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An Introduction to Delaware Consulting North America
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An Introduction to Delaware Consulting North America


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Delaware Consulting North America 13‐5‐2014 An introduction to our organization 2014
  • 2. 2 Who we are and our vision History •Founded in 1981; has been part of Bekaert, Andersen and Deloitte •Independent partnership since 2003 Today •900+ professionals •North America, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, China & Singapore Recipe •Aligning business and technology •Combining strengths, delivering solutions Philosophy •Entrepreneurship, Care, Respect, Team spirit, Commitment we believe in a global, connected world with local entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility where technology inspires people
  • 3. 3 Global Presence and Mission to be the long-term, committed partner for organizations and people, aligning business and IT, creatively applying world-class technology, fostering collaboration, realizing synergies
  • 4. 4 North American Management Team Acorn Jim WilkesMichael Van LuvenWouter FransooTimothy StelemanAshley Bryant Vice President Professional Services • 8 years of experience working in helping customers improve their business processes • Worked on more than 15 client projects • Technology experience in analyzing and implementing Intranets, Internets, and ERP systems Vice President Technology • 14 years of experience as senior technology consultant and manager at Andersen, Deloitte and Delaware Consulting. • Responsible for the technology soltutions of Delaware Consulting's North American practice • Delivered end-to-end solutions for over 50 global customers. Managing Partner Delaware Consulting NA • Over 20 years of experience in Technology Enabled Business Solutions • Lead Consultant and project manager on projects related to ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Business Intelligence. • Founding Partner of the Delaware Consulting International Partnership Vice President Performance Management • Over 20 years of experience in global business optimization consulting and implementation • Expertise in operational finance, order-to-collect, procure-to-pay, B2B and B2C processes • More than 50 client engagements over course of past 20 years • Extensive technology experience in ERP, BI, .NET and performance management software tools Vice President Business Development • Over 28 years of experience in working with Enterprise Implementations & Solutions. • Extensive experience across numerous jurisdictions and industries • Primary areas of expertise are ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM and business analytics.
  • 5. 5 A selection of our clients
  • 6. 6 Combining strengths, delivering solutions Combination of technology and business process competencies to deliver solutions to your challenges Based on the technology standards of Microsoft, SAP and OpenText, we define, implement and manage best practice solutions We align our competencies with these of our customers and partners, building and maintaining long term relationships
  • 7. 7 Combining strengths… Our strong business focus combined with our Architecture Based ConsultingTM approach enables us to realize industry best practices Changes in systems and procedures must be driven by strengthening and streamlining business processes A perfect alignment of our customers’ business and technology requirements helps them to be leading edge in their industry Follow the technology trends to keep our clients up-to- date
  • 8. 8 …delivering solutions Manufacturing Distribution Services Public Sector Enterprise Information Management Business Intelligence Customer Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Enterprise Resource Management Infrastructure Services Management SAP Solution Components MS Solution Components Selected Solution Components NetWeaver .NET
  • 9. 9 Selective partnerships Acorn Systems provides profitability and cost management software and services to drive better business decisions. •Acorn can deliver performance information to a client less expensively, more broadly, with deeper analysis that actually captures your company’s complexity better than any other vendor. Acorn reveals profit improvement opportunities across the enterprise — customers, products, channels, segments , vendors and processes — enabling clients to make continuous, fact-based decisions to improve their bottom line and Earnings per Share (EPS). •Acorn’s unique and proven approach to profit improvement is used by leaders in Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics, who have realized over $2 billion in annual profit improvements and created over $14 billion in new shareholder value.
  • 10. 10 Technology partnerships and experience World-class technologies for world-class performance Focus on open, efficient and future-oriented technologies Technologies that drive innovation, stimulate collaboration and provide genuine competitive advantage Our expertize in rapid implementation that optimizes organizational performance in a secure and sustainable fashion enables our clients to remain at a technological advantage in an ever more competitive environment
  • 11. 11 Our services – Business Intelligence Insight into activities •Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solutions improve your organization by providing business insight to designated and authorized personnel leading to wiser, faster, more relevant decisions. •The powerful SQL Server database, Office and SharePoint are at the core of Microsoft BI. •SQL Server provides all components that are needed to build a powerful BI platform: •Integration Services •Analysis Services •Reporting Services From Enterprise to Self-Service •Enterprise BI is a data warehouse based solution, managed by IT providing corporate KPIs and dashboards. •However, users may require BI tools for instant analysis of large amounts of data. PowerPivot, Excel and SharePoint provide those capabilities. •The new report builder, a Microsoft Office like reporting tool for end-users, also provides easy to use and powerful reporting. Collaboration •SharePoint is the collaboration platform enabling dissemination of BI content via Reporting Services, Excel Services or creation of dashboards in Performance Point Services and visualization of strategy maps via Visio Services. •Publishing BI content to SharePoint is a catalyst for discussion and collaboration. •SharePoint provides rich capabilities via traditional discussion boards and task lists but also extends collaboration to blogging, rating, social tagging, note boards and wikis.
