أمتحان 2 ثانوى ترم 2 و اجابتة2013 ادارة بلبيس نموز...


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أمتحان 2 ثانوى ترم 2 و اجابتة2013 ادارة بلبيس نموز...

  1. 1. Sharkia Governorate ( B ) 2ndTerm; May. 2013Belbeis Directorate of Education Time: 3 HoursEnglish Inspectorate Second Year Sec.============================================1] Respond to the following situations:1. Your brother thinks that watching a match on TV is better than playing afootball match. Disagree politely and give reasons.2. Your friend asks you to suggest some things to reduce global warming.3. You want to convince a friend not to eat too much fat.4. Your brother asks you about the meaning of “abandon”.2) Say where these mini-dialogues take place and who the speakersare:1) A) Passport and ticket please. B) Here you are.A) Window or aisle seat? B) Window seat, please.Place: Speaker A: Speaker B:2) A: May I take your order, sir? B: Yes, I’ll have fish, please.A: How would you like it, sir? B: Fried, please.Place: Speaker A: Speaker B:3) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d :1 – Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have .. . . . . . . roofs.a) sloping b) straight c) flat d) long2 – Nobody knows the real reason for the film’s popularity . . . . viewers.a) to b) of c) for d) with3 – I think the man in the local shop is . . . . the opening of the newsupermarket.a) not pleased b) opposing c) destroying d) happy4 – The . . . . . . of this town are up in arms due to the closure of the oven.a) habitats b) habits c) inhabitants d) hobbies1
  2. 2. 5 – For me, the most beautiful . . . . . . . in the world is the scene here.a) landslide b) landscape c) landfill d) landmark6 – My grandson’s . . . . . is to become a children’s doctor.a) condition b) announcement c) hobby d) ambition7 – I am awfully sorry for not attending your birthday party.a) Don’t mention it b) Why so? c) Take it easy d) Bad8 – In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is absolutely . . . . to catch the white whale.a) determined b) sure c) serious d) primitive9 – My clothes were dirty because I . . . . . . the car all morning.a) had repaired b) had been repairing c) repaired d) am repairing10 – . . . . . . do you feel about helping a miserable one to be happy?a) What b) When c) How d) Where11 - Organic farms don’t produce . . . . . . quantities as modern farms, so theydon’t make quite as much money.a) as b) so c) more d) the same12 – We . . . . . worry about the future provided that we work hard.a) have to b) need to c) needn’t d) can’t13 – At school, we are . .. . . . . how to be self-learners.a) teaching b) been taught c) being taught d) been teaching14 – Unless I . . . . . early, I would have missed the school bus.a) didn’t get up b) got up c) hadn’t got up c) had got up15 – The verb is solve. The noun is . . . . . . . .a) solid b) dissolve c) solution d) soluble16 – The search part found rooms full of gold and diamonds.a) was full of b) full of c) which full of d) were full of4) Find the mistake in each of the following sentence, then writethem correctly:1 – Ice at the Antarctic and the arctic is melting because of world warning.2
  3. 3. 2 – Our family dentist has a very good population. Everyone says how goodhe is.3 – If you take this medicine now, it won’t wear out until tomorrow.4 – We must find an answer for the problem of climate change.5 – That’s the person who’s mobile phone I borrowed when I lost mine.6 – The price of vegetables is reasonable although many can’t afford it.5) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:It has become clear in the last decade that in Egypt, the tourism industryhas come to hold a position of great importance. It is felt that it could helpincrease the national income and open chances of work before youth.In some European countries, tourism has brought in millions of dollarsyearly, although they lack the natural and historical attractions we have inEgypt, the land of glorious past civilization.We could, for instance, establish tourist villages for children on the RedSea. We could teach fishing, swimming, diving and sailing there. Anothergood idea would be a village near