms 15% • However, our market interviews indicated that mobile & tablet devices are 10% expected to drive a considerable growth for Online Performance Marketing longer term 5% • Advertisers expect to increase monetisation of the fast growing apps market, whilst launching a greater 0% number of mobile specific promotions, Mobile Tablet deals and offers to its customers High Average Based on 12 of 27 submissions LowNote: the survey data potentially over-represents the importance of mobile and tablet to this market, as companies who are unable to split out mobile and tablet revenue are morelikely to have a lower percentage of revenue through these devices than peers The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  36. 36. Retail dominates affiliate by volume and value of sales 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Retail Travel & Leisure Telecoms & Finance Other (utilities, Media gaming, auto etc) % total sales % value salesNote: this split relates to survey participants only and hence is largely driven by sales volumes tracked by the major affiliate networks. As such, this analysis does not provide detailed coverage of pricecomparison sites, in-house affiliate programmes and other in-house tracking solutions The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  37. 37. The survey also identified the largest sub-sectors within each vertical Retail Telecoms & Media #1 Clothing & Accessories #1 Mobile Providers Products & Services #2 Electrical, White Goods & Computing #2 Subscriptions (e.g. publishing, film) #3 Home & Garden, DIY #3 ISPs #4 Music, DVD & Entertainment #4 Technology Travel & Leisure Finance #1 Hotels & Accommodation #1 Insurance #2 Flights & Airlines #2 Credit CardsNote: this split relates to survey participants only and hence is largely driven by sales values tracked by the major affiliate networks. As such, this analysis does not provide detailed coverage of pricecomparison sites, in-house affiliate programmes and other in-house tracking solutions. In addition, less than 10% of lead volumes were split by sector, and as such the lead volumes are excluded fromthe industry analysis presented above The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  38. 38. Typical use varies by sector and item value Retail Finance Travel Telco & Media Auto Energy Gaming Most Affiliate & Affiliate & Affiliate & prominent Affiliate Affiliate Lead Gen Affiliate Lead Gen Lead Gen Lead Gen model Typical % of online mktg. 5-25% 2-10% 5-15% 20-30% 5-10% n/a 10-25% budget Cashback; Typical Cashback; Content; Vouchers; Aggregators; Content; Aggregators; Content; publisher Aggregators; Publisher Loyalty; Cashback Aggregators Content Voucher types Vouchers Network Content Variable; Typical Fixed; Fixed & 25%+ Variable; Fixed & Variable; Fixed; Fixed; commission 8-12%/ £10- Variable; (often a 2-8% 4-10%/ £10-70 £40-60 £15-75 structures* 100 1-12% recurring lifetime value)*Note: variable commission relates to a publisher being paid a % of the basket value; fixed commission relates to a publisher being paid a fixed fee for each transaction; typical commissionsare illustrative and have been sourced from publicly available sources The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  39. 39. On average OPM suppliers expect their revenue to grow by c.25% in 2013 % of respondents • Our survey participants generally expect to deliver strong revenue growth in 2013 More than 100% (a combination of underlying market growth and share gain) 51% to 100% 41% t0 50% • Although advertisers indicated Online Performance Marketing is an effective 31% to 40% channel they will continue to invest in, many  felt  that  next  year’s  budgets  would   21% to 30% increase more gradually, e.g. 5-10% p.a. 11% to 20% 0% to 10% • Growth is most likely to come from some established advertisers focusing Decrease or no increase more of its online budget into this channel, coupled with new advertisers investing in this space 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%Note: the survey data will most likely over-represent growth in the wider market. Survey participants were asked to provide their revenue forecasts for 2013, which will factor in underlying market growth,plus market share gain The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  40. 40. Maturing channel is attracting increased investment based on proven returns “We  should  have  slightly  more   “A  major  trend  in  the  next  two  years   budget for our affiliate marketing will be further growth in theprogramme next year as it has been technology  platform  space” an  efficient  channel  for  us” (Publisher) (Large advertiser) “Over  next  2  to  3  years,  we  are  “We  intend  to  focus  more  heavily  on   looking to grow our affiliate high quality content sites going programme  at  least  10%” forward” (Small advertiser) (Large advertiser) The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  41. 41. The market continues to evolve and innovate• Improve consistency of definitions• More advanced attribution models will enable advertisers to reward publishers more accurately• Rapid growth of mobile, social and video will drive changes• High quality consumer content websites remain key• Enhancements in data and technology will increase efficiency The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  42. 42. 5. Summary The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  43. 43. Summary for H1 2012• Advertisers spent £814m on Online Performance Marketing in 2012• Generates £9bn of transactions (£11 for each £1 spent)• 100 million sales transactions and 70 million leads• 3,000 – 4,000 active advertisers across 10,000 publisher websites• Market grew 57% from 2008 – 2012 at average of 12% p.a.• Different sectors use different techniques when using OPM• Increased use and further innovation will encourage more growth The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  44. 44. Big thank you and all contributing companies The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  45. 45. research@iabuk.net0207 050 6969 The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
  46. 46. DisclaimerThe IAB retained PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (the UK firm) (‘PwC’) to compile the online adspend figures collectedby the IAB from its members in H1 2012 and to deliver to the IAB the topline figures collated from this review; PwChas not verified the information which it received from the IAB, and provides no opinion or other form of assurancewith respect to such information.This publication has been prepared for general guidance on matters of interest only, and does not constituteprofessional advice. You should not act upon the information contained in this publication without obtaining specificprofessional advice. No representation or warranty (express or implied) is given as to the accuracy or completenessof the information contained in this publication, and, to the extent permitted by law, neither the Internet AdvertisingBureau UK (the ‘IAB’) nor any of the IAB’s contributors/subcontractors accept or assume any liability, responsibility orduty of care for any consequences of you or anyone else acting, or refraining to act, in reliance on the informationcontained in this publication or for any decision based on it. The  Value  of  Online  Performance  Marketing  in  the  UK  •  A  new  study  by  IAB  UK  and  PwC
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