Games like WoWGames like World of Warcraft are very much in demand these days and game developershave not been sleeping on...
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Games like WoW


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Free to play and free to download MMORPG games like WoW.

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Transcript of "Games like WoW"

  1. 1. Games like WoWGames like World of Warcraft are very much in demand these days and game developershave not been sleeping on the job. There are several massively multiplayer online role-playing aka MMORPG games like WoW that are free to play. These are called WoWclones because of their similarity to Blizzards bestselling game.Note that the makers of WoW have recently announced that their game is now free toplay for players under level 20. Previously there was a f2p WoW trial period of 14 days.This has now been replaced by a level cap but it has no time limit on how long playerscan enjoy the game.Why did they change their policy? Simply because the free MMORPG model works! Themain advantage of playing these fun games that are like WoW but free is that the price isright at $0.Did you know that there are actually many MMORPGs that are free to play forever? Forplayers who want to play a great game but dont want to pay for it, here are examples ofsome good World of Warcraft free alternatives:Runes of Magic - this MMORPG is about as close to "free WoW" as you can get. It hasthe same equipment grading system, the same type of auction house and mailbox, thesame names and functions of various skill types and crafting, instanced WoW-styledungeons, and so on. In other words, it looks and plays almost exactly the same as WoW.Of the free online MMORPG games like WoW, Runes of Magic is the most popular. Ithas over 3 million registered users in the US and Europe, which tells you a lot about howgood this game is.Talisman Online - the cheap players WoW, Talisman Online has the same type of userinterface, looting system, mini map style, quests, and similar world design elements thatare similar to WoW. One thing is quite different though - its free to play.However, these free online games like WoW are not exactly the same as BlizzardsMMORPG. If you want a game that is exactly the same then you should just play Worldof Warcraft.