Mobile Advertising, Amsterdam May 2009


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Mobile Advertising, Amsterdam May 2009

  1. 1. The year of mobile advertising? Nick Lane, chief researcher, mobileSQUARED
  2. 2. • Formerly Direct2 Mobile • mobileSQUARED is a research firm covering the mobile data industry, delivering a range of services including research, analysis and consultancy • We specialize in • mobile social networking • mobile Internet • mobile content & entertainment • messaging • mobile marketing and advertising • operator strategy • mobile consumer behaviour • mobileSQUARED is a free monthly research publication covering the mobile content and services market. We think about mobile, and that makes our global audience think too
  3. 3. Covering … Mobile adult content + forecasts SMS is still data King Mobile advertising: cell broadcast Mobile data analysis: India Forecasts: French ME market Consumer survey … and more NEXT ISSUE OUT NEXT WEEK
  4. 4.
  5. 5. “One million dollars”
  6. 6. Minus Japan, Korea, US *Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Scandinavia, Spain, Thailand, UK, US
  7. 7. “Mobile advertising is the first to get the chop. Brands are retrenching onto TV or online – more tried and tested media formats. We’ve seen a levelling off of revenues in brand space, with mobile campaigns pulled by brands 9 times out of 10.” Anonymous mobile advertising provider, May 2009 2009: Content providers’ spend 0-25% Brand spend 25% However, a 25% decrease in content provider spend and 25% increase in brand spend would result in 12% decrease yoy “We have seen the effects like everyone else, but that varies country-to- country and depends on the product. In challenged markets we need to look at how much we spend versus the acquisition of downloads. But a lot of media partners are meeting us half way with the same volume of advertising but lower costs.“ Kaj Hagros, COO of Fox Mobile Distribution, May 2009
  8. 8. $4.96 bil. yoy 25% “One billion dollars” 2008: $1.3 billion
  9. 9. MA forecasts for 2008 Nov-07 - £59.95 mil. Nov-08 - £25 mil. Jan-09 - £10 mil. Breakdown £7 mil. - Banners/search/ sponsored links
  10. 10. • Progress is slow • Landing page • Pricing more realistic development • Inventory • Standardisation • Format (>50) • Recession • Spend evolving • App Store • Leapfrogged content • Developing markets Do you know what an App Store is? Would you use an app store?
  11. 11. 30.5% OK, 69.5% NOT OK
  12. 12. Profile button •It’s a person device, let the consumers personalise it •Let the consumers control their relationship with you •Brand relationship manager (BRM) Tiered mobile inventory structure •Digital, entertainment, messaging, device-based, app store •Overcoming inventory fragmentation •Encourage spend Agencies •No incentive – average campaign spend around $15k •Too many players in value chain = no revenues •Key to unlocking brands. And finally •No more “BIG” brands •Educate consumer; 60% > 40%
  13. 13. To subscribe, or find out more about how our research can help your business, either email me or leave me your business card