Ch0617 wenlue ma cv english


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Ch0617 wenlue ma cv english

  1. 1. CH0617 Wenlue Ma Resume Personal Background: 1. Name:Wenlue MA 2. Height:173cm 3. Date of Birth:20th July 1980 4. Place of Birth:Guangdong Province 5. Previous Travel History:Thailand /South Africa as Tourist 6. Work Experience:8 Years / Cantonese 7. Level of chef Certificate:Medium Skill level 8. Marital Status:Married 9. Language spoken:Cantonese / Mandarin 10. Smoker:No Educational Background: Basic Skill Level Chef Certificate Medium Skill Level chef Certificate Work Experience (Please state start and finish dates, employer names and job titles): Mar 2002 to Jul 2004 Shenzhen City Jia Wang restaurant Coordinator Company Information: Shenzhen City Jia Wang Restaurant belongs to the Shenzhen City Jia Wang Restaurant Group, which is established in 1997. Over the last 13 years, Jia Wang has expanded to a large restaurant group nationwide, and has a total of over 4000 employees. Job Responsibilities: As a coordinator, after the dishes are cooked by chefs, I am responsible for the presentation of the dish, such as side garnish, and cleanliness on the visual, add spices, and cut a variety of materials placed in the appropriate containers. Prepare the type and quantity of raw material should be based on reservations, ensure consistency in size, thickness, length, thickness for each type of material prepared. During the shift, passed the orders to the head chef correctly, first make sure the name of cuisine, type, cooking method and the table number, to see if they make no errors. Starching, pickled dishes such as processing of raw materials accounted for kitchen chefs passed to the processing of food if the information received reminder, after verifying that the
  2. 2. cuisine has not yet started cooking, immediately account for the coordination of priority for cooking kitchen chef. Aug 2004 to Nov 2006 Guangzhou Xi Hai Hotel Chef Company Information: Si Hai Hotel was established 9 years ago, it is famous for ‘Natural pollution- free food’, it is always been able to produced new dishes based on its’ existing theories on regular basis. Therefore, is always been able to stay ahead of its’ competitors. Job responsibility: my job title while employed at Si Hai is chef, my responsibilities were: Carry out cooking duties under the supervision of the Head Chef, ensure dishes are cooked accurately and efficiently. Also to ensure the taste, presentation, quality of the dishes produced, pay attention to details, such as: quality, style, level of the materials used. Ensure personal hygiene, maintain level of food safety, avoid cross contamination and food safety during operation. Ensure appropriate storage of raw materials after shift. Jan 2008 – Present Taishan Xin Ping An Restaurant Chef Choose raw materials and seasoning according to type of dishes, use various of cooking methods to cook the dishes. Prepare and cook the dishes according to customer orders, such as: walk in, reservation and banquets. Maintain effective communication with the waiting on team, ensure all dishes are cooked on time without delay, also ensure the quality of the dishes.