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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch - A Panel Discussion at Spring CUE 11
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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch - A Panel Discussion at Spring CUE 11


The iPod Touch is increasingly being adopted as a mobile learning device by schools. The ecosystem of applications, device management, and wireless connectivity is making the deployment of these …

The iPod Touch is increasingly being adopted as a mobile learning device by schools. The ecosystem of applications, device management, and wireless connectivity is making the deployment of these devices in the classroom possible while enforcing school policies. At Rowan-Salisbury, every student in participating 21st century classrooms carries a school-issued iPod Touch. Teachers have found inventive ways of utilizing these devices to support educational needs. At Comal ISD, English language learners have been issued an iPod Touch pre-loaded with specific applications and tasks designed to align with individual learning objectives. At Culbreth Middle, students use the iPod Touches for a variety of project-based learning tasks. In this discussion, the panel will talk about the challenges faced from different perspectives - leadership, technology, budget, policy, deployment challenges, device management, classroom use, and results.

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  • 1. Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight A Panel Discussion @GlobalEd Conference Suren Ramasubbu Phil Hardin CEO Exec Director of EducationMobicip.comHuffPost Technology Blogger Jennifer Wivagg Technology Susan Wells Coordinator Principal
  • 2. Agenda• Overview• Initiation• Budget• Leadership support & approval• Deployment challenges• Acceptable use, security, device management• Loss / damage• Student tasks and projects• Impact on student achievement
  • 3. Jump Links• Title• Agenda• Comal• Rowan Salisbury• Culbreth• Appendix
  • 4. Individualized Instruction and Learning Using The iPod Touch How ELL Students Use the iPod touch as a Tool to Help with English Language Acquisition A Joint Presentation By Jennifer Wivagg Jose Salazar
  • 5. • Located between Austin and San Antonio• 600 Square Miles• 17,000 students PreK-12
  • 6. ELL Student Trends at CISD April 2009 April 2009 April 2009 April 2009 Reading, Grade April 2009 March 2009 April 2009 April 2009 Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics, 6 Reading, Grade 7 Writing, Grade 7 Science, Grade 8 Reading, Grade 8 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8Canyon Middle School 90.26% 79.85% 85.17% 85.66% 95.40% 85.30% 88.52% 66.67%Limited English 40% 50% 50% 62.50% 87.50% 66.67% 50% 100%Church Hill Middle School 94.96% 91.86% 82.68% 90.91% 94.25% 88.33% 88.89% 62.50%Limited English 80% 100% 40% 20% 57.14% 60% 60% 50%Mountain Valley Middle School 94.14% 81.33% 77.06% 85.71% 92.45% 77.14% 83.41% 52.63%Limited English 80% 40% - - - 50% 25% 0%Smithson Valley Middle School 99.23% 93.10% 93.33% 95.56% 97.73% 93.43% 92.73% 66.67%Limited English 100% 75% 100% 50% 100% 0% 33.33% 50%Spring Branch Middle School 98.80% 86.80% 90.15% 94.70% 99.19% 88.89% 90.62% 100%Limited English 50% 100% - - - 0% 0% -• Consistently score lower on standardized tests.• Often have few learning resources at home.• Limited exposure to academic English outside of school.
  • 7. ELL Program Goals• Increase English language acquisition and fluency• Provide students with anywhere/anytime learning• Improve standardized test scores
  • 8. Proposed Solution• Provide all ELL middle school students with a mobile device with the following access: • Audio Textbook in English • English Music and Videos • Internet Access • Voice Recording Capability • Learning Tools such as translators, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. • Educational Games• Students will be able to take home the mobile device.
  • 9. 32GBThird Generation iPod Touch 32GB Fourth Generation iPod Touch
  • 10. Implementation• Parent Meeting (Required) – Outline program guidelines – Permission slip – Student Responsibility – Overview of the device• Teacher Training – Individual/Group – In-class with students – Ongoing
  • 11. Activities and Outcomes Voice Recordings • Students use Voice Memos and read or respond to prompts. • Helps improve fluency and comprehension.•Provides instant feedback•Helps teachers withprogress monitoring.
  • 12. Activities and OutcomesResearch/Reference Tools Provides• Dictionary • Instant access to• Thesaurus information• Internet through Mobicip • Student-centered• Glossaries • Multiple modalities (text,• Maps images, sounds)
  • 13. Activities and Outcomes Audiobooks• Textbooks and novels are available to students in an audio format.• ELL students can listen as they read.• Helps with English pronunciation and comprehension.• Provides textbook support at home.
  • 14. Activities and Outcomes Apps• Educational and Games reinforce concepts.• Game apps used as rewards for meeting educational goals.• Individualized instruction“I like Word Warp because they give you letters and you discover words with theletters they give you.”-Karina, Grade 6
  • 15. Activities and Outcomes Videos• Teachers download videos that correspond to topics in their core classes.• Provides student with additional instruction in a different format.