the pyramids or in the New Valley for horseriding, and what about villages for people with health problems likerheumatism? The warm dry climate of Aswan and Helwan would certainly helpthem get better and this is called curative tourism.Our tourist today wants efficient and friendly service. He would probablyprefer to try out samples of our local food than the international meals whichare served in some places of specialties. This would be more interesting thanhaving the same things he always eats in his country.It must also be remembered that most tourists nowadays are seldom rich.Many of them are students or hardworking employees. So what is needed isnot expensive hotels but clean comfortable places to sleep and eat in atreasonable prices. This, too, would encourage Egyptians to travel more andmore around their lovely county having home tourism.a. Answer the following questions:3
  4. 4. 1 - Why is tourism important?2 - Why is Egypt supposed to have flourished and successful tourism?3 - What is curative tourism?b. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:4 - Home tourism means .............................. .a- people travelling around their own country.b- serving international meals in our restaurants.c- establishing expensive hotels.d- establishing new tourist villages at cheap prices.5 - To attract more tourists, we should ................................................ .a- try samples of local food.b- serve international meals in our restaurants.c- establish expensive hotels.d- establish new tourist villages provided with efficient and friendlyservice.6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:On a September day in 1991, two Germans were climbing the mountainsbetween Austria and Italy. High up on a mountain pass, they found the bodyof a man lying on the ice. At that height (3,200 metres) the ice is usuallypermanent. But 1991 had been an especially warm year. The mountain icehad melted more than usual and so the body had come to the surface.It was lying face downward. The skeleton was in perfect condition, exceptfor a large wound in the head. There was still skin on the bones and theremains of some clothes. The hands were still holding the wooden handle ofan axe. On the feet there were simple leather and cloth boots. Nearby, therewas a pair of gloves made of tree bark and a holder for arrows.Who was this man? How and when had he died? Everybody had adifferent answer to these questions. The mountain climbers who had foundthe body said it seemed thousands of years old. But others thought that it4
  5. 5. might be before this century. Perhaps it was the body of a soldier who died inworld war 1. In fact several World War 1 soldiers had already been found inthat area of the mountains. On the other hand, a Swiss woman believed itmight be her father. He had died in these mountains 20 years before and hisbody had never been found.a) Answer the following questions:1 - Why did this body appear in 1991?2 – Why did the two Germans go there?3 – Write words from the passage that mean:a) apart from b) 100 yearb) Choose the correct answer:6 - Before 1991, this body was ( in another place – buried deeply in ice –invisible because of decay – not searched for ).7 - The underline word ‘permanent’ in the first paragraph means(constant – distant – disastrous – limited).7. The Reader (Gulliver’s Travels)A) Answer the following questions:1 – How far was the farmer greedy?2 – Why didn’t Gulliver approve of having more people of his size inBrobdingnag?3 – What did Captain Wilcocks first think of Gulliver?4 – How did Gulliver feel about people in his country on his way home?B) Read the following quotation and answer the questions:“It’s lucky we found you.”a) Who said this to whom?b) Why it was lucky?c) What did the speaker tell the addressed person?5
