HowZAT - USSD Chat and Value Added Services


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USSD Chat and Value Added applications

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HowZAT - USSD Chat and Value Added Services

  1. 1. USSD chat & value added services
  2. 2. Overview• HowZAT combines instant chat with a value added services platform.• HowZAT is accessible from a web browser (2-way chat to a mobile phone), from a feature phone and from specialised Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia.• HowZAT is unique in that it can be used without software on a phone. Furthermore, it does not require the user to have a data plan or data subscription.• HowZAT operates over your existing 2G / 3G coverage area and provides international roaming via the SS7 network.• HowZAT can be integrated into an operators network via a SIGTRAN connection and made accessible with either a dedicated short code or DID access number.• HowZAT includes a comprehensive VAS channel as part of the service. This can be used for existing core application or new service offerings. Extend the reach of Payment solutions, Mobile Top-up, Mobile Marketing, and core applications such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. 3. Operator benefits• Universal subscriber access: HowZAT is accessible via the web, via any GSM phone using USSD, via DID access internationally.• OPEX savings: Absence of store and forward, transaction-oriented technology ensures that USSD is seven times faster than SMS. This significantly reduces response time for interactive services and saves on network and staffing resources.• VAS service offerings: HowZAT allows you to monetarise chat. Use our integrated Mobile Marketing module or one of our additional VAS components. Alternatively, integrate existing core services such as Mobile Top Up, Payments, Daily Deals, Facebook.• Rebranded apps: our applications on the web and on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices can be rebranded and reconfigured to present a point of differentiation.• Subscriber retention: the low cost design of USSD messaging allows you to complement your existing SMS chat services. HowZAT can be deployed as a low cost subscription service that uses complementary VAS offerings to increase customer loyalty, multiple revenue points and provide a higher perception of social community value.
  4. 4. How it works… 2-way mobile chat within a browserHowZAT integrates with an existing website and uses an interface similar to Facebook Chat.HowZAT allows you to conduct a 2-way chat sessions with your mobile friends.
  5. 5. How it works… 2-way mobile chat within a browserHowZAT uses your Caller ID to authenticate a login. This provides secure access to the chatnetwork. Reply messages sent from a mobile phone appear instantly in the chat window. Sent from a browser Message reply in the chat window Received on a phone
  6. 6. How it works… Phone-to-phone messagingHowZAT works on all GSM phones. Dialling a short code displays a menu on the screen. Thisincludes your VAS service options and a list of previously used numbers.
  7. 7. How it works… Phone-to-phone messagingTo send a message, a user either selects a previously used number or enters a new number.HowZAT confirms that the message has been sent. Select a destination number Type a message and send HowZAT confirms despatch
  8. 8. How it works… core application servicesThe HowZAT VAS services offering can be configured to display access to social networkingportals and core applications. The example below shows a social networking menu.
  9. 9. How it works… Smart Phone appsThe HowZAT messaging and INFO service is accessible from our iPhone, Android and Blackberryapplications. These can be rebranded with your own corporate identity.
  10. 10. Mobile operator revenue opportunities…HowZAT can include ‘pull-advertising’ and broadcast services to deliver marketing messages.This includes an opt-in/out channel and the ability to integrate subscriber location data.
  11. 11. Who we are…• Together the principals of Procescom and Mediawire have over 50 years of experience in network integration, telecom services and software development.• Our focus is on empowering subscribers in emerging markets to interact via any mobile device with network and web applications. This includes e-mail, social networking, mobile payment and messaging applications.• We have offices in Australia, Malaysia and Serbia. Our data centre facilities are located in USA and Europe.• Existing telecommunication customers include: T-Mobile, MTS and VIP