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Trusty 23 Motorboat Review


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Trusty 23 Motor Boat - Review

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Trusty 23 Motorboat Review

  1. 1. The Trusty 23 - Boat Mart 10/12/2010 11:17The Trusty 23 Thursday, 22 July 2010 13:07 | Print | (7 votes, average 3.14 out of 5)Upon his visit to test the Trusty 23, Stuart Field discovers a ‘little ship’ to rekindle the fire in an old sailor’s loins.Over the years, we have learned that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Boat Mart reader’s boat. Indeed our readers are as diverse as the boatsthey own and yet I’m certain that this feature will strike a chord with every one of us, because the Trusty 23, built by Trusty Motor Boats inKidderminster, is one of those vessels that always manages to attract attention. In just a few short years, its traditional styling and high-classfinish has become legendary but, before we get down to the nitty gritty, let’s spend a few minutes savouring the Trusty 23 itself . .The conceptWhen you first set eyes on her, it’s easy to imagine that this is a traditionally styled wheelhouse fisher. But in truth it’s actually a beautifullyappointed gentleman’s cruising boat. To that end, the build quality, internal design, and overall fit-out is unashamedly over the top. The boatexhibits a level of quality that could make the builders of far larger prestige craft weep - which probably explains why, of the 21 Trusty 23ssupplied to date, no fewer than 16 are in the hands of very experienced and demanding retired sailors. Four more similar owners are awaitingdelivery of boats that are currently in build, and 37 of the smaller Trusty 21 craft (built to the same fastidious standard) are now with equallysalty and equally contented customers.No robots involved…onent&print=1&layout=default&page=&option=com_content&Itemid=109 Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. The Trusty 23 - Boat Mart 10/12/2010 11:17Every single Trusty 23 takes a team of highly experienced guys no fewer than five weeks to complete. There is no popping one out of themould every few minutes here. Instead, the build schedule includes bespoke woodwork by Kidderminster craftsmen and custom upholstery byLand and Marine. It’s hardly surprising then that this ‘little ship’ has acquired such a loyal following among those used to the luxury and spaceaboard far larger sailing craft. But unlike such exclusive craft, all Trusty boats have centre and bilge keels so they can take to the groundwithout toppling over. An added bonus is that the bilge keels add stability when underway so the Trusty tends not to roll nearly as much as atraditional round bilge craft - assuming of course that any gentlemen would risk his cut lead crystal or bone china in such conditions.Let the lusting beginSo what do you get for (quite a lot of) your money? The Trusty hull has a deepkeel, curved sheerline, and flared bows designed to punch through roughconditions - as befits a traditional style wheelhouse ‘fisher’. With stacks offreeboard, high safe rails extending past the wheelhouse and an equallyprotected cockpit, this is not a craft on which you are likely to get very wet orindeed come to any harm. The wheelhouse has well over six feet of headroom,an extremely comfy double helm seat to starboard (with a galley behind) and alarge hand-crafted, wooden-rimmed wheel. To port, there’s a dining area(which easily converts into a large single berth) and below decks, an extremelywell appointed cabin with an equally comfy twin berth set on an angle. It’smuch more sensible in a small boat than a conventional V-berth.Also located in the cabin is a very clever self-contained head-cum-shower andwet room with teak flooring and (I’m not kidding) a waterproof toilet roll holder. There’s also a small hanging wardrobe in the cabin, plusover six feet of headroom. By using large hull side windows, and an equally large rooftop hatch, the beautifully appointed cabin is extremelylight and airy and the visibility all round is great.This little craft does not skimp on essentials. Hidden by a forward cushion on the helm seat is a large work surface with lots of stowage (or amicrowave) beneath, while the adjacent galley boasts a double burner stove, a proper sink, a full sized fridge and extra stowage.Naturally, as you would expect, the head and sink have pumped hot and cold water, but you may be surprised to find a cockpit shower/washdown, again offering a choice of water temperature. Well would you rinse off such a prized possession with cold seawater?Finally we come to the cockpit. As this is the area in which most people will relax, it is also beautifully appointed. A comfy upholstered full-width L-shaped transom seat, which extends around the corner of the hull, offers a great place for friends to sit and chat or to eat al fresco. Ifthe weather gets iffy, simply pop up the Bimini top, add the side curtains, and you can continue to eat while staying cosy. The test boat wasfitted with a heating system, well able to warm up the cockpit when covered, thus making winter cruising a joy and improving the return onyour investment.Finally, as everyone has to anchor and moor a craft, there’s a (quite narrow) walkway around the wheelhouse with two steps up from thecockpit. In typical Trusty fashion the steps are individually lit (by LEDs of course) and, oh, before I forget, there’s a manual bilge pump in thecockpit side, which is not something you come across very often these days.Slow but steadySo, having wandered around the Trusty 23, what’s she like at sea? To find out, I joined the test team at Northney Marina where Mark Chapmanfrom Global Yachts and Paul Burborough from Trusty Motor Boats met me. Mark introduced me to the owner of our test boat, JonathanCollard from London, and then John and Audrey Mant who had very kindly ‘volunteered’ their almost identical craft as camera boat.While we cast off, Jonathan explained that he had retired from sailing (his last boat was a Westerly 35) and found that the Trusty 23 was justthe right size. Having bought the boat in 2008, he tends to use her for four solid weeks each year and then pops down every fortnight for a dayor so, simply to relax afloat. In those two years, Jonathan has clocked up over 250 hours, more than four times the national average, and says that he has filled up the 24-gallon fuel tank with diesel no more than “a couple of times a year”. Fast powerboaters, read this and weep! Admittedly, Jonathan’s boat has been fitted with a few personal extras, including real teak decking in the cockpit. She also has an optional outside helm which is enhanced by the luxury of auto-helm and bow thruster with remote control. Getting in and out of a berth is therefore a very relaxed single-…onent&print=1&layout=default&page=&option=com_content&Itemid=109 Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. The Trusty 23 - Boat Mart 10/12/2010 11:17 handed manoeuvre. Even so, it was actually quite disconcerting leaving the mooring with Jonathan nonchalantly wandering around the boat, remote control in hand. Disconcerting but immensely impressive. out to sea We poddled out into Chichester harbour with the 54hp Yanmar 4JH gently mumbling to itself below deck. To relax in sunshine at a relaxed five knots is arare pleasure and it almost seemed a shame to pour on the power, but throttle on we did to a very serene maximum of 7.3 knots.I then boarded John and Audrey’s Trusty, to get some photographs. This boat, now on its maiden voyage, differed from the test boat in that hehad specified a Beta 38hp engine instead of the standard 54hp Yanmar. His reasoning was simple: “I had one in my last yacht and it suited medown to the ground”. Surprisingly the performance between the two craft was almost identical, so you really can’t argue with his logic.After a delightful interlude it was a case of swapping boats, yet again, and we waved John and Audrey off on their voyage of discovery. Wethen headed back to port after a couple of leisurely hours at sea which had no doubt used far less fuel than a small family car on an entirelyunnecessary school run. At all times the test boat remained bone dry, the ride was extremely smooth and relaxing, and the experience bothenlightening and rather exquisite.VerdictWhat else can I say about this delightful little craft? The Trusty 23 really is a very desirable little boat on which to relax (or retire) in style.There are surely few boats so perfectly designed for leisurely exploring of the UK coastline, or merely for being afloat in genuine comfort. Andthere are even fewer that meet with such universal admiration at any port or marina they visit. The Trusty 23 is a superbly conceived andbeautifully finished ‘small ship’ with excellent handling, great all round visibility and more than enough enduring charm to convince you thatyour money was well spent.More infoTrusty Motor Boats01562 746336www.bluecmarine.comDealer: Global Yachts02380 7.01mBeam: 3.05mDraft: 0.9mWeight: 2,400kgCE Category: BMax people: 13Max load: 1,540kgMax power: 54hpEngines: 54hp Yanmar 4JHPrice (as tested) £72,798…onent&print=1&layout=default&page=&option=com_content&Itemid=109 Page 3 of 3