Wellstone 3rd Grade Assessment PowerPoint Handout


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Wellstone 3rd Grade Assessment PowerPoint Handout

  1. 1. Question 1 Minnesota History What is an Artifact? A. A fact about a piece of art. For each question please B. An object that was made in the past. circle the answer you think is best. C. Something found outside. Question 3 Question 2 Which of these are Minnesota state What is this place? symbols? A. A museum where A. The loon and ladyslipper. people see objects from the past. B. A museum where B. The walleye and the blueberry muffin. people make objects from the past. C. Both A and B. C. An museum where people make laws. Question 4 Image 1 What are the two major groups of American Indians in Minnesota? A. Dakota and Ojibwe. B. Apache and Ojibwe. C. Cherokee and Cree. 1
  2. 2. Question 5 Question 6 How did the American Indian children What are these women doing? in Minnesota learn? A. Looking at photographs and listening A. Cooking to stories. Soup. B. Doing the B. Reading books and watching their Laundry. parents. C. Making Maple C. Listening to stories and helping Sugar. others with their work. Question 7 Image 2 What homes did American Indians in Minnesota live in? A. Wigwams and adobes. B. Wigwams and teepees. C. Teepees and plank houses. Question 8 Question 9 What did American Indians in What is this object? Minnesota eat? A. A bandolier bag used A. Sugar, nuts, and buffalo meat. by the Ojibwe people. B. A parfleche bag used by B. Fish, wild rice, and berries. the Dakota people. C. A mukuk used by the C. Both A and B. Apache people. 2
  3. 3. Question 10 Image 3 Which of these did not happen when Minnesota became a territory? A. The American Indians were given more land. B. More people came to Minnesota. C. More businesses were started. Question 11 Image 4 What is this place? A.Fort Snelling. B. Fort McKinley. C. Fort Sumter. Question 12 Question 13 Who was living at this fort and What is one reason an immigrant why? would leave their own country? A. They are looking for a colder place to A. Women were living there because live. they wanted to sell furs. B. Soldiers were living there because of the fur trade. B. They are looking for a place with fewer jobs. C. Children were living there because they wanted to become soldiers. C. Their own country does not have enough land. 3
  4. 4. Question 14 Question 15 What are some challenges for What are these people doing? immigrants that came to Minnesota? A. Leaving their A. The language and the weather. country to move to the United States. B. Finding jobs and missing their B. Taking a nap homeland. because they are tired. C. Taking a boat to C. Both A and B. vacation in Europe. Image 5 4