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Tips On Attracting Bulk Traffics into your website
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Tips On Attracting Bulk Traffics into your website


34 tips on how to attract bulk traffics into your website

34 tips on how to attract bulk traffics into your website

Published in Technology
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  • 1.
    • Tips On Attracting Bulk Traffics into your website
  • 2. Introduction
    • The world at large has become aware of the money making potential of the internet. Online businesses are thriving thanks to the global audience. Markets are no more geographically determined as the Internet has made the world smaller. The effective ways of reaching out for target audience or web traffic is crucial for a website survive in the competitive internet market.
    • Tips suggested are :
    • 1. Get your site listed in directories. [Paid/Free]
    • web directories are search tool designed to classify websites by subject or category. Submit your site to all the major web directories allow traffic generate directly from the directories themselves and help to improve your link popularity. ( www. dmoz .org and www.dir. yahoo .com , etc.)
  • 3. Tips suggested are:
    • 2. Get listed in search engines [Free] Submit your site to all the major search engine for free: international search engines as well as local foreign search engines and indexes.
    • 3. Create valuable content. [Free]
    • Strong content is universally valued, focus on providing real value instead of churning out disposable content.  It’s hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long-term referral traffic. Quality is more important than quantity . There will always be a place for good quality content that stands out from the crowd.
    • 4. Inviting other people/ visitor to contribute content [Free]
    • Content can be comments on your products, summiting articles , blog posting, or forum reply post and so on. By doing so, You will get more free content and promotion in getting traffic.
  • 4. Tips suggested are:
    • 5. Publish yourself , be original [Free]
    • - Write articles, develop content for your own site regularly help to win on the search engines.
    • - Gives your visitors a reason to come back over and over.
    • 6. Get published [Paid/ Free]
    • - Write publication on other websites, some website allow submit articles for free & These sites have lot of traffic. So there is good possibility that your article will get noticed.
    • - This will give you more track back links as well as make your site more creditable since it is being used as a source for online articles that people look to for accurate and correct information. Make sure you post your link under your sources ( www. ezine )
    • 7. Update content regularly [Free]
    • Keeps your site "fresh" in the eyes of the major search engines and helps you to spread a wide net when fishing for top search engine positions.
  • 5. Tips suggested are:
    • 8. Create Own Forum & Blog accounts [Free]
    • Develop forum in your site or open a blogs account to gain interaction with users. All this brings opportunity for user in expressing ideas, comments, reviews and feedback and soon will establish as a community and social network that will bring high traffic to your site. In directly user also help in contributing fresh content and traffic.
    • 9. Participate & comments in Blogs & Forum [Free]
    • Participate related to your site content, post constructively and publish a post about your site with URL to link back your site.
    • * Check the "DoFollow" command set and NOT the "NoFollow" command. The "DoFollow" enables search engine bots to follow the link you posted back to your site thus increase your website page rank but other wise for The "NoFollow" case.
    • * Check the command set for
    • Mozilla & Chrome – used their SEO extension 
    • IE – check out the "NoFollow“/ “DoFollow” tag in the html page source.
  • 6. Tips suggested are:
    • 10. Break down the language barrier [Paid/Free]
    • - Develop a Multilingual website to allow search engine listings multiply. - Generate more available languages and localization of contents in the website search engines will index your website more frequently as the pages are written in different languages.
    • - Not only get listed in all the language specific versions of the major search engines and their feeds, but local country specific ones as well.
    • - Improve search engine rankings with minimum of time & investment.
    • - Gain good ranking in a major non-English language search engine or version of Google as search engine filter algorithms are currently under- developed when dealing with non-English pages.
    • - Increase business prospect.
    • - Registering domain name in foreign countries . There are currently 184 active country codes
  • 7. Tips suggested are:
    • 11. Get links to your site/ Exchange links / banner exchange program [Free]
    • Connect your site with other sites in your niche. Which allow business-building and networking opportunities
    • For example: You offer rental kayaks on the beach. Ask the local restaurant owners, local tour guides, the real estate agents, the night clubs, and everyone else to link to you, and offer to link to them. Subsequently it help to improve search engine rankings.
