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Tt persuasive essay

  1. 1. Michael Nelson<br />P5 Honors Lit.<br />12/7/10<br />TT Persuasive Essay<br />Imagine visiting a center of incredible discoveries in architecture and science. Imagine visiting a place full of culture, diversity, education, and religion. This is what a visit to Sumeria is like. In a visit to Sumeria amazing advances in architecture and science would be seen. A place brimming with educational advances would also be seen. Finally, a cultural center would be seen, resulting from the trading of farmed goods. Thus, Sumeria is a place to visit because of its advances in architecture and science, its advances in education, and its ability to spread culture through trade.<br />When one is walking through Sumeria, the architectural style could surprise them. In Sumeria, one would find many architectural styles still used today. These styles include the arch and the dome. Using the combination of many arches Sumerians created domes. The number of arches used could vary by the size of the dome. As the size of the dome increased, so did the number of arches used. Sumeria’s achievements in the sciences are also incredible. Some of their many achievements include the invention of the 60-point system. In this system all the numbers were based on 60. Also, a circle was divided into 360 degrees in this system. These discoveries that were made were phenomenal, but in order to have these discoveries the Sumerians needed a sound education.<br />The Sumerian society made some groundbreaking discoveries in education. They created a writing system. This writing system was a pictographic writing system. The symbols made in the system were made by a wedge shaped tool called a stylus. This writing system allowed for a more extensive education. It allowed this because literate people could then communicate even further. Education was very important in Sumerian life, however only upper-class boys could go to school. Students also studied drawing and arithmetic. All of this education involved in Sumerian life relates closely to our modern lives. It relates so closely because, back then people who went to school studied math, reading, and writing, just as people do now. This means one could more closely relate to Sumerian life and thus, feel more at home in the Sumerian region. That is another reason to visit Sumeria. Also, Sumerians spread their writing through their trade, which was also a very important aspect of Sumerian life.<br />Sumerian trade influenced their culture throughout the region. This meant that if one were to visit Sumeria and the areas around Sumeria, they would see many Sumerian influences in the surrounding architecture. Also, it was not just Sumeria who had influences on the region. It was because of other regions in the area that also made Sumeria culturally diverse. This diversity would remind many people of many modern countries. The resemblance would help one relate to and from Ancient Sumeria and our modern world. Plus, by visiting Sumeria, one would also get a taste of the many other cultures in the region as well as experiencing the Sumerian experience. These are also more reasons why one should visit Sumeria. These reasons that have been discussed are all great reasons to go to Sumeria. Now, if one was to learn about the very few disadvantages of visiting Sumeria they would feel even more compelled to visit that region, in that time period.<br />One reason not to go to Sumeria is that the Sumerians had slaves. However, almost every powerful and influential country had slaves back then. Another reason not to visit would be because of unpredictable flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This downside is easily counteracted by the wonderful food and fertile land that these floods help produce. The last reason not to go to Sumeria would be the repeating pattern of migration and invasion. This reason not to go is just a small barrier in the way of an inevitable choice to travel to Sumeria. This is especially true when one looks at all the good reasons why one should go to Sumeria.<br />The first reason that was given why one should go to Sumeria was to see Sumeria’s achievements in architecture and science. The second reason to go to Sumeria was that there was many educational advances back then just like our own educational advances of today. Finally, one should visit Sumeria because of the cultural diversity that is located in the area. For these reasons Sumeria is a place to visit because of the advances in architecture and science that are in Sumeria, the advances in the Sumerian education system, and Sumeria’s ability to spread culture through trade.<br />Citations<br />Carrington, Laurel, et al. World History: The Human Journey. 1st ed. Austin, TX: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2005. 30-34. Print.<br />