  6. 6. C) Find and correct the mistakes in the following:1 – A dog carried the box of Gulliver and dropped it in the sea.2 – Gulliver didn’t respond to the people on the ship as he thought theywere giants.@ Writing8) Most of the Egyptian land is not well-exploited. Write a paragraph ofabout 100 words showing how it could exploited properly.9) Translate into Arabic:I cannot trust a man saying that he loves Egypt and at the same time burnsand destroys public and private properties. Those who hinder the wheel ofmaking progress must be stopped by all means. We all should work hard forthe good of country.Translate into English:1–‫لبد‬‫أن‬‫تكون‬‫مخرجات‬‫التعليم‬‫فى‬‫بلدنا‬‫مسايرة‬‫للتطور‬‫فى‬‫العالم‬‫من‬.‫حولنا‬2–‫يجب‬‫أن‬‫ل‬‫ينصرف‬‫الشباب‬‫عن‬‫القراءة‬‫الى‬‫بدائل‬‫أخرى‬‫قد‬‫ل‬‫تحقق‬‫لهم‬.‫نفعا‬Good LuckBelbeis English Inspectorate6
  7. 7. Model answers of 2ndYear Sec. Exam ( B ) 2ndTerm; May. 2013============================================1] Respond to the following situations: (4 Marks / One mark each)1 – e.g. I don’t think so. Playing a match is a good exercise.2 – e.g. We may use public transport more than private cars; We should dispose of rubbishsafely; We may plant more trees; etc.3 – e.g. Too much fat is dangerous for health.4 – e.g. It means leaving a place or someone for a long time.Any other reasonable answers are acceptable.2) Mini-dialogues : (4 Marks)1) Place: airport (1 mark) Speaker A: airport ground staff (1/2 mark)Speaker B: a passenger (1/2 mark)2) Place: A restaurant (1 mark) Speaker A: A waiter (1/2 mark)Speaker B: A customer (1/2 mark)Any other reasonable answers are acceptable.3) Choose the correct answer: (8 Marks/ 1/2 mark each)1) sloping 2) with 3) opposing 4) inhabitants 5) landscape 6) ambition7) Take it easy. 8) determined 9) had been repairing 10) How 11) the same12) needn’t 13) being taught 14) had got up 15) solution 16) full of4) Find the mistake ( 6 Marks / One mark each)1 – Ice at the Antarctic and the arctic is melting because of global warming.2 – Our family dentist has a very good reputation. Everyone says how good he is.3 – If you take this medicine now, it won’t wear off until tomorrow.4 – We must find an answer to the problem of climate change.5 – That’s the person whose mobile phone I borrowed when I lost mine.6 – The price of vegetables is reasonable, but many can’t afford it.5) Read the following passage ( 4 Marks)1 – It could help increase the national income and open chances of work before youth. (1 Mark)2 – It has more attractions than other countries. (1 Mark)3 - It is tourism which helps sick tourists to get better. (1 Mark)4 – people travelling around their own country (1/2 Mark)5 - establish new tourist villages provided with efficient and friendly service (1/2 Mark)6) Read the following passage, ( 4 Marks)1 – It was warm that year and the ice had melted. (1 Mark)7
  8. 8. 2 – They were climbing the mountains between Australia and Italy. (1 Mark)3 – a) except for (1/2) b) century (1/2)b) Choose the correct answer:1) buried deeply in ice (1/2 mark) 2) constant (1/2 mark)7. The Reader (Gulliver’s Travels) (9 marks/ one mark each)A) Answer the following questions:1 – He wanted to make a lot of money disregarding his health.2 – He did not like them being laughed at and taken as toys.3 – He suspected him and thought he was a criminal being punished in that box.4 – He thought they were very small and he would step on them.B) Quotation:1 – Captain Wilcocks to Gulliver2 – They didn’t mean to find him; they thought his box was a ship and they wantedsome food.3 – He told him how they found and rescued him.C) Find and correct the mistakes in the following:1 – A bird carried the box of Gulliver and dropped it in the sea.2 – Gulliver didn’t respond to the people on the ship as he thought they were too small.8) Write a paragraph (6 Marks) Relevance of what’s written to the topic / appropriatechoice of vocabulary and correct spelling.9) Translate into Arabic: (3 Marks)‫ل‬‫يمكننى‬‫الوثوق‬‫برجل‬‫يقول‬‫إنه‬‫يحب‬،‫مصر‬‫وفى‬‫نفس‬‫الوقت‬‫يحرق‬‫ويدمر‬‫الممتلكات‬‫العامة‬‫والخاصة‬،‫وهؤل ء‬‫الذين‬‫يعوقون‬‫عجلة‬‫التقدم‬‫لبد‬‫من‬‫مواجهتهم‬‫بكل‬‫السبل‬،‫وعلينا‬‫جميعا‬‫أن‬‫نعمل‬‫بجد‬‫من‬‫أجل‬‫خير‬‫بلدنا‬Translate into English: (2 Marks / 1 Mark each)1 – The outputs of education in our country must keep up with development in the worldaround us.2 – Young people should not stop reading and seek other alternatives that may be useless.Good LuckBelbeis English Inspectorate8
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