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Club Drugs Cassie Alexa

Club Drugs Cassie Alexa






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    Club Drugs Cassie Alexa Club Drugs Cassie Alexa Presentation Transcript

      By: Cassie And Alexa
    • Club Drugs…
    • The most widely used club drugs are…
      Ecstasy- is a stimulant that combines the effects of amphetamines and hallucinogens.
      Rohypnol- is a central nervous system depressant that produces sedative-hypnotic effects, muscle relaxation, and amnesia.
      Ketamine- produces a wide range of feelings, from weightlessness to out-of-body or near-death experiences.
    • Street Names
      Ketamine’s street name is cat killer.
      Rohypnol’s street name is circles.
      Ecstasy’s street name is E.
      Nexus’s street name is 2CB.
    • How is it made…
      Although most club drugs look like prescription medicines, they are made illegallyand can cause harm. Often, these drugs are mixed with unknown products. Club drugs harm the brain ...
    • How It’s Taken
      Rohypnol is usually taken orally, although there are reports that it can be ground up and snorted.
      Ketamine is usually snorted or injected intramuscularly.
      GHB also has anabolic effects and has been sought by bodybuilders to aid in fat reduction and muscle building.
    • How is it harmful
      Club drugs harm the brain
      They make you more tired and lazy
      They harm your physical, mental and social health
      You’ll loose your family and friends
    • Never did the idea that marijuana was harmful stop Bill from using. He remarks, "You always kind of know it's bad for you, but that's never enough to really stop you."
      For a long time, Bill was successfully able to hide his drug use from his mom. He remembers, "[Whenever I would go out] I told her that I was staying at a friend's house or I was going on a camping trip or something. My mom has always been really trusting so she gave me quite a bit of leeway. And at that age you're changing quite a bit, anyway, so it's kind of hard to notice changes in behavior [caused by drug use]."
      After three weeks of treatment, Bill got out and quickly slipped back into his usual pattern of drug use, but it wasn't as easy the second time around. His mom tapped the phone, so that she'd know what he was up to at all times. Bill says, "All the calls I made to get drugs, all the calls I made about stealing [or] however I got my money, she got it all on tape." It wasn't until he was arrested one night that he realized he needed to get clean.
    • Effects
      Club drugs harm the brain and may cause memory problems.
      They can also cause physical problems such as loss of muscle control, blurred vision and seizures.
    • Bill’s Story
    • Bill** was 12 years old when he first tried marijuana. He recalls, "One day at school, one of the cool kids asked me to go over to his house and smoke pot. Everyone wants to be in the cool crowd, so I was definitely up for it." Unfortunately, that one invitation to experiment led Bill on a slow descent into habitual marijuana use. Smoking at his friend's house after school turned into smoking at a friend's house before and after school. In no time, he was smoking every chance he could. Bill remembers, "We went to Steve's** house every morning, afternoon and night to smoke-pretty much any spare moment we had."
      When asked whether he was stoned during school, Bill replied, "Yeah, all the time." Yet none of his teachers ever noticed. "If teachers think there's no hope for you, they don't really care what you do in class," he says. "The teachers stop noticing you."
      Bill felt, however, that school was good for one thing-getting drugs. He would score bags of marijuana for just $5 a piece-about the same price as a cafeteria lunch. "The sixth graders bought [drugs] from the seventh graders. The eighth graders went to the high school and got it from ninth graders. Some of the kids, I later found out, had parents who smoked pot so it could have been from them, also," he recalls.
    • Sources