    • 12. Buy banner ads or text links [Paid]
    • - Buy text links on high traffic websites allow more spiders stopping by, more people clicking through, means better search engine rankings. Traffic routed from these sites comprises more prospective buyers/visitor.
    • 13. Use smart public relations (PR) [Paid]
    • Get news coverage of your business and your site. Approach online and traditional media. Submit your news article link in other sites and online newspaper database
  • 8. Tips suggested are:
    • 14. Pay for clicks to your site [Paid]
    • Pay for clicks or inclusion on the search engines so that people will see your site in the sponsored links section of the search results when they search for keyword phrases related to your products or services.
    • 15. Set up an affiliate marketing program [Paid]
    • You can choose either pay per click, pay per lead generated, pay per sale, or pay per customer acquired with affiliates website which have higher Page rank value and good search engines position.
    • 16. Use E-mail marketing [Paid/ Free – open source]
    • Ugly, but effective for the cost. Blast out your special offers, newsletter to approach user/visitor and encourage them to subscribe it.
    • - Send Transactional and Reminder E-Mails to an existing customer to initiate, remind, confirm, or thank the person
    • 17. Refer a friend script : [Free]
    • Allow users to help promote your site to his friends very easily.
  • 9. Tips suggested are:
    • 18. Offering free stuff [Free]
    • - Offer something people want at your site.
    • - Give reasons to come back and get more.
    • - Offer free downloads and update them regularly.
    • 19. Holding contests [Paid]
    • Hold some contests in your site. Reward users who are active in the site. Give some gifts.
    • 20. Contextual advertising solution [Free]
    • Advertisement sites display the sponsors’ advertisement related to the theme of your website. Register at these advertisement sites and then paste the code snippet generated by these sites in your website.
    • - fast and easy way to earn online revenue
    • Google Adsense - delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to site
    • Contera - displays pop-up advertisements depending upon the relevant keyword of their choice.
  • 10. Tips suggested are:
    • 21. Social book marking + Social networking [Free]
    • - Improve traffic grows significantly because based on personal recommendations.
    • - People tell friends and others about particular site they interested, either online or offline. It effectively expose your site to large number of audience.
    • * Facebook ( )
    • * Twitter ( )
    • * Digg ( )
    • * Stumble Upon ( )
    • * Reddit ( http:// )
    • * Delicious ( )
    • * You Tube ( )
    • * Flickr ( http:// )
    • * Zooomr ( http:// )
    • * Mixx ( http:// )
    • * Technorati ( http:// )
  • 11.
    • * Smugmug ( http:// )
    • * MySpace ( http:// )
    • * LinkedIn ( http:// )
    • * DisQus ( )
    • * Blogger Unite ( )
    • * Blogger ( http:// / )
    • And many more……..
    • 22. Video SEO [Free]
    • Used to post your content for free to gain more in/out bound links to your website.
    • 23. Remove broken links [Free]
    • Check for presence of broken links can drive users away from your site
  • 12. Tips suggested are:
    • 24. Create an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary ) [Free]
    • - based on XML
    • -used standard for textual information exchange between applications on the Internet beyond just using browsers
    • - can be subscribe for regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or email.
    • Repackage site content into "widgets," "gadgets," mobile devices, and other bite-sized technologies based on web-based. This allow subscription using a feed reader and work effective in exposing of your site content.
    • Use popular blogging platforms or publishing tools like TypePad, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr helps to publish your own feed automatically.
  • 13. Tips suggested are:
    • 25. Alexa [Free]
    • - Subsidiary of
    • - provides information about millions of sites on the web, like traffic facts, information about the owner, competitors etc.
    • - Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behavior which is transmitted to the website where it is stored and analyzed and is the basis for the company's web traffic reporting.
    • - The Alexa rank is based on the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community and measured only according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed.
    • - Reporting on traffic health can be review and gain traffic by posting ads on
  • 14.
    • 26. Optimize your site (SEO). [Paid/Free]
    • SEO stands for search engine optimization - adjustments to get site listed in top positions in search engines.
