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  • 1. Life in iran“Not withhout my daughter”
    By: Monica Damron
  • 2. Not without my daughter
    Written by Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer
    True story of a mother and daughters experience and escape from Iran
    Has been made into a motion picture
    Chose to read this book due to a recent cesarean section and could not travel
  • 3. Iran
  • 4. Subject to male dominance
    Women were to remain at home and care for the children
    Men worked and provided the income
    Women could only do as the husband had instructed
    Women were submissive
  • 5. Betty’s experience
    Betty agreed to go on vacation to Iran for two weeks, her husband had promised on the Koran, that they would return afterwards
    They left on in August 1984
    She soon learned that she nor, their daughter, Mahtob would be returning to the United States
    She began to live a submissive life as an Iranian woman
    She wore the rusari (to cover her hair) and the chador (to cover her body), it’s much like a loose fitting trench coat
  • 6. Koran
    Islamic Bible
  • 7. The embassy
    Could not help her unless she was willing to leave her child
    Could keep in contact with her family for her
    Suggested that she try not to escape due to women being raped and killed
    Checked on her to make sure she was okay
  • 8. The escape
    Moody had been called away for an emergency
    Betty and Mahtob began their journey to a man that had promised to help
    The stayed in apartment until they began their decent at night
    They were driven in cars, rode mules, walked and rode buses
    Aided by numerous individuals who gave them clothing to match theirs and fed them
    Arrived home on February 7, 1986
  • 9. Their escape route
  • 10. Today: Betty Mahmoody
    Has written another book called “For the Love of a Child”; about other stories from parents whose foreign parents estranged them from their children.
  • 11. Today: Mahtobmahmoody
    Mahtob never again saw her father;
    She is now 31 years old;
    She is a public speaker at domestic assault vigils
  • 12. Today: Moody
    SayyadBozorgMahmoody “Moody” died in Iran on August 23, 2009 of Kidney Failure;
    He wrote a book in 2002 about how Hollywood had made him out to be a mad man and a wife beater; that he never did those cruel things; and his book has his side of the story
  • 13. My opinion
    I am glad that I am a United States citizen
    I am not subject to male dominance
    I can wear what I want to wear
    I have rights
    We don’t have missile attacks
    We have clean food and water
    I look at immigrants with understanding; for I too would want to escape the trials they face on a daily basis
    I would highly recommend that everyone read this book