NWU Clothing Field Guide
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  • Very creative. I especially enjoyed your descriptions on all the different species. I also liked the way each image was clearly illustrating the species being described, even though they weren't necessarily images from the NWU campus.
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  • 1. Clothing Field Guide Madison Musselman
  • 2. People who are way tocomfortable with their body Species: Cross Country Runners ◦ These are the guys who wear super short shorts even when they aren’t in practice.
  • 3. People who are way tocomfortable with their body  Species: College Boys in the dorms ◦ These are the boys who walk around on their floor without shirts on, in a coed dorm, on a coed floor. They don’t mind sitting around without shirts on no matter who is in the room.
  • 4. People who are way tocomfortable with their body Girls with tight clothing-always ◦ These girls like to wear jeggings or leggings and tight low cut tops wherever they are. They also wear tight shirts that sometimes don’t cover their whole stomach.
  • 5. Athletes Volleyball Team ◦ These girls wear tennis shoes sweatpants or athletic shorts and t shirts, but they wear girl colors like pink and purple and their shorts are nike or name brand and still cute. They also tend to do full face makeup and nice hair everyday.
  • 6. • Girls Basketball TeamAthletes These girls wear team sweatpants and sweatshirts in more neutral colors, they also wear tennis shoes, but they tend to keep their hair up in ponytails.  Boys Basketball Team ◦ These boys wear sweatshirts and sweatpants from their team also as well as tennis shoes.
  • 7. Athletes Boys Soccer Team ◦ These boys wear sweatpants or athletic shorts and zip up hoodies over tshirts. Sometimes they wear tennis shoes, but they also wear athletic sandals.
  • 8. Dress Up Queens  Artsy Girls ◦ These girls like to look nice, but they also like to express their creativity in their clothing, so they put together new fashions. They will wear colors that aren’t usually worn together as well as themed clothing for different styles of years or from tv shows.
  • 9. Dress Up Queens Theatre People ◦ These people will match up a lot of different things together from colors to patterns, they also like to look nice at all times, but usually have a barrage of activities to do so they wear a lot of leggings, or jeggings to be cute but also for movability.
  • 10. Dress Up Queens Popular Girls ◦ These girls like to look nice all the time because they want to be respected and liked. They wear nice shirts and designer jeans and usually own a lot of different shoes. They also like to accessorize with purses and jewelry
  • 11.  Pinterest Google ◦ http://www.inspirationsandcelebrations.net/20 12/07/best-jackets-for-your-body-type.html ◦ http://www.tinytux.com ◦ http://www.sodahead.com ◦ http://www.modcloth.com ◦ http://www.usi.edu ◦ http://www.lacademy.edu ◦ http://theandrewmiller.comCitations