    • How the search engine evaluates a website?
    • The answers bellow are results of continuous research and analysis by SEO experts and based on the probability theory against search engine algorithm .
    • * The content of the website (Increase density of the keywords frequently searched & Meta tagging and the–keyword stuffing)
    • * The design and highlighted texts of the website
    • * Tools and Techniques used in the website
    • * Technological expertise
    • * Size of the website
    • * Uploading time / flexibility
    • * Cross-platform versatility (Link Farming)
    • * Inbound and Outbound Links of your website
    • (URL normalization – use conical meta tag to enable web site accessible via multiple URL)
    • * Usage of unethical/ illegal tools & techniques (if any)
    Tips suggested are :
  • 15. Tips suggested are:
    • 27. Alt tags in images (SEO) [Free]
    • Alt tags are descriptive tags which appear above images when we place mouse over them. With Alt tags & relevant images file name helps in contribute to search engine ranking.
    • 28. Include Meta Tags with your Web Pages (SEO) [Free]
    • Meta Tags are hidden texts inserted in the heading of your web pages .
    • keyword tags - distinct list of keywords that relate to the specific page
    • description tag - describe content of web pages
    • Organized keyword research :
    • Research list of popular keywords in search engines apply in keyword tags relavantly based on content of the page
    • (refer http:// /trends to check the popularity of a particular word or phrase in Google search.
  • 16.
    • The most useful meta tags to add to your web pages are:
    • 1. Keywords
      • <META name=&quot;keywords&quot; content=&quot;site, meta tags, metatags, matatags, increase traffic to your site&quot;>
      • Include also synonyms of words that are not in document, misspelled words, translated words and short phrases that describe the content of web site. For example:
      • 2. Key Description (225max – display 1 st 60 words)
      • <META name=&quot;description&quot; content=&quot;This page offers you suggestions on how to design your webpage so that you can bring more traffic to your website.&quot;>
  • 17. Tips suggested are:
    • 29. Write a well-written brief introduction of the content included on each web page. + Fine-tune focused-content pages (SEO) [Free]
    • - Include a well-written opening paragraph in < body ></body> describing the page’s content.
    • - Full-text search engines index words and it order on your page, so by using related key word/ phrases repetively throughout that page, your web page will most likely be targeted as best results in search engine.
    • - Tools like Google Analytics
    • 30. Place the most important information near the top of your web site structure (SEO) [Free]
    • Don’t add to many additional folders or directories and sub-directories within your site, many search engines will not index your site beyond three or four directories. Search engines are generally designed to regard information found at the top level of your site as your most important resources.
  • 18. Tips suggested are:
    • 31. Create a unique & keyword rich title for EACH web page (SEO) [Free]
    • - Identifies the content for that web page.
    • - Focus on all pages in site other than homepage as in some case people enter your web site on a page buried within your site, rather from homepage.
    • - For most search engines, <title></title> become the hyperlink to navigate to your site.
    • - help visitors identify whether or not the content is what they are looking for.
  • 19. Tips suggested are:
    • 32. Watch designing web pages that cannot be indexed by search engines (SEO) [Free]
    • Search engines cannot index webpages:
    • * that require passwords or registrations
    • * dynamic pages. Have a (?) and (&) in the URL address.
    • * pages that are created with a database
    • * Important to generate &quot;static&quot; versions of each page you wish to be indexed.
    • 33. Sitemaps (SEO) [Free]
    • - Site map page written in XML with help search engines (and visitors) find all web pages.
    • - uses webmaster tool to improve your page rank (available from Google, Yahoo! And MSN)
    • 34. Include Your Keywords in Headers (H1, H2, H3), Hyperlinks (SEO) [Free]
  • 20. Conclusion:
    • Search engine ranking, bringing good traffic to a website has become the key challenge today. It is not that easy. You need to be very committed to your website in order to be well indexed in search engines. 
    • This is a continuous effort just like the on going intelligent fight between the Search Engines and the SEO experts where everybody wants to a piece of their discovery on new methodologies and techniques in order to be successful .
  • 21.
    • Thanks
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog: