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Technology Forum - Tim Hebrink

  1. 1. 3M Confidential.92 25 June 2014. All Rights Reserved.© 3M
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  3. 3. 3M Confidential.94 25 June 2014. All Rights Reserved.© 3M Buildings are the largest end-use sector! Reference: International Energy Agency Technology Roadmap Energy Efficient Building Envelopes
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  6. 6. 3M Confidential.97 25 June 2014. All Rights Reserved.© 3M 3M™ Prestige Series Solar Films Wavelength Selective Mirror Films reject Infrared Energy (heat) while transmitting visible light… reducing air conditioning energy costs. Window Cross- Section InfraRed Energy Visible Light Sun Light
  7. 7. 3M Confidential.98 25 June 2014. All Rights Reserved.© 3M Reflective Polarizers Increase Liquid Crystal Display by 50% or reduce power consumption by 50%
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  9. 9. 3M Confidential.100 25 June 2014. All Rights Reserved.© 3M 3MTM Daylight Redirecting Film – reduces energy needed for lighting How it Works  Installed in Upper portion of window  Daylight is redirected toward ceiling with refractive optical micro-structures  Diffuses light to be more evenly distributed – less glare  Up to 34% savings in lighting energy Add Daylight Redirecting Film  Daylight further into room  Less Glare on desk tops
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