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Presented at RE BarCamp Orlando on August 25, 2010 #REBCORL

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Geolocation Geolocation Geolocation

  2. a brief background
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS) First made available for consumers on May 1, 2000
  4. using multi-billion dollar satellites to find tupperware hidden in the woods Geocaching
  5. Car Navigators (GPSr) I SAID TURN LEFT NOW! Relies on internal map, not connected to internet (until recently)
  6. iPhones For the first time, you and your location can be connected to the internet, instead of relying on the unit’s internal maps Contextual and social
  7. World 2.0 The vast information of the web is now tied to PLACE Through geolocation and social media, anyone can “see” things previously invisible
  8. Making the invisible visible QR Codes
  9. Making the invisible visible QR Codes
  10. Making the invisible visible Augmented Reality
  11. geolocation apps
  12. Brightkite One of the first social- geolocation apps for iPhone
  13. Sit or squat The first TRULY useful geolocation app
  14. Foursquare Reigning popularity champion Compete to become the mayor
  15. Gowalla Can only check-in when actually there Stunningly gorgeous icons shown with your updates
  16. Facebook Places NEW! As of LAST THURSDAY! 500 million people now have geolocation in their newsfeeds
  17. geolocation techniques to grow my real estate business
  18. Check in when showing a house Remind your friends you are a professional realtor and serve the area
  19. Create a spot for your listed house Let your friends know your listing is available for purchase Use Gowalla to be able to delete spot after transaction is complete
  20. Help your clients’ search Trulia Zillow Zip Realty
  21. Create a tour Reinforce that you have expert knowledge of your area
  22. What can YOU create? Geolocation is in its infancy.... Get creative!
  23. privacy and safety issues with geolocation
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