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Central corridor anchor env scan
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Central corridor anchor env scan


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Central Corridor Environmental Scan, by Burke Murphy & Matt Schmit. From the Minnesota Campus Compact convened, "How Can Colleges Support Central Corridor Neighborhoods?" - December 7, 2011, at Bethel …

Central Corridor Environmental Scan, by Burke Murphy & Matt Schmit. From the Minnesota Campus Compact convened, "How Can Colleges Support Central Corridor Neighborhoods?" - December 7, 2011, at Bethel University.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Creating Shared ValueAn Environmental Scan of Central Corridor Anchor Institutions D ecember 7, 2011Burke Murphy & Matt Schmit – Project Consultants, The McKnight Foundation
  • 2. Overview• Ap p roach & scope of w ork• Corrid or backgrou nd & d em ographics• Find ings• Key them es• H igh-level opportu nities 2
  • 3. Approach• Connecting pu blic-private investm ent in Corrid ors of Opportu nity w ith the Central Corrid or anchors in ed u cation and health.• Fact-find ing m ission to explore areas of synergy & opportu nity• The lens of “Three Ps”  Placem aking  Personnel  Procu rem ent 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Anchor Impact• N ine Med s, seven Ed s  111,500 stu d ents enrolled  32,000 anchor Ed jobs  35,000 anchor Med jobs Constru ction  100+ m ajor capital projects  $5B+ capital investm ent  Local architects, contractors, su bcontractors 6
  • 7. D emographics 7
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  • 9. 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. 12
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  • 19. Findings• The geography of Central Corrid or and proxim ity of anchors is an opportu nity for collective intentional action• Using the 3Ps as a lens for environm ental scan reveals a convergence of interests and investm ent in this geography 19
  • 20. Placemaking• Allina H ospitals and Clinics  Backyard Initiative  Prom oting health and healthcare in neighborhood s• Ced ar Riversid e Partnership  Au gsburg College, Fairview , U of M• Macalester College  H igh Wind s Fu nd  Seam less integration of cam pu s and com m u nity• Minneapolis Lifesciences Corrid or  19 health & med ical institu tions; nu m erou s labs, clinics• Metropolitan State University  Using u rban planning and transit system s to plan 20 grow th and d evelopm ent
  • 21. Personnel• Phillips Partnership  Safety, jobs, hou sing and infrastru ctu re• Su pply-d em and synergy  Optim ize health career pipeline• Service Learning  Increasing em phasis am ong Ed s  Prim ary interface betw een com m u nities 21
  • 22. Procurement• Associated Colleges of the Tw in Cities (ACTC)  Five colleges & 14 associated colleges  Pu rchasing consortiu m d ollar spent in 2010: $5.5m  76% spent in 28 categories w ith regional bu sinesses• Minim izing cost is a key factor• Valu es d rive certain d ecisions  Su pport for econom ically d isad vantaged bu siness  Red u cing carbon footprint  Bu ying local• Constru ction & food service m ost com m on opportu nities for bu ying local 22
  • 23. Partnerships: the Fourth “P”• The Backyard Initiative  Ced ar-H um phrey Action for N eighborhood Collective Engagem ent (CH AN CE)• Ced ar-Riversid e Partnership  Fitzgerald Park Block Club  H ealthForce Minnesota• Phillips Partnership  The Pow er of YOU• The St Pau l Pu blic School & Metro State Library Partnership• University District Alliance• University Research & Ou treach -Engagem ent Center (UROC) 23
  • 24. Key Themes• Bu ild ing for tom orrow• Accessing transit• Prom oting active m obility• Leveraging su pply-d em and synergy• Em phasizing service learning 24
  • 25. Building for Tomorrow 25
  • 26. Building for Tomorrow 26
  • 27. Accessing Transit• Reliable, tim ely and efficient• Convenient, inviting & safe• Cu stom ized & com prehensive  Ancillary bu s service  Ded icated bike lanes  User-friend ly ped estrian w alkw ays 27
  • 28. 28
  • 29. 29
  • 30. Promoting active mobility• Im prove access to transit service, red u ce parking d em and• H ealth and w ellness - investing in comm u nity preventative care clinics vs. bricks and m ortar• Live-w ork placemaking 30
  • 31. Leveraging supply-demand synergy • Optim ize health career pipeline  Increase intentional linkages  Connect to corrid or resid ents 31
  • 32. Emphasizing Service Learning Experience Learning ParadigmService ← Focus → LearningRecipient ← Primary Intended Beneficiary → Provider Community Service Volunteer Field Study Internship Service Learning 32
  • 33. H igh Level Opportu nities PERSONNEL PLACEMAKING PROCUREMENT←Align HR Needs among Corridor Anchors→ ←Strengthen Live-Work Connection→ ←Complete Transit Last Mile Connection→ ←Establish Anchor Impact Baseline→←Maximize Mutual Benefit of Service Learning→ ←Grow “Buy Local” Supply Chain→ 33
  • 34. 34