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Minnesota Job search tips
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Minnesota Job search tips



http://www.MNjobSearch.net Ok, these tips will apply everywhere. If you are in Minnesota and looking for a job, please visit my site and take advantage of the resources.

http://www.MNjobSearch.net Ok, these tips will apply everywhere. If you are in Minnesota and looking for a job, please visit my site and take advantage of the resources.



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    Minnesota Job search tips Minnesota Job search tips Presentation Transcript

    • Job Search TipsTop 20 Tips for Finding a New Job
      It all starts with asking—How can I help?
      Presented by:
      John Mazzara
    • Plan your job search.
      Finding a job can be hands-on work that needs to be given a lot of time and effort. Plan to work at it with the same discipline you would if you were working full-time.
    • Know what your looking for in a job.
      It’s not just the employers who have the right whether to decide if your in or not. Although nowadays its not recommended to be picky, but you should at least be aware of what your job expectations are to be more confident about looking for one.
    • Network.
      Networking is the most effective way in finding a new job. The word may seem a bit difficult but it simply means that people you know might know other people who can give you a job. It’s a better way that can take you up to your advantage because the person you know may know your skills and talents which can give you an edge on their referrals.
    • Make a solid and compelling resume.
      So how do you make compelling and solid resume? Solid just means having it all filled out, but compelling might seem to be more difficult to make. No, it isn’t. You just have to highlight all your best achievements and making sure that their given more attention to by the reader. It simply has to scream attention in a good way.
    • Sell yourself.
      Selling yourself just means to convince others of your value. Just like promoting products and services, you should promote yourself just as well.
    • Use Job Search Engines.
      Use job search engine sites to search major job banks, company sites, associations, and other sites with job openings available. Some companies give priority to online job finders who have applied online.
    • Send impressive cover letters.
      The purpose of a cover letter is to connect personally with a specific person on the other side and also to show how well positioned you are to meet and even exceed employer’s needs. An impressive cover letter accompanying a well-written resume can make a significant difference to your job prospects. 
    • Research your market.
      Your market will be the type of workplace you belong to and having good knowledge about it will surely help you in finding a good job you’ll fit in. For example, for computer engineering, your market will be in the computer market or the engineering market.
    • Be eager and motivated.
      Being eager and motivated doesn’t just make you find a job, it can also help you land one. Your good attitude will show through as you go on to your application and your interview
    • Go to job fairs.
      Job fairs give you opportunities to meet with representatives from many employers. The purpose of going to a job fair is not to ask for a job but to develop relationships that might lead to a job.
    • Research the companies and people you apply to.
      For you to land the job you want, we all know that you should be able to impress the company and the people you’re applying to. Do some research and make them tell that you know what their company is, but DON’T be a know-it-all.
    • Know your goals and make a schedule.
      Set a goal for yourself and plan to achieve on a schedule. This way, the chances for you to persevere and get the job are more likely to happen as soon as you want it to be.
    • Get some help.
      Whether you don’t know how to make your resume, don’t know which people to talk to, or don’t have any idea where to find a job, you can get help. There are a lot of services nowadays, especially in the internet, that can help you. Online job engines usually have to how to’s on finding a job and there are also people online willing to help you make your resume with just a couple of bucks.
    • Check the career section of websites.
      Every website on the internet almost always has its own career section. For example, if you look at the Facebook website and scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a career section which shows all their available positions nationwide. Same goes for websites like Google, Yahoo, AOL and so on.
    • Read the news.
      Be in the know of the latest news on business on the places that you want to work. This will give you a sense of which are the best employers to work for at the moment as well as which are looking for people to work for them.
    • Tell everyone your looking for a job.
      Like what’s said in networking, the people you know might know people who can give you a job. The more people knowing your looking for work, the best chances something might just come up.
    • Make a good first impression.
      To everyone you know and especially the people you’re hoping to apply to. You just might not know who you’re dealing with. Sometimes even your social networking profile might give you a thumbs up if you’ve got a good background and a decent profile picture that can represent you well.
    • Wait and follow up.
      Be patient on your application and if the company doesn’t budge, follow up and be nice about it. It’s not bad to ask about the status of your application, you can even do it as much as you want. But, don’t be rude and ask professionally.
    • Ace the interview.
      The interview is the last step to job-finding success and some people don’t get in because of it. Be professional and confident, with the right tools, you’ll get the job.
    • Be passionate and enthusiastic.
      Whether during the job search, the interview or anything in between, always show passion in what you do and what you’re willing to do for the company. Eagerness and enthusiasm are usually the X-factor for interviewers who are looking for the right person to get the job.
    • Looking for a place to relocate? Begin your home search now!
      To begin your home search now:
      John MazzaraRE/MAXAssociates Plus7300 France Ave SSuite 410Edina, MN 55435952-929-2577john@johnmazzara.comhttp://www.MinneapolisStPaulHomes.com