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  • 1. Teacher Leader Selection Criteria
    • Michigan Mathematics and Science Teacher Leadership Collaborative
  • 2.
    • The rationale for MMSTLC is to build science and mathematics leaders for the future in Michigan.
    • Selecting the “right” teacher as your Teacher Leader is a critical choice for the success of your project.
    • Be purposeful and thoughtful.
  • 3. Team Discussion
    • What are the characteristics an ideal teacher leader would have in terms of:
        • Attitudes
        • Skills
        • Knowledge?
  • 4. Selection Criteria
    • Selection Criteria – Baker’s Dozen
    • Possesses a strong commitment to mathematics and/or science education
    • Has at least 5 years of teaching experience and is at least 10 years away from retiring
    • Possesses credibility as an effective teacher at the school among other staff members
  • 5. Selection Criteria (continued)
    • Displays a collaborative approach when addressing instructional issues
    • Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Has the potential to be an active participant on school and/or district committees
  • 6. Selection Criteria (continued)
    • Demonstrates knowledge of the developmental needs of students
    • Demonstrates the potential to develop skills in collegial coaching and mentoring
    • Able to establish a positive and supportive relationship with teachers and administrators
    • Demonstrates flexibility and resourcefulness
  • 7. Selection Criteria (continued)
    • Demonstrates organizational skills and initiative for working with minimal direct supervision
    • Demonstrates evidence of professional growth
    • Has the potential to apply classroom learning to real world application
  • 8. Team Discussion
    • What selection criteria will your team use to select your Teacher Leaders?
  • 9. Resource
    • Educational Leadership
    • September 2007, Volume 65, Number 1
    • “ Teachers as Leaders”
    • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)