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Trillium Construction Services! You\’re supplier of skilled tradesmen for the construction industry!"

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2012 Trillium Construction Services Linked In

  1. 1. About UsServing the ConstructionIndustry for Over 20 YearsOver 20 years of experience providing skilledcraft staffing, professional placement and payrollservices has enabled us to be a full serviceworkforce provider for the construction industrynationwide. Our unique business model allowsyou to expand beyond your current markets andthus enable you to bid for more work (helpingyou place skilled workers & professionalsthrough our national database on projects insideand outside your local area). Our onlinefeatures make our services even easier to use;placing job orders, reporting time, invoicetracking and bill paying.
  2. 2. Skilled Craft Staffing We recruit, test, screen & hire commercial, industrial & maritime crafts for short & long term projects Our competitive “Temp-to-Perm” program lets you try our craftsperson for only 800 hours prior to bringing them on to your payroll (with no extra charge) Types of Projects we are actively servicing nationwide:  Commercial Construction  Industrial Construction  Industrial Maintenance  Ethanol/Bio-Diesel Plant Construction  Plant Shutdowns  Turnarounds & Outages  Highway, Road & Bridge Construction  Shipbuilding & Repair
  3. 3. Skilled Craft Staffing Talent / Skill Levels Boiler Makers  Pipe Fitters Carpenters  Pipe Welders Combo Welders  Plumbers Concrete Workers  Rakers – Asphalt Crane Operators  Rod Busters Electricians  Sheet Metal Mechanics Equipment Operators  Structural Welders HVAC  Tank Welders Instrument Fitters  Tube Welders Ironworkers  Welders Maintenance Mechanic  Experienced Helpers in Millwrights Most Trades Other Trades are Available Upon Request
  4. 4. Skilled Craft Staffing Our 6 Step Qualification Process• Phone Interview• Application• Skill Test• Personal Interview• Reference Checks• Investigative Services  Social Security Number Verification  Pre-Employment Drug Screen  Criminal Background Checks  Fingerprinting (if necessary for Jessica Lunsford Act)
  5. 5. Skilled Trades Staffing Benefits To Our Partners You Can Confidently Bid on More Projects Every Placement is GUARANTEED We Have Thousands of Craftspeople for You To Choose From: Local – Regional - National We Will Perform All The Pre-Placement Screening We Provide The Worker’s Compensation Insurance; Including USL&H No Worker’s Compensation Duties & Expenses – All Claims Are Reported Through Us No Unemployment Headaches No Related Payroll Duties & Expenses No Related Payroll Tax Duties & Expenses No Hiring Paperwork No Termination Hassles No Advertising Costs Easy To Use Online Services
  6. 6. Skilled Craft Staffing Our Guarantee During the first eight (8)hours of work performed,if the client is dissatisfiedfor any reason, the client will not be billed.
  7. 7. Payroll Services The Advantages Trillium Construction Services takes care of the payroll and administrative headaches for you thus giving you more time to do construction or related projects.  No Payroll Checks  No W-2 Statements  No FICA Reporting  No Unemployment Audits  No Withholding Reports  No Personnel Files  No Workers Compensation Audits  No Federal Tax Deposit Issues
  8. 8. Payroll Services Benefits of using Payroll Services Reduction in direct labor burden costs. Reduction in time and money spent in fighting questionable workers compensation claims. Reduction in costs and time expended on payroll related functions and regulatory requirements. Reduction in mod rate over time, accidents are charged against our rate. Reduction in your unemployment rate, reduction of work force is charged to us.
  9. 9. Payroll Services Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the relationship betweenTrillium Construction Servicesand its client companies?Trillium assumes the employer’s responsibility forits clients’ chosen work force. As the employer,Trillium provides Workers Compensationinsurance, payroll, and administrates all legal andregulatory issues related to the employees. Theclient company remains in control of how it usesthe employees to maintain its daily operations.The fee to Trillium for services rendered by theseemployees is built into the reduced labor burdenrate quoted to the client by Trillium.
  10. 10. Testimonials Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “I highly recommend Trillium Construction Services to any company who is in need of temporary help. Theyprovided us with very well trained electricians who were not only prompt, but took pride in their work. Should our company have the need for temporary help in the future, I will not hesitate to contact Trillium Construction Services.”   H. M. President General Contractor
  11. 11. Testimonials Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “B Electric Co., Inc has utilized TrilliumConstruction Services on several projects at Camp LeJeune, NC beginning in October 2009. Trilliumhas provided our company will skilled constructionemployees that arrive on time and complete their daily scopes of work with no fault.” Barry R. Executive Vice President Electrical Contractor
  12. 12. Testimonials Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “Trillium has performed well in providing skilled tradesmen for our manufacturing facility. The Trillium representative, Mike Noftzger, has a knack for finding quality candidates in a timely fashion. Many of his employees have been hired by our company after working in our facility through Trillium. His commitment to both his employees and his clients hasbeen evident in the way he follows through to make sure everyone is meeting expectations. I will use Trillium in the future when our facility needs skilled labor on a temporary basis.” Mike F. Human Resources/Plant Safety Coordinator Mechanical Contractor
  13. 13. Testimonials Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…“We have really been impressed with your company and it’s employees. It’s obvious you put a lot of work into screening youremployees to provide experienced workers and you go the extra mile to help make sure our relationship is successful. Thank you for everything.” T. Owens Electrical Contractor
  14. 14. How We Support The IndustryPlease contact your Trillium representative to findout how you may become a member of one of thesefine organizations
  15. 15. Your Trillium Representative ContactsMike Noftzger(704) 394-7144(980) 721-3657 Cellularmnoftzger@trilliumconstruction.net