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  • 1. RSS and Libraries Michelle Misner NYLA Conference October 19, 2007
  • 2. Contents
    • What is RSS?
    • What content is RSS-ified?
    • How are libraries using RSS?
    • Why should I subscribe to RSS feeds?
    • How do I subscribe to feeds?
    • How do I find feeds?
    • How do I search feeds?
  • 3. What is RSS?
    • Stands for “Really Simple Syndication”
    • Content from the Web which is parsed into an XML, RSS or RDF file
    • Can only be read with a news aggregator or news reader
    • Can’t be read in a browser on its own
    • Look for the orange XML button or the Firefox RSS icon
  • 4. Sample RSS code <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;utf-8&quot; ?> <rss version=&quot;2.0&quot;> <channel> <title>New Databases at NYPL</title> <description>List of recent additions to the Databases and Indexes subscription and free databases at The New York Public Library</description> <copyright>Copyright The New York Public Library</copyright> <link>http://www.nypl.org/rss/databases.xml</link> <image> <url>http://www.nypl.org/databases/images/onsite.gif</url> <title>The New York Public Library</title> <link>http://www.nypl.org/rss/databases.xml</link> </image>
  • 5. RSS Examples
    • News Feed – NY Times http:// www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/index.html
    • Blogs – Library blogs http://www.blogwithoutalibrary.net/links/index.php?title=Welcome_to_the_Blogging_Libraries_Wiki
    • Podcasting – WNYC http:// www.wnyc.org/podcasting /
  • 6. RSS Examples II
    • Subscription Databases http://www.library.wisc.edu/alerts/rss-alert-guides.html
    • E-Journals Table of Contents http:// library.usask.ca/ejournals/rss_feeds.php
    • Government Agencies http://www.firstgov.gov/Topics/Reference_Shelf/Libraries/RSS_Library.shtml
  • 7. RSS Examples III
    • Library of Congress http:// www.loc.gov/rss /
    • Del.icio.us http:// del.icio.us
    • RSS Feed for Search Terms http:// search.msn.com/docs/help.aspx?t = SEARCH_PROC_UseRSStoSaveanMSNSearchQuery.htm
  • 8. How are libraries using RSS?
    • Promote Events, New Databases, Selected Internet Links http://www.nypl.org/rss/
    • Small Business Feed from The New York Times http:// smallbiz.nypl.org
    • New York Times Book Reviews http:// www.nypl.org /branch/books/
  • 9. Libraries and RSS
    • Catalog, Book Lists, Events http:// www.hclib.org/pub/search/RSS.cfm
    • Research Guides Updates http:// www.kclibrary.org/rss /
    • Del.icio.us Research Guides http:// library.southernct.edu/physbib.htm
  • 10. Why should I subscribe?
    • Browsing the Web is obsolete
    • Make the Web work for you by having the content come to you
    • Keep up-to-date in your areas of interest
    • Saves time checking sites for updates
    • Manage discussion lists: http:// www.blogwithoutalibrary.net/?p =74
  • 11. How do I subscribe?
    • Find a News Reader and download the software OR use a Web-based News Reader http://tinyurl.com/5gl6
    • Set up a Bloglines account http:// www.bloglines.com /
    • Set up a My Yahoo! account
    • Add a Live Bookmark in the Firefox browser
  • 12. 3 Steps to Adding Feeds
    • Find the feed in your topic of interest
    • Click on the feed URL
    • Copy and paste the URL into your news reader
  • 13. How do I find feeds?
    • Syndic8 http://www.syndic8.com
    • Blogstreet http:// www.blogstreet.com/rssdiscovery.html
    • News is Free http:// www.newsisfree.com
    • List of Directories http:// allrss.com/rssdirectories.html
  • 14. How do I search feeds?
    • Feedster http:// www.feedster.com
    • Technorati http:// www.technorati.com
    • Blogdigger http:// www.blogdigger.com/index.html
    • List of Search Engines http:// allrss.com/rsssearch.html
  • 15. RSS Tutorials
    • RSS Video http://tametheweb.com/2007/09/tonight_in_lis768_blogs_rss.html
    • Tufts University – Overview Tutorial http://www.library.tufts.edu/ginn/tutorials/webfeeds/index.html
    • Bloglines for Librarians http:// joy.mollprojects.com/myprojects/rss/quickrss.html
  • 16. Resources
    • RSS 4 Libraries Blog http://www.rss4lib.com
    • Bibliography re: blogging and RSS in Libraries http:// www.blogwithoutalibrary.net/?page_id =93
    • RSS Compendium http:// allrss.com/index.html
  • 17. Thank You
    • Contact Information: Michelle Misner [email_address]