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Minnesota Relocation tips
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Minnesota Relocation tips


Published on If you are relocating to MN, start your home search at If you are relocating to MN, start your home search at

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  • 1. Relocation TipsTop 20 Tips for Moving
    It all starts with asking—How can I help?
    Presented by:
    John Mazzara
  • 2. 1. Start early to allot time.
    Be early to leave extra time for things that are hard to pack. Sometimes when plans don’t come through, extra time may still keep you on the right track.
  • 3. 2. Schedule and delegate responsibilities.
    There’s a lot of work into moving and it can save you plenty of time and money. You can make a chart or a timetable with people’s names with it that will direct them to the work they have to do.
  • 4. 3. Track your progress.
    If you’re done with packing your bedroom, your bathroom or the kitchen, write it! This way, all the work would seem easy and you won’t miss a thing.
  • 5. 4. Find the best movers.
    So you probably know a mover but are pretty skeptical whether they’re the best in the business or not. Look for people who know them and if they don’t give you a good feedback, look for another one by referrals from friends and family.
  • 6. 5. Pack by one location at a time.
    Don’t pressure yourself by packing everything at the same time, or even by just thinking of packing all things important first in different locations. Start in one location and soon enough you’ll be packing effortlessly.
  • 7. 6. Make a list.
    Making a list might be the most important thing you’ll be doing in your relocation. Begin putting up a list of which rooms to pack, which important things you’ll bring by yourself, which people you should notify that you’re moving and all those important stuff.
  • 8. 7. Make a floor plan.
    Before moving out and moving in, think about your new home layout and start thinking about where you'll place the furniture. Create a floor plan of your new home that will prevent the stress of making decisions when your furniture arrives at your new home.
  • 9. 8. Carry all important things with you.
    Don’t be too trustworthy of your movers, there’s always a possibility that something will go missing after you relocate so at least keep everything important with you.
  • 10. 9. Secure packages meticulously.
    Make sure everything’s taped well and boxed properly. You don’t know what could happen on the way to your new home.
  • 11. 10. Take some pictures.
    If you’re not sure whether how assemble again all the cording in your computers or your televisions sets, then take pictures. This will give you plenty of help in putting things back again without a ton of stress.
  • 12. 11. Mark and label boxes as they should be.
    Whether your packages are fragile, shouldn’t be loaded or have to be loaded last, label them and mark them properly. If you’re thinking twice whether those group of things may be broken easily, be careful to put the right labels and highlight them so the movers will know what to do.
  • 13. 12. Don’t bring EVERYTHING.
    Moving doesn’t have to mean that you’re moving everything. If you think you won’t need those things anymore then don’t waste effort to pack them. There are a lot of people who need those things more than you do. Give them away or sell them. Dispose items that might be hazardous and are not allowed to be shipped.
  • 14. 13. List people you should notify.
    You might forget that you still have to notify the post office, your bank or even your neighbors that you’re going to be relocating. Make a check list and be careful not to skip anyone.
  • 15. 14. Let important people know your moving.
    Weeks before you move, important people should know that you’re moving. But be careful that not everyone should know about it, plan who to tell and tell them as soon as possible.
  • 16. 15. Quintuple check.
    Don’t double check or triple check, check five times! Before you leave your old home, make sure the power lines are good and so are the water and waste disposal. Be responsible for what you leave behind. And also check whether you left anything, you’ll never know.
  • 17. 16. Make a map.
    Have directions and a map ready for anyone will be driving between your old place and your new place.
  • 18. 17. Don’t move in bad weather.
    Rain and/or snow might be very damaging to your things. As soon as you see any signs of bad weather, don’t push through with moving your things even just in the moving truck.
  • 19. 18. Plan what to unpack and prioritize.
    Prioritize the first things that need to be taken out and unpacked, like the refrigerator and the fragile items.
  • 20. 19. Set objectives for unpacking.
    Like packing, make a list and set goals and schedules. This will make you finish everything on the right time.
  • 21. 20. Try to restore routines as soon as possible.
    When you move into your new home, try to reestablish your routines quickly. If Friday night is normally movie night, don't break with the tradition. Moving and relocating are less traumatic if you have some consistency in daily life. If you're moving with children, this could be one of the more important moving tips.
  • 22. Looking for a place to relocate? Begin your home search now!
    To begin your home search now:
    John MazzaraRE/MAXAssociates Plus7300 France Ave SSuite 410Edina, MN 55435952-929-2577john@johnmazzara.com