  • 16. Activities and Outcomes Creating Media• Audio and Video Podcasts• Students take pictures of words they need to identify.• Students create an video oral history of their live. (Interview with family members)
  • 17. Sample Activity-Comic Touch•The teacher assigns a list ofvocabulary words to thestudents.•The students first must finda picture on the Internet(Mobicip) that representsthe vocabulary word insome way.•The student then uses theapplication, Comic Touch, tocreate a comic panel thatrepresents their assignedvocabulary words.
  • 18. iMentor ProgramMentoring programwith high schoolstudents and middleschool ELL students Students use video downloaded on the iPods to facilitate discussion.
  • 19. Application Task Cards
  • 20. Challenges• Time• Management• Loss/theft of devices• Lack of curriculum integrating the iPod touch• Lack of framework• Few educational reviewed applications• Training teachers
  • 21.
  • 22. Contact InformationJennifer Wivagg, instructional media specialist Jose Salazar, bilingual/ESL coordinator
  • 23. The Mobile Learning Environment Phil Hardin Executive Director of Technology Rowan-Salisbury School System Salisbury, NC
  • 24. North Rowan High iPod Project Background710 Students 0.8% American Indian 2.5% Asian 3.2% Multiracial 4.6% Hispanic 42.1% White 46.6% African American63% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • 25. North Rowan High iPod ProjectBackground8th grade End-of-Grade test scores for thecurrent NRH 9th graders:• 36.4% were at or above Level III in reading• 39.42% were at or above Level III in math• 26.2% were at or above Level III in reading and math
  • 26. North Rowan High iPod Project• Dropout Rates & Engagement:Most students report that dropping out of High School is agradual process of disengagement that results in the lackof connection to school.Student engagement is one of the areas addressed by theNRH project.
  • 27. North Rowan High iPod ProjectMobile Learning Opportunities: 1. Encourage “anywhere, anytime” learning 2. Reach underserved children 3. Improve 21st-century social interactions 4. Fit with learning environments 5. Enable a personalized learning experience Pockets of Potential: Using Mobile Technologies to Promote Children’s Learning, January 2009
  • 28. North Rowan High iPod ProjectThe Beginning: 2008-2009 •Freshman Academy • 200 ninth grade students • 10 core subject area teachers • 4 resource teachers • Principal & Assistant Principal
  • 29. North Rowan High iPod Project2009-2010 School Year:Expanded to 10th grade - August 2009 Expanded to 11th & 12th grades - February 2010
  • 30. North Rowan High iPod Project
  • 31. North Rowan High iPod ProjectWireless Internet Equipped Buses
  • 32. North Rowan High iPod Project
  • 33. North Rowan High iPod Project Benefits:• Engaged Students• Students Excited about Learning• Students Use Educational iPod Applications Outside of Class• Teachers Excited about their Teaching• Decrease in Discipline• Increase in Attendance Rate for 9th Graders
  • 34. Expansion Overton Elementary: Spring 2010iPod touch devices and iPod carts provided to: • 70 fifth grade students • 5 fifth grade teachers • School administrators
  • 35. Expansion North Rowan Middle: Fall 2010iPod touch devices and MacBook carts will beprovided to: • 205 eighth grade students • 8 core subject area teachers • School administratorsThis is a feeder school for North Rowan High
  • 36. Expansion Knox Middle: Fall 2010iPod touch devices and MacBook carts will beprovided to: • 252 sixth grade students • 9 core subject area teachers • School administratorsOverton Elementary is a feeder school for Knox Middle
  • 37. ExpansionThirty-eight 21st Century ModelClassroomsiPod touch devices, iPod carts, and MacBookcarts provided to: • Thirty-eight 21st century model classrooms • Model classroom teachers selected by an application process
  • 38. ExpansionSpring 2011iPod touch devices and MacBook carts will beprovided to: • 450 seventh grade students • 80 fourth grade students • 20 core subject area teachers
  • 39. Funding & PartnershipsFunding: Local, State, & Federal Funds Grant Funds • The Blanche & Julian Robertson Family Foundation • Golden LEAF FoundationWorking Partnerships: Apple, Inc. Mobicip
  • 40. 3 Years of iPod 1:1
  • 41. Staff collaboration--Examining our own bricksand mortar
  • 42. Teachers embrace newtechnologies
  • 43. Changing teaching and learning-customized, personalized,individualized
  • 44. Moving to mobile,universal deployment
  • 45. iPod touch at hand- every student, everyday
  • 46. Across contenScience Class areas Social Studies Class ESL Class
  • 47. Managing the technical end
  • 48. Mobicip- internetfiltering for the iPodtouch
  • 49. “It’s changing everything.”“Information nolonger belongs tojust a handful ofkids, or just to me.”- Culbreth teacher
  • 50. Appendix
  • 51. Fully Managed 1:1 Learning Platform✓Network✓Classroom Equipment✓CIPA Filter - Mobicip✓Configuration &Deployment✓Device Management & Syncing
  • 52. CIPA-ComplianceSafe Browser Web Monitor App
  • 53. CIPA-Compliance• Replacement for Safari Mobile• Same rich UI, look and feel – Bookmarks – Multiple Tabs – Pinch & Zoom – Landscape Mode – Send Email – URL History / Suggestions – Cookies – Save Images
  • 54. CIPA-Compliance• Account Configuration • Apply Global Filtering Level – Elem, Middle, High School • Allow/Block Categories • Allow/Block Websites • Add/remove Devices • Manage Users• Internet Activity Reports • Allowed Websites • Blocked Websites • Receive Email Reports
  • 55. ReferencesComal ISD Mobile Learning Project Culbreth YouTube Channel Rowan High School iPod Project