Taylored Services Capabilities 2012


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Taylored Services Capabilities 2012

  1. 1. Taylored ServicesCapabilities Presentation
  2. 2. Chairman’s MessageI started Taylored Services in 1992 with the simple idea that with dedication to organization and execution,we could deliver best in class warehousing and distribution to our customers. Since then we have madesignificant advances in technology and expanded our offerings to include a wide range of services andsupply chain solutions. Still, it is our dedication to execution and our passion for helping our customerssucceed that sets us apart.With 1,400,000 square feet of space currently under management and the proven ability to expand rapidlyby using our advanced and flexible systems, Taylored is well positioned to support your needs now and asyou grow with us. Whether your company has a sophisticated logistics operation that simply needsadditional capacity or coverage in a key market, or you need to leverage our deep experience to develop acomplete supply chain strategy that fulfills your goals and those of your customers — we get it done. Getting your success done starts withSuperior technology and careful attention to upfront design and implementation, combined with our listening and understanding your needsversatility and flexibility allow us to get success done for you. Contact us. We would welcome theopportunity to discuss how we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your supply chain.Sincerely,Mark Taylor.
  3. 3. Supply Chain ManagementThe design, implementation and management of your supply chain strategyare fundamental to your success. We understand. Taylored Services is yourtrusted partner in this process.We work as an extension of your team. By leveraging our advancedsystems and maintaining continuous communication, together we deliverthe results you need. Your products are delivered to market quickly and incompliance with your requirements and those of your valuable customers.Our proven formula for success is simple: Taylored Services operates as an extension of your logistics team. •Comprehensive strategic analysis and implementation planning •Collaboration with all of your channel partners, including suppliers, intermediaries, other third party service providers and retailers •Technology solutions such as real time order and inventory access through Taylored Access, bar-code scanning for accuracy and RFID •Warehousing and distribution strategies designed to meet your specific needs •Packaging solutions that support product presentation and adhere to retailers exacting standards
  4. 4. Warehousing & DistributionGet your product to market faster. This is the goal of Taylored Servicesadvanced warehouse management systems. Fully integrated electronic orderprocessing through EDI or flat file exchange, operational efficiency andversatility ensure that your orders are processed quickly and accurately. Realtime notifications and up to the minute online status through Taylored Accessensure your complete control over your order fulfillment process. Receiving All receipts are processed against your purchase orders and goods are available in our system real time. Receive automatic notifications, EDI or flat file transmissions or log on to Taylored Access for visibility to the status of your goods at any time. Taylored Services provides best in class Inventory Control warehousing and distribution through We work with your operations team to formulate a streamlined inventory control process sophisticated electronic processing, that is accurate and auditable. Bar-code scanning throughout our processes, cycle operational efficiency and versatility. counts, daily synchronization and real time inventory reports you can view or download through Taylored Access, are all utilized to maintain an accurate inventory of your goods. Fulfillment We design the fulfillment process for your products to meet your needs. Whether you are using LIFO or FIFO, lot and serial number tracking, pick pack or require value added services, careful attention to your specific requirements up front ensures fast and reliably accurate order processing. Electronic notifications, EDI or flat file shipment transmissions are all part of the process. Returns If needed, we inspect and quality control returned products in accordance with your specifications. As with receipts, our system allows you to electronically approve the receipt of returned product and track the returns process online as it happens.
  5. 5. Transportation Management Taylored Services experience extends beyond the warehouse. Alliances with key carriers allow us to offer flexible and cost effective complete solutions that include delivery to your customer. Our deep understanding of your needs developed during our implementation process positions us to help you plan the best shipping solution for every end destination your products need to reach. We know what works and what doesnt. Let us help you avoid costly Experience and alliances with key carriers mistakes while meeting your goals. add up to cost effective transportation solutions. Contract Packaging We know you need packaging solutions that present your products effectively without breaking the budget. Taylored Services can help you design and implement a cost conscious packaging solution that adheres to your customers exacting standards and ensures that your product has the look and feel you want at every stage, from dock to stock. Our custom solutions, include shrink wrap, blister packaging, RF sealing, carton re-packs, hand assembly, gluing, collating, litho labeling, point-of- purchase displays, bagging and sealing. We have developed packaging forCustom packaging solutions from our customers using every combination of these techniques to provide qualityTaylored Services provide cost effective product presentation at a cost you can live with.quality product presentation.
  6. 6. Value Added ServicesYour goods dont always go out the way they came in. To meet thechanging needs of your customers, you need a flexible and versatilelogistics partner. Taylored Services offers a virtually unlimited range ofservices to support you in preparing your product for delivery to thecustomer.Re-packaging, re-ticketing, assortments, point-of-purchase displayassembly, inserts, and special labeling are some of the value addedservices we provide every day for our customers. We are prepared to Proper design and continuousdo whatever you need done to get your product to market. monitoring of results ensure flawless execution of your valued addedSuccessful execution by our value added services team starts with projects.collaborative design of the process. Required steps are documentedand staff is trained to ensure compliance. We plan the labor and testour assumptions every step of the way, making adjustments as neededto ensure your projects are completed accurately and on time to meetyour shipping deadlines and budget requirements.
  7. 7. Systems & TechnologyTaylored Services leverages the latest technologies to ensure our customers have the highest level ofefficiency and transparency throughout the logistics cycle. Our dedicated team of IT professionals ishere to ensure your logistics process wont be interrupted by technology issues. From the EDI and flatfile order electronic order processing to the web based information tools available through TayloredAccess, our team is here to meet the technical demands of your process for you and your customers. Electronic Order Processing Our in-house information technology staff will work with you to automate as much of your order processing cycle as possible — from inbound to outbound to retailer notification. Very experienced in the design, testing and implementation of EDI solutions, we can also support flat file exchange if needed. Automated Notification In addition to supporting the exchange of standard documents for order processing, Taylored Services IT team has developed automated email notifications that give you real time status updates on your receipts and orders. Taylored Access The flexible and detailed reporting available through our web based reporting tool, Taylored Access enables you to maintain complete control over your goods and your orders. Log in to Taylored Access to check inventory, monitor order status, or confirm receipts. With multiple inquires, each with a variety of sorting options, Taylored Access should provide all the information you need. With a click, you can even pull your query in to Excel for further analysis or processing. Custom IT Services Depending on the availability and expertise of your internal resources, you may want to utilize the Taylored
  8. 8. Edison 1 - NJ (HQ)Square Feet 265,000Clear Height 36Dock Doors 34Number of Clients 13Rack Positions 25,000Bulk Space 0Production Area 30,000sqf Wire guided turret lift trucks, Assembly equipment,Special Equipment Shrink wrapLocal Port NY / Newark / ElizabethNumber of FTEs 40Open Space 6,000ppInformation System RBRegional Manager Mike LetzerBuilding Manager Jamie Zuniga
  9. 9. Square Feet 137,500 Clear Height 32Edison 2 Dock Doors 20 Number of Clients 18 Rack Positions 12,500 Bulk Space 25,000sqf Production Area 20,000sqf Special Equipment Wire guided turret lift trucks Local Port NY / Newark / Elizabeth Number of FTEs 15 Open Space 6,000pp Information System RB Regional Manager Mike Letzer Building Manager Ed Robinson
  10. 10. Square Feet 97,000 Edison 3Clear Height 28Dock Doors 8Number of Clients 6Rack Positions 4,500ppBulk Space 0Production Area 0 12,000 front pick bin locations, Power conveyer,Special Equipment Sorter, Wire guided turret lift trucksLocal Port NY / Newark / ElizabethNumber of FTEs 10Open Space 1,000ppInformation System RBRegional Manager Mike LetzerBuilding Manager Steve Morrem
  11. 11. Chino 1 - CalfSquare Feet 209,000Clear Height 32Dock Doors 22Clients 12Rack Positions 19,000ppBulk Space 0Production Area 19,000sqfSpecial Equipment Wire guided turret lift trucksLocal Port Los Angels / Long BeachNumber of FTEs 40Open SpaceInformation System RBRegional Manager Steve FrascoBuilding Manager Jeff Cassens
  12. 12. Chino 2 Chino 3 - Bulk BldSquare Feet 90,000 Square Feet 203,000Clear Height 32 Clear Height 24Dock Doors 15 Dock Doors 38Number of Clients 4 Number of Clients 8Rack Positions 5,000pp Rack Positions BulkBulk Space 20,000 Bulk Space BulkProduction Area 10,000sqf Production Area BulkSpecial Equipment Wire guided turret lift trucks Special Equipment N/ALocal Port Los Angels / Long Beach Local Port Los Angels / Long BeachNumber of FTEs 6 Number of FTEs 8Open Space Open SpaceInformation System RB Information System RBRegional Manager Steve Frasco Regional Manager Steve FrascoBuilding Manager Building Manager Joe Parker
  13. 13. Fontana - CalfSquare Feet 197,000Clear Height 32Dock Doors 20Number of Clients 19Rack Positions 18,480ppBulk Space 21,584sqfProduction Area 26,455sqfSpecial Equipment Wire guided turret lift trucksLocal Port Los Angels / Long BeachNumber of FTEs 12Open SpaceInformation System RBRegional Manager Steve FrascoBuilding Manager Kevin Rivera
  14. 14. Retail Experience
  15. 15. Featured Customers
  16. 16. Thank YouIf you have any questions, comments, or are interested in learning more about how TayloredServices can help your company please contact: • Michael Taylor • Director of Business Development • 231 Mill Rd. Edison, NJ 08837 • Office: 732-248-7900 x112 • Cell: 908-565-1640 • michael@tpservices.com • www.tayloredservices.com