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5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes | ASE2012
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5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes | ASE2012


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Welcome to my presentation. Today I will go over how to master mobile marketing. Specifically I want to address the 5 mistakes I see people make, including myself, when getting started with mobile. I’ll also tell you exactly what to do to avoid them.
  • Before I begin, if you’re in the room you probably already know the growth in mobile advertising. According to emarketer by next year mobile ad spend will read 2.5 BILLION My goal is not to prove to you that mobile is growing Dip you toe in mobile. Trust me the water is nice!
  • Fragmented marketplace: Not like Search : Google, Social : Facebook, Supply is growing faster than demand. Most advertisers are slow to adopt, but mobile usage is exploding worldwide. CHEAP TRAFFIC New channels : Push : SMS : Buying Platforms : Traditional to Mobile : New funnel strategies : Pay Per Call > SMS > More Data from Phone > Integration with Apps SEO is DEAD ; Long Live SEO … mobile SEO is practically untouched.
  • Over 5 years experience in direct response and affiliate marketing Running exclusively on mobile traffic for over 1.5 YEARS Released 14 Day Mobile Mastery Guide – helped hundreds of affiliates learn mobile Own Mobile CPA network Built Mobile Marketing Tracking Platform Not just talking about Apps!
  • You have to approach mobile from completely fresh perspective. You can’t use any of the old tricks from social to search. For example when Facebook came out you can’t use the same keyword research from Google for Facebook. With mobile it’ s the same thing, there are new elements and factors you have to consider. Mobile Marketing is 3D
  • 2 D Marketing You focus on Creative ( Banners, Copy, Landing Pages) Focus on placement (Site, Placement, Keyword, Demographic) If you get the combination right you will see results you want. 3D marketing Placement + Creative + MOBILE VARIABLES What are these Mobile Variables that effect performance?
  • In this slide I will show you the variables that can have the biggest affect on the performance of your mobile campaign. Carriers – Wifi traffic – home internet . Carriers are proxy for demographics. Example: a Metro PCS user will be much different from a Verizon User. Have you ever been to a MetroPCS store? Operating System – Similar in proxy for demos. Blackberry cheapest traffic – hard to monetize – educated professional users (for the most part) Tablet vs Phone – Difference between tablet and phone is less and less. Have you seen the Samsung Note?? BRICK performance still drastically different example: Pay Per Call Device Model Name – Phones aimed at specific user demos. Track which phones perform for your offer. App vs WAP – App traffic performs VERY different from mobile web traffic.
  • Many advertisers are frightened by their initial results from mobile. Accidental calls Misspelled names/emails Partial data Etc More things that can effect quality: LIST SECTION 1 How to IMPROVE Quality with better funnels: LIST SECTION 2
  • Phones keep getting smarter
  • Feature phones are a HUGE part of mobile traffic They can do a lot of marketing including Pay Per Call and SMS Apps aren’t EVERYTHING Emerging devices
  • When buying mobile traffic it is a bit of a Crap Shoot There is no standardization in the marketplace Everyone uses different service providers Add networks squeeze inventory you didn’ t ask for Some solutions – LIST 2
  • To succeed have to spread to various networks International App vs Wap Emerging Traffic Premium vs Remnant Traffic always on the move. Solution is to scale to as many partners as you can.
  • Transcript

    • 3. MOBILEOPPORTUNITIES• Fragmented marketplace with no clear dominant winner• Supply (mobile inventory) growing faster than demand (mobile advertisers)• New opportunities constantly emerging • Push Notification (Android) • SMS Marketing (LeadsMob) • New Buying Platforms (TapIt) • Traditional Traffic Going Mobile (Facebook)• New funnel strategies to better monetize data• Mobile SEO almost untouched
    • 4. WHO IS THIS GUYANYWAY?• Over 5 years experience in direct response and affiliate marketing• Running exclusively on mobile traffic for over 1.5 years• Released 14 Day Mobile Mastery Guide• Own Mobile CPA network• Built Mobile Marketing Tracking Platform• Not just talking about Apps!
    • 5. MISTAKE#1USING OUTDATEDSTRATEGIES• Mobile is a completely unique traffic source •Search •Social •Display •PPV •E-Mail• Need to consider Mobile Variables that affect performance• Mobile Marketing is 3-D Marketing
    • 6. MOBILE IS 3DMARKETING 2D Marketing 3D Marketing
    • 7. MOBILE VARIABLESVariables Unique to Mobile:•Carrier/Telco vs Wifi•Android vs iOS vs Other•Tablet vs Phone vs Other•Device Model Name•App vs WAP Traffic
    • 8. MISTAKE #2EVALUATING QUALITY TOO SOON• Quality on Mobile can vary drastically •App Traffic (Gaming) •3rd Tier Carriers •Pre Paid Phones •Mobile Search• Improve quality with mobile specific funnels • SMS follow ups • Click-2-Call • GEO Location • Phone Number Lookup
    • 9. MISTAKE #3FOCUSING ON SMART PHONESONLY• According to PEW Internet Research smart phones account for only 50% of phones in use • Means almost 50% of phones are still feature phones • % use of feature phones higher in older demographics• Feature Phones – Phones with proprietary software that enables web surfing and activity• International smart phone penetration even less• Tablets and other emerging devices • iPad • Kindle • Galaxy Tab
    • 10. MISTAKE #4NOT USING MOBILE TRACKING• Mobile identification technology isn’t perfect •Carrier Lookup •Handset Lookup •Unknown Traffic •IP Sharing / GPS Geo location• Some solutions: • Piwik Mobile • Google Analytics Mobile • MobAff Tracker • Bango • Webtrends
    • 11. MISTAKE #5NOT DIVERSIFYINGTRAFFIC• No single dominant player in mobile• Each network has strengths/weaknesses •International Inventory •App vs WAP pages •Emerging traffic (Push, Icon, Interstitials, Incent) •Premium Inventory• Mobile Publishers savvy and use Mediation Layers • Mopub • Adwhirl• Traffic is always moving from network to network• Take the targeting that works and scale
    • 12. SUMMARY• Mistake #1 : Outdated Strategies• Mistake #2 : Evaluating Quality• Mistake #3 : Feature Phones• Mistake #4 : Mobile Tracking• Mistake #5 : Diversify Traffic
    • 14. OFFERS THAT WORKON MOBILE• Everything Works on Mobile •Premium SMS – Ringtones, Promo, 2 click flow •Lead Generation – Long form including SS# •App Downloads – Need $1.00 + typically •Pay Per Call – Click to call + Search = Win• Checklist for evaluating offers • Will this offer appeal to 1/100 • Does the offer function properly on phones • How does the offer track conversions (S2S)
    • 15. TRICKS TO HELPWITH TESTING1. Block WiFi traffic – By blocking wifi you will get more data about the carriers and types of users your offer work for2. Block App traffic – Tends to be more gaming focused with more rampant click fraud and poorer quality traffic3. Track site id’s or placements – Vitally important since there is so much poor quality traffic. Sometimes simply blocking one publisher can get your profitable4. Focus on high CTR first – Every ad network optimizes for their eCPM meaning the higher the CTR of your creative the more impressions and cheaper the traffic5. Watch your redirect speed – Every millisecond counts make sure your pages load as fast as possible