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Types of beer
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Types of beer


Published on Learn more about beer at my website. Lot's of cool beer info. Buy a home from me and I'll bring the beer to the house warming party! Learn more about beer at my website. Lot's of cool beer info. Buy a home from me and I'll bring the beer to the house warming party!

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  • 1. Types of Beer
    It all starts with asking—How can I help?
    Presented by:
    John Mazzara
  • 2. Ales and Lagers
    Generally, there are two types of beers depending on the type of fermentation.
    Ales are brewed using top-fermenting yeast which forms a foam at the top of the wort (the sugary liquid extracted from the combination of grains, water and malt) during fermentation.
    Lagers are the most common consumed beers in the world. It use a yeast which is called a bottom-fermenting yeast that clears and mellows and also results to a “crisper” tasting beer.
  • 3. Ales and Lagers
    From there, the categories of beer are called beer styles.
    For example, ales form a different branch of beer that are made out of the same yeast and process as its own type like Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Mild and so on.
    While lagers also form its own branch of beers such as Bock, Dark Lager, Pale Lager, etc.
  • 4. Other types of Beer
    There are some beers that uses another type of fermenting yeast aside from the top and bottom type.
    This type of fermentation is called Spontaneous Fermentation which uses wild yeast, unlike the two that are very common in the market.
    All beers were once brewed this way before the Middle Ages when they had learned to brew by cultivating their own yeasts.
    There are only a few isolated regions where this type of brewing is used, one specifically in Belgium where Lambic (beer produced from spontaneous fermentation) is produced.
  • 5. Ales
    Ale beers are brewed using top-fermenting yeasts and boiled with temperatures higher than lagers.
    At temperatures about 60-75° F, the taste and aroma of the beer becomes organic, resembling apples, pears, pineapple, plum, etc.
  • 6. Ales
    Mild Ale is a low gravity beer with a malty taste, usually in a dark color. This style of beer is based in mild malt and is also mildly hopped.
    Brown Ale is a beer style with a dark brown color. Brown ales can be quite sweet and low in alcohol. It ranges in flavors too such as caramel and chocolate, while some can also be nutty depending on the brewer.
  • 7. Ales
    Pale aleis one of the most common beer style consumed in the world. It is called pale, not because of its color but because of the pale malt used to produce this style of beer.
    There are a lot of types of pale ales to choose from, such as amber ale, American ale, Golden Ale, English Bitter and so on.
    These types of pale ales usually differ on their origin and some of the characteristics of their taste and aroma, for example the American ale, obviously originated in the US, has a flavor and aroma dominated by hops and the Golden ale, originating in the UK has a bit of a spicy to citrus flavor.
  • 8. Ales
    Old Ale is a style of beer consumed mostly in cold climate countries as “winter warmers”. This beer style has a particular dark color and a malty taste.
    Some old ales are brewed specifically during winter with reference to its other name, and sometimes is added with spices.
    It’s prominent characteristic is being strong, with an alcohol content that can range from 6% to 8%.
  • 9. Ales
    Wheat Beeris a beer mostly brewed out of wheat. It has a distinctively lighter color and is more delicate than other beers.
    Some wheat beers also tend to have a smooth, sweet and creamy flavor which seems to be enjoyed by a lot of people.
    It can give a mouthful sensation because of the certain wheat texture it has.
  • 10. Lagers
    Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast and are brewed in low temperatures and because of that, lagers are brewed for a longer period.
    This type of beer typically has a light color and mild in taste. Most lagers are also recommended to be chilled before serving for better taste.
    Some lagers are also known to be strong in alcohol content.
  • 11. Lagers
    A pale lager is a dry and crisp-tasting beer style in the family of lagers. Its flavors are very subtle and sometimes can be bitter.
    It is a pale colored beer that can also sometimes have a gold tinge.
    Bock is one sub-style of pale lager that has strong alcoholic content. Although belonging to the pale lager style of beer, bock has more of a darker shade than other pale lagers.
    Bock is brewed in religious countries during special occasions which makes it more prominent on European countries.
  • 12. Lagers
    Marzen is another sub-style of beer in the pale lager family.
    This beer sub-style are mostly made in Germany because of its origin while it can also be found in North America.
    Marzen can have a full bodied taste and can also sometimes be strong, malty and bitter.
  • 13. Lagers
    Dark Lagers are the oldest style of beer in belonging in the lager family. If not because of the modernization of brewing, lagers could probably be still dark.
    From its name, dark lagers have a dark shade and have smooth and malty flavors.
    Some dark lagers are the Dunkel, which has a particular malty taste, Vienna lager which has a more toasty taste and the Schwarzbier which has a chocolaty and sometimes coffee flavor.
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