Counselor Technology


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Counselor Technology

  1. 1. Counseling Technology<br />It’s used everywhere!<br />Matthew Moulton<br />
  2. 2. Common uses of Technology in Counseling<br /><ul><li>Student education programs
  3. 3. Student accountability
  4. 4. Counselor organization
  5. 5. Personal records
  6. 6. Business records
  7. 7. Parent/guardian contact
  8. 8. Email
  9. 9. Blogs
  10. 10. Social Networking</li></li></ul><li>Student education programs<br />Common uses for student education programs can include in class activities as well as out of class opportunities for personal advancement through a counseling program<br /> In Class:<br /><ul><li>Power point presentations
  11. 11. Accessing relevant web content
  12. 12. Videos
  13. 13. websites</li></li></ul><li>Student Education programs<br /> Out of class opportunities:<br /><ul><li>Remedial Tutorial Programs
  14. 14. Enrichment Tutorial Programs
  15. 15. Scholarship opportunity websites
  16. 16. Virtual college tours</li></li></ul><li>Student accountability<br />The New School Counselor says that Reform-minded school counselors and counselor educators make use of technology as a vehicle to fortify accountability.<br />By using different software to monitor student’s grades a counselor can keep track of:<br /><ul><li>At-risk students in order to plot a course for change
  17. 17. Individual personal student’s goals and their success
  18. 18. Web activity while using the schools computer system</li></li></ul><li>Counselor Organization<br />Wittmer says<br />School counselors are increasingly being held responsible for knowing and keeping track of all sorts of information such as student records, student contacts, parent conferences, case notes, counseling schedules, accountability data, list of tasks, and sometimes grades. Without the help of technology, counselors may feel overwhelmed, unorganized, or lost as a result of the sheer quantity of information. Consequently, effectiveness and motivation could suffer.<br />Wittmer, J. (2000). Managing your school counseling program: K-12 developmental strategies (second edition). Minneapolis, MN: Educational Media Corporation.<br />
  19. 19. Organizational Software<br />Check out these sites for some Counselor Organization Software!<br /><br />TheraScribe<br />Penelope Cae Management<br />
  20. 20. Parent/guardian contact<br />Getting in touch with a student’s parent/guardian is not simply something to do when a child is in trouble. Parent/Guardians always love to hear about how awesome there kid is.<br />Technology is being used to stay in contact with parent/guardians like never before.<br />Some examples:<br /><ul><li>Email
  21. 21. Blog
  22. 22. Social Networking
  23. 23. eNewsletters</li></li></ul><li>Where to now?<br />It is well documented that the uses of technology are many and a counselor who does not pursue those avenues will be at a great loss. <br />Wittmerstated perfectly that “Although computers and related technologies are rapidly changing, one fact remains constant — counselors who resist the new tools of this and future centuries will find it increasingly more difficult to do so”<br />Wittmer, J. (2000). Managing your school counseling program: K-12 developmental strategies (second edition). Minneapolis, MN: Educational Media Corporation.<br />
  24. 24. References<br />Creamer, M. (N.D.). Technology utilization in the field of counseling. Unpublished manuscript,Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Ga. Retrieved from<br />Hayden, L., Poynton, T., & Sabella, R. (2008). School counselors' use of technology within theascanational model's delivery system. Journal of Technology, 5(1), Retrieved from<br />Wittmer, J. (2000). Managing your school counseling program: K-12 developmental strategies(second edition). Minneapolis, MN: Educational Media Corporation.<br />