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A 5k Walk/Run/Roll that occurs every spring at Winona State University to raise money for Testicular, Breast, Ovarian and Prostrate Cancer.

A 5k Walk/Run/Roll that occurs every spring at Winona State University to raise money for Testicular, Breast, Ovarian and Prostrate Cancer.

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  • 1. Pseudo Naked 5k
    By:Mikayla Sanocki & Rachel Zacher
  • 2. Origin
    The Pseudo Naked 5K was developed in an RA class by four RA’s.
    Each group in the RA class had to do a different project (Social, Educational, Diversity, and Service).
    The Pseudo Naked 5K can serve all four of these projects!
    The Pseudo Naked 5K started with no budget.
  • 3. 1. To have fun. This is meant to be beneficial to the community of Winona, Winona State University, and Housing and Residence Life.
    2. Outreach and support from the community. Raising money and awareness is important towards this cause.
    3. To reach and engage new audiences. We want this to be a program, students look forward to every year.
  • 4. Pseudo Naked?
    This event raises awareness regarding various forms of cancer.
    An opportunity for involvement from students and faculty on campus with a fun twist.
    Pseudo Naked = Fake Naked.
    Wearing flesh colored clothing, bathing suits, boxers, or short shorts gives the look of being naked!
  • 5. Organization
    Our group consisted of nine people.
    Three – Four people could do this program.
    Utilize RA’s, Hall Council members etc. from various buildings. This can help you advertise and handle any objectives you may have!
    We started this program in the fall. It takes a lot of planning! If you want sponsors or allocations… do this right away!
    Your program is revolved around your budget!
  • 6. 1, 2, 3… WALK, RUN, ROLL…
    This year, we made the Pseudo Naked 5K a walk, run, and roll event.
    Roll = rollerblading or biking
    Competition? We wanted this to be fun, and competition may deter many students from participating.
    Still have a timer to clock time for those that want it.
  • 7. Budget
    Originally, the 5K group started with a budget of 0 dollars.
    After allocating money, we had a budget of $2200.00
    Look to various clubs on campus to sponsor or allocate money.
    Examples on campus:
    Student Senate
    Hall Council/RHA
    Relay for Life (Colleges Against Cancer)
    Athletic Department
    Greek Council
  • 8. Cost
    Your largest cost will more than likely be t-shirts. Expect the cost to be well over 1,000.00.
    If you do any food at the race, there could be a cost there.
    Any marketing that you choose may also cost money. Ex. Radio ads or Facebook ads.
    The only cost we had were t-shirts.
    Fruit and water were donated by our food service at WSU!
  • 9. T-Shirts
    Cost this year was about 1700.00 for shirts (about 5.25 per shirt).
    Each color corresponded with a different cancer.
    Teel - Ovarian
    Purple – General Cancer
    Light Blue - Testicular
    Pink – Breast
    Cost and Colors:
  • 10. “I Need a Promotion…”
    This program requires heavy advertising.
    Word of Mouth!
    Our goal was simply to make itself known. Leave it to students to talk about it!
    Big and Small PR
    “All Campus” Emails
    Emails to RA’s or Hall Directors to send to residents
    Facebook groups
    Get other clubs involved!
    Remember, many programs fail because of a lack of advertising. Standing out creates recognition. Recognition leads to participation.
  • 11. “You’d Better Recognize!”
    This year we chose to make a recognizable logo for the 5K.
    Our naked runner became our logo.
    Logos will help create “brand” recognition!
    Put on all advertisements!
  • 12. Nudity Promotes Community!
    This phrase became the Pseudo Naked’s main slogan.
    It’s a fun way to PROMOTE your program.
    The slogan was used in our advertisements
    and t-shirts!
  • 13.
  • 14. Online Registration
    Online Registration allowed us to reach new audiences.
    It is important for any program to handle objectives. One such objective was the ability to pay for the 5K.
    Debit/Credit Cards are amongst most college students. They could pay anytime and anywhere!
    As a 5K committee, you are then able to see who has donated, what t-shirt color, and size they have.
    Set up tables by your lunch room or heavily passed areas by students. Set up computers and help students register online!
  • 15. Educational
    That’s right. We made this program Educational!
    Display boards had information on the various forms of cancer we were promoting.
    They were strategically placed by the water and fruit at the end of the race.
  • 16. Sponsors?
    Sponsors can be hugely beneficial to your group as they may help with cost, donations, and recognition.
    Remember, you must contact these sponsors well in advance! A year or more would be best!
  • 17. Day of the Race - Preparation
    Remember to wear your shirts!
    Set up registration tables.
    Outline course with chalk or signs.
    Set up tables for t-shirt pick up.
    Set up tables for food or drink (if available).
  • 18. Day of the Race – Preparation II
    Grab walkies. Have some workers at each corner to prevent any accidents/injuries.
    Set up a tent if rainy.
    Bring some tunes and speakers… Nothin’ like “Eye of the Tiger” to pump people up!
  • 19. Results?
    200 Participants!
    over $1600.00
    For the American Cancer Society!!
    **The largest turn out of the year for residence
    housing association program!**
  • 20. Improvements
    A website would be extremely beneficial. A continuous form of media serves as information for you, potential markets, and gives you something tangible for others to visually see.
    A sponsor, again, can be a huge advantage for your program!
    Work with other clubs! This is made to be beneficial for your University!!!
  • 21. Adaptation – Your College!
    Make this into a fundraiser for your Hall Council or RHA program.
    Put a spin on your Relay for Life!
    Use this as a program to promote health for breast/testicle examinations!
  • 22. We can help. At Winona State University, we can help you set up an online website for registration at your school. We would also provide you with a contact from the American Cancer Society to help guide you through the program!
    We are also available to you guys for any questions or concerns you may have. Truly, “Your people, Our network.”
    Need Help?
  • 23. Remember…
  • 24. Questions?