Alcohol finish


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Alcohol finish

  1. 1. AlcoholA silent drug
  2. 2. Why people drink alcohol? Make people feel more relaxed Make people release their inhibitions Make people enjoy themselves Mix and interact with other people
  3. 3. Alcohol is quickly absorbed through thewall of the stomach, then is carried all overthe body in the bloodIt is broken down by the liver which takesa very long time
  4. 4. Alcohol does have manyeffects on the body whichcan be very dangeorous ifcare is not taken.
  5. 5. Effects of alcoholdrinking It is a depressant Lengthens reaction time Increase agression in some people Can kill Damages the liver Social implications
  6. 6. It is DepressantAlcohol is a depressant, whichmeans that even small amounts ofalcohol slow down the actions ofparts of the brain.
  7. 7. Lengthens reaction timeMany road accidents are caused by drunk people that’swhy we shouldn’t drink alcohol if we are going to driveExample:
  8. 8. Aggression in peopleAlcohol increases people’s feelings of aggression, andreleases their inhibitions so that they are more likely to beviolent.Example:
  9. 9. Can KillEvery year people die as a result of drinking a lot ofalcohol over a short period of time, this can resultunconsciousness, coma or even death.
  10. 10. Damages the liver
  11. 11. Parts of the body DamagedLiver , because its job is breaking down drugs in the body.This liver disease resulting from alcohol damage may finish inCIRRHOSISThe brain, it can cause a loss of memory and confusion.One way in which the damage is done is that alcohol in thebody fluids draws water out of cells by OSMOSIS.
  12. 12. Dangerous DiseasesAlcohol is a disease in which a person cannot managewithout alcohol.Probably, there are many factor which decide whether ornot a person becomes alcoholic or not Drinking large amounts causes many parts of the bodyto be damage because It is poisonous to cells
  13. 13. ToleranceThe body’s response to prolonged exposure to liquor Its ability to both metabolize liquor, as well as its abilityto rebound from its effects.Tolerance increases incrementally as consumption ofliquor continues over a period of years.Dependence: the body simultaneously requires larger andlarger quantities of liquor to achieve the desired effect.Typically tolerance leads to dependence
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