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Three of the best word press plugins for list building and extra income
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Three of the best word press plugins for list building and extra income


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How WordPress plugins can help you to bring extra income with your blog.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Three of the best WordPress plugins for list building and extra income
  • 2. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars
  • 3. Building a list of potential customers is one of the major keys to success (online and offline!) Why? Because a list of prospects is unique to you, is a way for you to stay in front of, and regularly communicate with your readers, and is an asset that you can leverage time and time again
  • 4. Once you’ve built a list you’ve got the beginnings of a community of like-minded people who know, like and trust you And these “warm” prospects are more likely to buy your products and use your services than someone visiting your site cold
  • 5. Building a list is super easy if you use WordPress Here are three plugins I absolutely love, and use on my sites Two of them are free and one is less than $20. When you consider that each name on your list is potentially worth $1 a month to you, it’s worth investing some time and effort into building your list
  • 6. Imagine having a list of 10,000 people. That’s a cool $10,000 a month on autopilot! So, boost your opt-in rate (the number of people who opt in to your list) with these three handy WordPress plugins:
  • 7. 1. Magic Action Box This puts a “Get Even More” opt-in box at the bottom of every blog post. The boxes can be customised with your text or images and are a great reminder to your readers to get on the list for more information
  • 8. Here’s an example from one of my blog posts:
  • 9. 2. Up Prev upPrev pops up in the bottom right hand side of the screen when someone’s reading your blog posts. It displays a flyout box with a link to the previous post from the same category.
  • 10. This encourages readers to visit other blog posts which increases their time on your site and their engagement with your content
  • 11. 3. WP Viral Payments This new plug-in offers an Amazonstyle upsell facility (“you bought X, you might also like Y and Z”) and 8 viral traffic generating strategies, all in one plug-in. I’ve seen it demo’ed twice now and am truly blown away by what it can do.
  • 12. It’s easy to use but gives you a sophisticated shopping cart functionality without the need for any pricey ecommerce software Check the link below if you’d like your own copy for less than $20!
  • 13. Example Upsells:
  • 14. You can also offer discount codes, discount for sharing, and much more Here are just three examples of how the WPViralPayments plugin can help you build your list (it links to Aweber, MailChimp and all the other major autoresponder services, Facebook!), and make you more money
  • 15. Example 1: Classic Upsell (“would you like fries with that?”)
  • 16. Example 2: Using the plug-in for social sharing
  • 17. Example 3: Using the plug-in to build your list
  • 18. Take a look because you can make a lot more money from your list by offering an upsell. I’ve bought this recently and am starting to “supersize” my sites (you have been warned!)
  • 19. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars