Mluv Properties, LLC


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A commercial and residential investment firm.

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Mluv Properties, LLC

  1. 1. 202.291.MLUV (6588)MLUV Properties, LLC
  2. 2. Mission
  3. 3.  Our mission is concise and focused to grow and stabilize communities. Why… ◦ Times are volatile ◦ People are loosing jobs and working harder for less ◦ Foreclosures are in record numbers reeking havoc in communities ◦ Economic crisis is affecting us all .
  4. 4. Who Are We?
  5. 5. We invest in residential and commercial propertiesWe partner with private investors to acquire communities in need ofstabilization; which through management and value add opportunities enhanceand upgrade quality of life. Through market research we invest in emergingmarkets placing us in the path of progress increasing opportunity to appreciatevalue in our investments. Therefore afford our investors great returns on theirinvestments.
  6. 6.  Obtaining bank funding has become near impossible in today’s financial times. We are in position to offer homes to people that would otherwise not be able to buy due to the strains of this economy. Clients purchase there homes through us with financing in place providing a win/win opportunity for all.Our Residential Investments
  7. 7. • New Home Owner in there home • Thriving Community • Investor Funds Repaid plus interest Acquired $ 7,000 Sold 32,000Seasoned 17mos / Cash flowing
  8. 8.  Manufactured Communities Self Storage Units Multifamily UnitsWe choose to invest in these specific products because they arevirtually recession-proof. Due to things like mismanagement, lowoccupancy, or low rents a property falls into a state of needingimprovement. We obtain these properties with plan in place. Once aproperty has been negotiated rigid due diligence is completed. Wereposition the product within a predetermined amount of time.Commercial Investments
  9. 9. Manufactured Housing Community Dublin, Georgia 103 Units 70% Occupied $700,000 Acquisition Cost Cash Purchase Acquired October 2011This property was purchased at a great discount with investor funds. The strategy : witha professional management team decrease expenses to industry standard, increaseoccupancy, increase pad rents to current market level, utility bill backs, and use leaseoption strategy to bring quality long term tenants. Hold for 4 yrs
  10. 10. I didnt "luck into" a fortune. I instead made it usingtested and proven systems I developed over time. –Dave LindahlTop Ten Reasons to Invest in Self Storage*Endless Opportunity *Virtually No Rent Loss*Increasing Demand *Low Risk High Cash Flow*Low Operating Cost *No Tenants*Ease of Financing *No Toilets*Multiple Profit Centers– Scott MyersSo even with the overall MH Industry and economybeing in decline if you buy or own a L.L. Community andthe rent is below market you can raise it. – MichaelPowers
  11. 11. Our Investment Strategy
  12. 12. Real Estate has historically been proven to be a good hedge against inflation.
  13. 13. We research markets across the country and find those that are in the early stages of growth and expansion.
  14. 14. Cash flow By purchasing properties with positive cash flow in place and value add opportunities, we ensure our investors a better return.
  15. 15. We focus on properties that we can increase revenue by various methods. Our methods includeimproving management, collecting unpaid debt, increasing rents, occupancy, and more. With these strategies our properties increase in revenue and value. Increase Revenue
  16. 16. Preferred Relationships We develop preferred relationships with professionals such as brokers, attorneys, and property managers. By developing these relationships we place ourselves in the unique position to obtain information on opportunities before they are known to the general public.
  17. 17. We work with a select group of investors Our investor funds come from varying sources such as bank accounts, CDs, or other investments underperforming at this time. We pay our investors high returns on theirinvestment. The combination of a large equity cushion and positive cash flow is what makes the investment well secured..
  18. 18. Investment Team and Advisors