  • 12. 12 Our services – eCommerce and Mobile Today, consumers are always online, mobile and have more power than ever before. 'Consumerization' is the name of the game, these days: consumers expect companies to meet their demands and consider their feedback. In short, proactive companies can no longer afford to ignore eCommerce. Accessing the world of eCommerce, however, is a big, complex step. You have to bring together digital specialists, experts in mobile solutions and people with extensive experience in retail processes. Consumers buy online via smartphones. There are call center applications and more and more shops house in-store kiosks. A growing number of eCommerce applications is available for tablets like the iPad and sales reps use tablets to present and sell their products at customers' sites. Delaware has the required expertise and experience to build these solutions for you, be they integrated (or not) into a total solution.
  • 13. 13 Our services – ERP and CRM Thanks to this trusted, familiar user interface your people will quickly master Microsoft Dynamics AX, so that they can immediately get started – as a rock-solid guarantee for smart decisions - in full confidence. The software looks exactly like the Microsoft applications that your people are used to working with, day in, day out. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you automate and streamline your company in the fields of finance, CRM, manufacturing, HR, distribution, reporting, project management and supply chain management. This exceptionally user-friendly – easy to learn and easy to use - business software supports your people to take important decisions more confidently. •Financial Management •Supply Chain Management •Production •Project management •HR •Distribution •CRM •Business analysis ERP modules
  • 14. 14 Our services – Information Management •Often, critical enterprise data is hidden away in siloed applications and disparate repositories. •With information growing exponentially, organizations face a massive data explosion in the years to come. The capacity to digest it all often fails to keep pace •The solution? Provide improved data navigation and enable faster recall of that business data, through 'Search' – the fundamental technology platform that allows individuals to collaborate more effectively. Search •Portals have been around for quite some time now. While many enterprise portals are clearly delivering value, others are struggling to do so. Enterprises are currently facing two main trends: consumerization and Enterprise 2.0. •The 'Digital Natives', i.e. individuals who were born and grew up during the era of the Web are pushing the limits in how to interact with the different online channels an organization uses. They are demanding powerful tools, such as wikis, blogs, shared bookmarks and other social interactions. •Having grown up with the Internet, these young workers are hard-wired with Web 2.0 reflexes. Delaware Consulting considers a portal to interact with these different demographic/psychographic groups; a basic ingredient to a company's success. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 is a big 'game changer' in the portal world. Portals •Effective information sharing, content management and collaboration - these aspects are crucial to any successful business in today's knowledge society. To help you deal efficiently with documents and information, Delaware Consulting has developed a unique content management and collaboration solution. A few of its main assets? It is powerful, user-friendly, based on either a SAP or Microsoft platform and, above all, it is designed to fit your particular needs. Collaboration
  • 15. 15 Our services – Performance Management Critical data, reporting and insights generated from tools such as BI and Acorn provide the basis for world-class continuous performance management and optimization activities Acorn is the premier Time-Drive Activity Based Costing (TDABC) calculation software package. Acorn drives better business decisions. Acorn delivers performance information less expensively, more broadly, with deeper analysis that embraces your company’s complexity. Acorn reveals profit improvement opportunities across the enterprise — customers, products, segments, vendors, channels and processes — enabling clients to make fact-based, profit- focused decisions. Acorn is rapidly implementable and generates an exceptional return on investment and complemented by the exceptional reporting capabilities offered through BI
  • 16. 16 Michael Van Luven Vice President Performance Management Delaware Consulting North America Mobile +1 404 903 0941 Contacts Jim Wilkes Vice President Business Development Delaware Consulting North America Mobile +1 916 932 3353