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Chinese new year
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Chinese new year


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  • 1. Chinese paper lanterns 3. Draw a line 2cm from the open1. Draw a line 2cm from the end of a end of the paper. This is a guide decorated piece of paper and cut 2. Fold the piece of paper in half length to stop cutting along the line. Keep this for a handle ways 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5. Unfold the paper and 4. Draw lines 2cm apart from curl the edge together the fold to the guide line. Then and glue to seal 6. Glue the cut along these lines strip of paper you cut off before to make a handle
  • 2. Snake hand puppet1. Get an adult to cut a snakes forked tongue 2. Glue the tongue out of card to your sock 3. Decorate your 4. Stick on the sock to make it googly-eyes look like a snake
  • 3. Ceiling snake1. Draw a spiral on a 2. Draw a snake pattern in 4. Put a hole at the tip piece of paper between the lines with the of your snakes head in the middle head. 3. Cut along the spiral 5. Tie a piece of string lines to cut out your through the hole snake. Ask an adult and hang up your for help snake
  • 4. Draw a snake and decorate
  • 5. Draw a Chinese flag1. Draw and colour in a Chinese Flag 2. Stick your flag to a straw with sticky-tape
  • 6. Colour in a Chinese flag1. Colour in a Chinese Flag 2. Stick your flag to a straw with sticky-tape
  • 7. Chinese New Year Fan1. 2. Decorate both side of the paper Fold the paper length ways as above 3. Pinch together at the bottom to make the fan
  • 8. Chinese new year card1. Write Happy New year in Chinese on the Red card 2. Decorate your card
  • 9. Peking Opera Mask 2. Draw a head1. Cut the front off shape and your cereal box decorate you Peking Opera mask3. Cut out your mask. Be careful when cutting out the eyes 4. Put two hole in edges of your mask and tie string to fit your head
  • 10. Chinese Calligraphy Write your name in Chinese Symbols