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BlackBerry: …

Who are the fans?
Who is driving the brand forward?
What are its challenges for growth?

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  • 1. INSIGHTS INTO MOBILE & YOUTHCULTURE Now Every Tuesday @ 14:30 GMT mobileYouth Europe Live! HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM BLACKBERRY Who are the fans? Who is driving the brand forward? What are its challenges for growth? flickr: maxwillis
  • 2. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM flickr: desertpenguinphotos A phone, designed for and adopted by C-level executives, famously favored by the President of the United States, has been discovered by youth!
  • 3. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM A young person was given their dad’s old BlackBerry and discovered the BBM function. Then, told a few friends… RIM recognised the trend amongst youth and is now building its brand around BBM as an essential social tool. Flickr: Massimon M. da Roma
  • 4. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM flickr:Fearless Ideas A mobile device for business A mobile device for youth
  • 5. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM The challenge for RIM is to keep its appeal to youth while maintaining its image as the smart phone of choice for the business market. It has a good chance as it is building ‘life time customer value’. Youth of today will be the business executives of tomorrow. flickr: Sweet Portrayal
  • 6. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM flickr: Rade Knoxville As more youth discover free instant messaging with BBM, Blackberry is becoming their favorite mobile device. “ This is my pin” is now the common introduction among young people.
  • 7. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM fliickr: Puma Lee BBM helps youth belong and feel significant. That is social currency.
  • 9. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Mobile payments? Unique apps? Online/offline BB pin based communities? Deals with mobile operators? flickr: net2photos Cool new games? Contests? Co-marketing /sponsorships with youth brands/events?
  • 10. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM flickr: bettttina ‘ The keys are like my nails, I love them!’ Continued strength among 20-29 females, especially ethnic minorities in developed markets. A symbol of expression of their new ‘emancipation’
  • 11. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Giving your thumbs a flashy color so they stand out as you type on your Blackberry. "Blackberry Bling"
  • 12. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Source innovation ideas from them. Collaborate, build a dialogue. Remain relevant. How are they are using their mobile devices? How do they share music, video, photos? How do you earn their attention?
  • 13. HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM Thank you for your time today! Flickr: Werner Schnell Please come back next week to learn more about youth and their mobile devices…