Architecting Value
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Architecting Value



A presentation on the relationship of information architecture to systems, frameworks and strategy. Presented at the 2009 IA Summit.

A presentation on the relationship of information architecture to systems, frameworks and strategy. Presented at the 2009 IA Summit.



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Architecting Value Architecting Value Presentation Transcript

  • Architecting Value
  • Matthew Milan mmilan design of design, situated/ubicomp, strategic theory, hardware hacking
  • Horror Stories Or, what happens when you poke a business without a framework.
  • Let’s hear your horror stories
  • This is what happens when you poke a monster without understanding its nature.
  • Today systems oo frameworks oo strategies oo actions
  • Let’s level set We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy
  • Bruce Sterling, Economist
  • Jeanne Liedtka, Futurist
  • “He who can handlequot; the quickest rate of quot; change survives”
  • John Boyd, Designer grandstrategic oo strategic oo grandtactical oo tactical
  • Bruce" Jeanne" John. What happened to Jesse, Peter and Lou?
  • We need to expand our repertoire.
  • A mental tapestry of changing intentions for harmonizing and focusing our efforts as a basis for realizing some aim or purpose in an unfolding and often unforeseen world of many bewildering events and many contending interests.
  • To improve our ability to shape and adapt to unfolding circumstances, so that we (as individuals or as groups) can survive on our own terms.
  • Great strategy is not about competition.quot; Great strategy is about adaptation.
  • Observequot; Orientquot; Decidequot; Act
  • A way of thinking about survival and success.
  • Structural Strategy
  • Knowing what to do next
  • Getting value out of a system
  • Structure is power
  • Building structures creates power
  • Architects build structures
  • Architects work with systems Systems connect information
  • In systems, information=value Mapping that value is the domain of frameworks
  • How do you work quot; with systems?
  • Know what, where, why and how to poke
  • What" Where" Why" How.
  • Observe" Orient" Decide" Act.
  • System" Framework" Strategy" Action.
  • The art of the poke
  • I promise you, there is information architecture in these brambles, thickets and dark forests
  • The great ice age
  • Futures under glass
  • The thawing
  • Shattered glass
  • The future of business is flexible frameworks Just like the future of the web
  • Futures under plastic
  • Structural Strategy
  • The web is a social machine
  • Business is a social machine
  • When you wake up, your business model will be a financial graph
  • How long did it take to get to the readoowrite web?
  • Where’s my readoowrite business?
  • 10 years ago You had to know how to survive in a business
  • 3 years ago You had to know how to speak the language of business
  • Today If you’re not changing the business, you should just go home
  • What we’re learning is that you don’t need to lead the business to change the business.
  • It’s all about the poke. POKE!
  • Ceci n'est pas une système
  • Businesses are not models Businesses are systems
  • Systems Thinking There be frameworks here
  • You change systems with inputs
  • You know where to poke with frameworks
  • Strategy is poking with intent to create value That’s the “why” you poke part.
  • In the end, it’s about understanding the outcomes of your poke in the greater business ecosystem
  • Build a framework to understand how you can change a system to execute a strategy through tactical actionsquot;
  • Make your framework flexible and your strategy will be adaptable.quot;
  • Revise your framework, so that the model more closely represents the real world.
  • Being in a state of adaptability will ensure that you are always able to find and surface the value in systemsquot;
  • There is no spoon
  • The art of the end-run
  • Good end-runs quot; are like zombies
  • Most businesses have a limited view of how they monetize the value they generate.
  • Outcomes, not incomes
  • Design the ecosystem, not the design
  • Frameworks are the new sitemaps
  • Strategies are the new wireframes
  • Information Architecture is Strategy
  • A final thought Salmon swim upstream