Self-Publishing – A Super Easy Way To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

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The review of Christine Clayfield’s Worldwide Self-Publishing programme

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  • 1. Self-Publishing – A Super Easy Way To Create Multiple Streams Of Income
  • 2. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars
  • 3. World Wide Self-Publishing Business Success Program (A Review)
  • 4. I started my professional career in publishing and thought those days were long behind me until I met Christine Clayfield at a London Lunch recently
  • 5. Christine is the extremely successful author of ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’, in which she documents how she made over £1million just a year after getting started in Internet marketing
  • 6. Frustrated with all the information overwhelm and false claims of many of the so-called “gurus” Christine decided to develop her own system for making money online
  • 7. Not content with making a million in her first year, Christine has now applied her online marketing skills to self-publishing
  • 8. She’s created a unique system that combines traditional publishing with online marketing methods such as keyword research and search optimization
  • 9. Christine kindly gave me a review copy of her new “WorldWide Self-Publishing” programme and I’m using it to self-publish my new book and get it to #1 on Amazon
  • 10. Christine’s “WorldWide Self Publishing” business consists of writing very narrowly targeted niche books that are then published in a range of different formats
  • 11. From physical paperbacks to all kinds of ebooks including Kindle, a mobile version and even a PDF download on ClickBank!
  • 12. Listen To My Interview With Christine Clayfield Where She Shares Her Self-Publishing Secrets
  • 13. Christine has produced over 60 money spinning books to date and, on average, expects every book to make at least £1000 per month ($1500) in sales
  • 14. So, she knows what she’s doing and is one savvy lady worth listening to!
  • 15. Don’t like the idea of writing a book? You don’t have to! Christine outsources most of the work involved in creating her bestselling books
  • 16. The entire outsourcing process is outlined in her Worldwide Self-Publishing Business Success Training
  • 17. Christine’s Worldwide Self-Publishing program is extremely comprehensive
  • 18. In fact, it’s a big commitment in both time and money but if you’re serious about making money you won’t find an easier to follow system
  • 19. No stone has been left unturned and no question left unanswered
  • 20. In all, the programme has over 90 videos (!), with 22 hours of “watch over my shoulder” material in pain-staking detail
  • 21. Christine literally walks you, step-bystep, through her unique process of researching, creating, outsourcing, and self-publishing niche-specific books which she quickly gets to the #1 spot on Amazon
  • 22. And therein lies the secret
  • 23. There’s no doubt you can do the same if you follow Christine’s methods
  • 24. Checkout the link below to sign-up
  • 25. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars