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Alcohol finish Alcohol finish Presentation Transcript

  • AlcoholA silent drug
  • Why people drink alcohol? Make people feel more relaxed Make people release their inhibitions Make people enjoy themselves Mix and interact with other people
  • Alcohol is quickly absorbed through thewall of the stomach, then is carried all overthe body in the bloodIt is broken down by the liver which takesa very long time
  • Alcohol does have manyeffects on the body whichcan be very dangeorous ifcare is not taken.
  • Effects of alcoholdrinking It is a depressant Lengthens reaction time Increase agression in some people Can kill Damages the liver Social implications
  • It is DepressantAlcohol is a depressant, whichmeans that even small amounts ofalcohol slow down the actions ofparts of the brain.
  • Lengthens reaction timeMany road accidents are caused by drunk people that’swhy we shouldn’t drink alcohol if we are going to driveExample:
  • Aggression in peopleAlcohol increases people’s feelings of aggression, andreleases their inhibitions so that they are more likely to beviolent.Example:
  • Can KillEvery year people die as a result of drinking a lot ofalcohol over a short period of time, this can resultunconsciousness, coma or even death.
  • Damages the liver
  • Parts of the body DamagedLiver , because its job is breaking down drugs in the body.This liver disease resulting from alcohol damage may finish inCIRRHOSISThe brain, it can cause a loss of memory and confusion.One way in which the damage is done is that alcohol in thebody fluids draws water out of cells by OSMOSIS.
  • Dangerous DiseasesAlcohol is a disease in which a person cannot managewithout alcohol.Probably, there are many factor which decide whether ornot a person becomes alcoholic or not Drinking large amounts causes many parts of the bodyto be damage because It is poisonous to cells
  • ToleranceThe body’s response to prolonged exposure to liquor Its ability to both metabolize liquor, as well as its abilityto rebound from its effects.Tolerance increases incrementally as consumption ofliquor continues over a period of years.Dependence: the body simultaneously requires larger andlarger quantities of liquor to achieve the desired effect.Typically tolerance leads to dependence
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