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  • 1. CH0535 林志阳个人简历 基本背景: 1. 姓名:林志阳 2. 身高/体重:1.70 3. 出生日期:1981.9.1 4. 户籍: 福建 5. 是否持有护照:有 6. 是否申请过英国 / 其他国家的签证 / 有无拒签:去过以色列, 无拒签 7. 工作年限/菜系: 曾在以色列工作 5 年 8. 厨师证级别/考取时间: 10 年/闽菜,川菜 9. 婚姻状况: 未婚 孩子年龄: 10. 吸烟否: 否 11.是否具有初中英语水平:是 粤语水平: 学习及专业培训经历: 1996.9-1999.6 福州蓉西高级职业中学 烹饪专业 工作经历: 2004.9-2005.12 在以色列的 Manila (炒面馆) 2005.12-2006.2 在以色列的 East Bar(厨房,餐吧) 2006.2-2009.5 在以色列的 Giraffe (餐厅,拥有 6 家连锁店,分别在红海、特拉维夫、海法、瑞 雄、海吉利雅、死海) 厨艺特长: 本人从事厨房工作近 10 年,其中有 5 年在国外工作,对中西方的菜肴有很深的了解,对于 国外餐厅的厨房运作,以及卫生要求都很清楚。本人最擅长我国的八大菜系之一,以烹制山
  • 2. 珍海味而著称,以色香味见长的闽菜,对于闽菜各种菜肴的加工制作都有很熟练的操作技 能。在国外工作期间掌握了菲律宾炒面,马来西亚炒面,泰国炒面,印度咖喱饭,意大利炒 面等炒制方法。本人还对川菜具有一定的操作能力,像宫保鸡丁、回锅肉、水煮鱼等等。 Resume of CH0535 Zhiyang LIN Personal Background: 11. Name:Zhiyang LIN 12. Height / Weight:170cm 13. DOB:1st Sep 1981 14. Place of Birth: Fujian Province 15. Previous Passport Held:yes 16. Previous travel history:worked in Israel,no refusals 17. Work Experience : Total of 10 years of Fujian Cuisine, and Szechuan Cuisine (5 of which are spent working as a chef in Tsrael) 18. Level of Chef certificate: 19. Marital Status: Single 20. Smoker: No 11.English:Fluent Cantonese:Is able to understand and speak but not fluent
  • 3. Qualification: 1996.9-1999.6 Fuzhou, Rongxi, High Level Occupational College in cookery. Work Experience (covering the last 5 years): 2004.9-2005.12 In Israel Manila Restaurant 2005.12-2006.2 In Israel, East Bar 2006.2-2009.5 In Israel, Giraffe Restaurant (6 Branches in total) Specialty: I have been working in the catering industry for almost 10 years, 5 years of which are spent overseas as a chef. I therefore have a fair understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures, the kitchen operation, and hygiene standard. I am specialised in Fujian (Min) Cuisine. During the period I have worked in Israel, I have also learnt and mastered the cooking skills of new dishes, such as : Philippin stir fried noddles, malaysia stir fried noodles, Thai noodles, Indian Curry, Italy Spaghettis etc. I am also able to cook large verieties of Szechuan Cuisine dishes, such as : Kong Bao Diced chicken, Double cooked belly pork, Fish in Chilli Broth etc.