  19. 19.  Ms Blair has attended several noteworthy schools that she received specialized training in the realm of real estate from Real Estate Apprenticeship in Commercial Housing (where she thru mentorship and hands on learned commercial acquisitions, market analysis, syndication, value add analysis, and property management), Kaplan College (American Home Inspectors Training - AHIT which is ASHI Certified), Tigrent Learning (Commercial Properties, Land Development, Creative Finance) and The University of the District of Monica Blair CEO/Founder of Columbia (computer programing such as Data Processing, Cobol and Basic). In her down MLUV Properties, LLC is a lifelong time she studies resident of Washington, DC. A Verizon installation/repair technician employed over 24  With such a passion she is active in many years. Her affinity toward real estate began networking groups such as Wealth Building in early in life as well. Her grandmother rented Commercial Real Estate, DMV Real Estate rooms in her house and her father was a Investors Mastermind, DMV Real Estate founding member of The Webster Investment Investors United (in the DC area) in which she Group. With an inborn affinity her evolution host and cohosts, as well as several out of into commercial real estate has been a state in Alabama and Atlanta. She also has progressive move. From learning to do rehab held membership with Real Investors Real work hands on to becoming a certified home Estate Investors Association and cohosts a inspector and starting her company, Safety monthly informational webinar that broadcasts First Home Inspection, LLC in 2007. She nationwide, Money Making Mondays Webinar. began MLUV Properties LLC in 2010, a Along with these groups she is working on residential real estate investment company. creating an educational medium to teach financial literacy to children, Financial Literacy for Kidz.
  20. 20. Nicheole Amundsen , President and CEO of MNA Investment, LLCis a highly successful real estate entrepreneur who has been acquiring commercial properties for over 13 years. She currently holds her first single family rental home she bought 13 years ago and since has grown, a multimillion dollar portfolio, to include several apartment buildings, manufactured communities,and self-storage units in 9 different states. Ms Armundson is owner of two commercial real estate companies, twoproperty management companies, a commercial real estate education company, a note business, and several franchises. She provides MLUV Properties. LLC with her extensive experience and advice on an on-going basis. .
  21. 21.   George Lawler is a Partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston. Maranda Bolin started her Mr. Lawler practiced law for almost fifteen years and headed the career in commercial real estate at the age securities practice group at Frank, of 18 by purchasing her first manufactured housing community in her home town of Bernstein, and Conaway & Goldman Princeton, West Virginia. Maranda prior to its dissolution in 1992. Prior graduated from Concord University with a to that, Mr. Lawler spent five years in Bachelors Degree in Business the Trust Division of Mercantile-Safe Management. She helps others grow their Deposit and Trust Company where businesses through her knowledge and he was an Assistant Vice President. experience in the field. With her extensive Mr. Lawler’s practice includes private training and knowledge, she holds the title of property manager of the year and syndications of equity and debt numerous other titles for her securities and interests, venture achievements. With most of her capital transactions, state and federal experience being self taught, Maranda has securities law, public securities acquired commercial real estate in four offerings, mergers and acquisitions, states and continues to add more corporate partnerships, and limited properties to her portfolio. Today, liability company law. Maranda is the CEO of two management companies and continues to double and triple her holdings yearly.
  22. 22. Ebere Okoye is founder of Satchie Carvounis is Regional Manager for Security Trust Co a self directed plan. She help real estate investors find funding and capital for their investmentsa team of trained professionals through residential, commercial andexperienced at providing private lending as well as self directed IRAs. She set up self directed IRA/LLCs fordetailed economic solutions and people who want alternative investmentsplanning to people and like real estate, private lending, businesses/franchises and more.companies. Okoyes team Ms Carvounis also sponsors and is ahandles everything from tax member of several RE Investment Associations and investment groups in thecompliance and planning to metro DC area. Guest speaker at the District REIA (Alexandria VA), Capitol REIAproviding clients with well (Tyson’s Corner VA), Mid Atlantic REIAthought out investment (Pikesville MD), and Hub City REIA (Hagerstown MD).strategies that result in the She has been investing in real estate sincegeneration of passive income, 2006 owning property, notes and a private equity position with a private lendingand ultimately, in complete company in her IRA and owningfinancial freedom. commercial property with personal funds.
  23. 23. Contact Us
  24. 24. MLUV Properties, LLC 202.291.MLUV (6588) Networking EventsDistrict of Columbia: Wealth Building in Commercial Real Estate Atlanta, GA: MLUV Commercial Real Estate and NetworkingBirmingham, Alabama: Birmingham Real Estate and Networking
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