My last seven years career infographic.


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Created this infographic to summarize to my new manager at the time, the last seven years´contributions I made to a former company.

Now serves as a full page business card while seeking for new opportunities and challenges for career growth ;)

If you want to make your own similar to this one, I can share the blank Word template that could work as a starting point.

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My last seven years career infographic.

  1. 1. 2008 2006 2010 2013 2012 HEWLETT-PACKARD (Brazil R&D) Enterprise Printing Lab CONTRACTOR Personal Computing Lab Enterprise Printing Lab EMPLOYEE Tech Leader Software Designer  Plug-ins development for printer capabilities detection.  Component development of data collection engines for automatic/ scheduled collections to serve for usage reports.  Designed and implemented the linear regression based algorithm for prediction of Ink consumables replacement    Development of GTK+ based front-end Researched about crawling technologies. Development of backend API for getting low-level information on the rack blades. Salable extraction of concepts from navigation and applications usage. Defined processes for code review, static, dynamic analysis. Unstructured and structured content ingestion.    C++ Cpp Unit Gtk+ Qt java concept extraction tika semi-structs lucene nutch hadoop External project Wikipedia based ontology concept matching. Tech Leader     Implemented the integration between photo-finishing kiosks and ePrint. Implemented integration of social photo composition apps with store locator applet.  Tech led project execution. Re-designed image preview/hires servers (AWS) workflow, optimizing response times. Peer-reviewed code developed by questioning about commits that result into improvements and early detection of issues. Requirement management and delegation to both internal and external teams.      Designed and developed frontend (iOS) application and back-end API (django). Introduced Continuous integration for both front and back-end Incorporating unittests and code coverage metrics. Re-engineered front-end calls to services to decouple them, prioritizing user interaction. Self-starter, developed at its own POCs for Android and Windows8 platforms. Co-authored a tech paper for an internal conference (2012) on the designed solution. Successfully leaded the project execution and development done with external partners.   Designed and developed drivers for images download from mobile phones based on WMI and WPD standards. Software Designer Co-authored a paper for an internal conference on storage optimization for mobile devices. iOS Objective C Android winJS C++ C# C# webOS TDD nUnit java SOAP wikipedia C++ semantics Windows 8 C# django Jenkins TDD S3 WMI php javascript .net Groovy AWS WPD Grails xaml python iOS java Message Queues Jenkins Snapfish facebook ePrint ePrint ePrintCenter HP Connected Other contributions  Best Practices: Session on Redis (noSQL engine)  Tech forum: Sessions on Jenkins (Continuous Integration).  Training to Testers: Crawling with python.  Innovative proposal submitted under implementation.