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Build Your Own Blog And Create A Side Income


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4 Steps To Build A Blog That Will Earn You Money From Home

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  • 1. Build Your Own Blog And Create A Side Income
  • 2. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars
  • 3. Are you blogging for fun or to build your business or create a side income ?
  • 4. Are you one of the 3.9 million “lifestyle bloggers” who blog to support a flexible, family-friendly lifestyle?
  • 5. Do you blog for money and fame or is it a way to express yourself?
  • 6. Is your mission to help others, share your personal experiences or connect with a like-minded community?
  • 7. If the answer to any of these is YES! then you need to build a blog and treat it as a business
  • 8. If you treat your blog as a business you can achieve all of these
  • 9. And get your blog to pay its way
  • 10. What could be better than that?
  • 11. Why Build Your Own Blog?
  • 12. There are something like 181 million blogs in the world, up from 36 million only five years ago
  • 13. According to stats from  81% of bloggers make less than $100 a year from their blogs  9% are lifestyle bloggers  8% earn enough to replace a salary and support their families  The remaining 2% make over $150k!
  • 14. So, if you’d like to be in the 17% of bloggers who mean business with their blog and generate a profit keep watching
  • 15. Remember, if you’re not making money from your blog, it’s not a business it’s a hobby
  • 16. Follow these 4 Steps To Build A Blog That Will Earn You Money From Home
  • 17. 1. Plan for Success
  • 18. Firstly, understand why you’re blogging and what you’re trying to achieve
  • 19. What does success look like for you?
  • 20. Being clear on your goals and motives is crucial to success
  • 21. Are you blogging to create a side income, to replace a salary or to create a luxury lifestyle?
  • 22. Or do you want to make enough that you can work from home, be available to pick the kids up from school and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?
  • 23. Perhaps your goal is to support a worthy cause or help others in your community
  • 24. Whatever your “WHY” be clear on it
  • 25. Who Are You Blogging For?
  • 26. Be laser-focused and clear on the market you’re serving
  • 27. Blogging as a business isn’t about you it’s about the market you serve
  • 28. Having said that one of the great advantages of blogging is how you personalize your writing because people like to buy from people they “know, like and trust”
  • 29. So, focus on how you serve your market, but inject your personality into your blog posts so you stand out
  • 30. Having a clearly defined “niche” (a narrowly defined segment of the marketplace) will help you focus your marketing message, the topics you write about, your communication style and how you promote yourself and your blog
  • 31. For example, blogging for work at home mums is very different to blogging for professional photographers or organic cheese makers
  • 32. Blog Planning 101
  • 33. Once you’re clear on why you’re blogging and who you’re blogging for create a simple 1-page plan
  • 34. Write a plan for how often you will update your blog, how you will promote it and retain readers, and whether you will feature photographs or video
  • 35. Test out different strategies, see what your competition are doing and ask your readers  Do they want daily blog posts or one long weekly indepth post?  Will your blog posts be a mixture of information to promotion (80/20?)  How will you keep your blog fresh, relevant and exciting?  How will you engage your readers and keep them coming back?
  • 36. 2. Act like a CEO
  • 37. Now that you’re running a business, you must act like the CEO
  • 38. Take your blogging seriously
  • 39. Blog regularly, be professional and be consistent with your message, your style, your brand and your topics
  • 40. Avoid obvious spelling mistakes and use professional-looking, relevant photographs
  • 41. Get Organized
  • 42. Create an editorial calendar and feature a different topic or tips and tricks each month
  • 43. Plan your posts in advance and use the WordPress scheduling feature to queue up content if you’re going away
  • 44. Or just to streamline your workflow
  • 45. Expand Your Reach
  • 46. Connect with other bloggers and key influencers in your field
  • 47. Get to know them and remember that what used to be seen as competition is more likely potential collaboration
  • 48. See who else is serving your market that you could partner with and look for ways to work together for mutual benefit
  • 49. Perhaps consider running joint webinars or Google hangouts with others providing complementary services to your potential customers
  • 50. 3. Smart Marketing
  • 51. Too many bloggers spend all of their time writing posts and almost no time marketing
  • 52. Once you’ve got a good base, say 50 posts, the search engines will start to index your site and you should start to focus more time on promotion than writing
  • 53. Keep blogging consistently but perhaps write fewer, longer posts (one long post a week say, rather than 2-3 shorter posts) and spend the rest of the time promoting your blog
  • 54. Get Noticed (In The Right Way)
  • 55. Promoting your blog is about omnipresence and standing out
  • 56. Test out a combination of promotional strategies and social media platforms and see which works best for you
  • 57. Syndicate your news feeds, link to social media, and engage (with readers, and with other bloggers and influencers in your field)
  • 58. It’s all about getting noticed, but in the right way
  • 59. Use plug-in’s and apps to optimize your blog for the search engines, and automate the syndication of your content
  • 60. For example, there are WordPress plug-ins that automatically distribute new blog posts to hundreds of social media and bookmarking sites
  • 61. And others that automatically send new posts to your email list and RSS feed
  • 62. Be Chocolate With Sprinkles
  • 63. How can you stand out? Stand for something. Don’t be “vanilla”, bland and another “me too” blog
  • 64. Stand for something you feel strongly about or take your own angle
  • 65. A great example is Natalie Sisson who’s branded herself as “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”
  • 66. 4. Generate Income From Your blog
  • 67. Now to the crux of business blogging – how to create a side income?
  • 68. As part of the planning process, consider three critical questions (ideally before you start your blog)  How will you get paid?  How much will you earn?  How can you get paid more than once?
  • 69. Make Money Blogging
  • 70. There are two major business models for creating income from your blog
  • 71. The first and most common way is to sell advertising to companies and brands who want to reach your blog’s readers
  • 72. The more readers you have the more advertising and sponsorship income you can generate
  • 73. The second is to use your blog to promote your business or to sell services and products
  • 74. You can sell other people’s products and keep a percentage of the profits (known as affiliate marketing) or sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits
  • 75. Of course, with the latter, you’ve got to create high quality products to sell so I’d recommend you start as an affiliate and then move to creating your own products once your business is established
  • 76. If you the detailed skinny on more money making opportunities for your blog, check out my “Make Money Blogging” email course
  • 77. It’s delivered direct to your inbox and you can start straight away
  • 78. Make Your Blog A Business
  • 79. To make a profit from your blog take a consistent, integrated approach and you’ll see it grow into a business you can be proud of and that will sustain you financially for years to come
  • 80. If it seems overwhelming, start by doing something (however small) every day to promote your blog
  • 81. You’ll soon see results if you stick at it
  • 82. Now you know how to build a blog and earn money from home, leave a comment below and let me know the ONE action you commit to take today to get started….. (I love it when you share!)
  • 83. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars