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Understanding the class intranet
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Understanding the class intranet


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This is a guide that I created for the Executive MBA students that I manage. This tool will help them understand how to sucessfully use the class intranet we design each year.

This is a guide that I created for the Executive MBA students that I manage. This tool will help them understand how to sucessfully use the class intranet we design each year.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Understanding the Class IntranetUser Guide for Executive MBA Students Created By: Michelle Robinson
  • 2. What’s Covered?O Overview of the IntranetO Student ExpectationsO Intranet ResourcesO Sample View of the IntranetO Intranet AccessO Most Common TabO How to send an emailO How to post a documentO Creating Discussion ForumsO Calendar InformationO How to create class pollsO Intranet Account Expiration InfoO Learning more about WebEx
  • 3. What is the Intranet?O Our program uses WebEx One as a Learning Management System (LMS) to create a class intranet for our students.O The class intranet is a tool that is used for facilitating communications between students, staff and faculty. Each cohort has its own intranet specific for their class and program.
  • 4. Student ExpectationsO All students are required to use the intranet on a regular basis when participating in the Executive MBA program. O There is very important information posted on the intranet from faculty and staff on a regular basis.
  • 5. Intranet ResourcesO Some of the most common resources available on the intranet are as follows: O Student Announcements O Document folders for homework posting and sharing O Class Calendars O Emailing capabilities O Creating class polls and surveys O Creating discussion forums O And many more features
  • 6. View of the Intranet Snapshot from Class of 2011 Intranet
  • 7. Intranet AccessO The program coordinator gives members access to the intranet once they are admitted to the program.O After you are enrolled into the program, the program coordinator will create your profile and provide you with login information.
  • 8. Most Common TabO The Documents tab is the most common tab. This is where all your resource folders are. Each student should have access to the following folders: O Team folder for every semester O Individual folder O Individual folder for every course in the program O Career Services folder O Program Information folder O Course Deliverables O Technology Resources
  • 9. Sending an EmailO One of the most O Steps: common features of O On the Homepage, the class intranet is Click Send Email sending emails. O Type Email Message Emails can be sent O Click “To” to select email recipients to classmates, O In order to get a faculty, and staff. copy of the email, Click Send Copy me a Copy O Click Send
  • 10. Other Email FeaturesO Advantages: O Disadvantage:O You can add attachments to your O Unless you specify email. to send yourself aO You can send emails copy of the email, to one individual or a specific group. you will not have a O Note: there is a copy of the email group created with saved in an outbox. all students and faculty to make emailing easier.
  • 11. Posting a Document O Steps:O Another common O On the home page, feature is posting select the Documents documents to the Tab O Find your individual intranet. folder and click on it to O Some instructors access it require you to O Click New Document submit your O Add the title of document assignments via O Browse your computer the intranet. to attach your document and click save O Verify that your document is posted in your folder
  • 12. Creating a Discussion ForumO As a student, you O Steps: O On the home page, can create click the Discussions discussion forums Tab to communicate O Click the New tab with fellow O Enter a Forum Name classmates on O Enter a description of your Forum specific topics. O Click Save O Verify that your forum posted
  • 13. Calendar InformationO Each semester the program coordinator will add your classes to the intranet calendar. O The calendar provides the class name, instructor, date, time and location your class will be conducted.
  • 14. Creating Class PollsO Polls allow you to O Steps: O On the homepage, get quick feedback click Polls on a specific topics. O Click the New tabO Examples of Polls: O Enter all of the Favorite information for the poll Restaurant, Flight O Select members and Details for other details International O You can either save Residencies, Vote poll as a draft or publish it immediately for Professor of the Year
  • 15. Intranet Account Expiration O Students have access to the intranet for 18 months. Intranet access expires one month after graduation. O Students are encouraged to download course materials that they would like to keep prior to the expiration date.
  • 16. Additional Info about WebExO To learn more about WebEx, click here.O If you have questions about the class intranet, contact your Program Coordinator for assistance.
  • 17. ReferencesO Photo retrieved from 2006 class intranet. (Link is no longer active)O WebEx One Information-