How I build Links!


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Another presentation from 2nd Karachi SEO Meetup #KHISEO2013. In this presentation i discussed in detail about how I build links!

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How I build Links!

  1. 1. How I Build Links? From Basic to Advance! Presentation by: Moosa Hemani
  2. 2. Old School Link Building!
  3. 3. Why they don’t work? - Quality vs. Quantity War - Easy to Scale Patterns - Naturally Unnatural - Contain ZERO or Negative branding power
  4. 4. How I Build Links! Google
  5. 5. Advanced Search Operators!
  6. 6. What kind of links I can get? 1. Niche Related Quietly directories 2. Niche Related Blogs 3. Industry Related Forums 3. Guest Blogging Opportunities 4. Review Websites 5. Outreaching Opportunities
  7. 7. Isn’t this all Old School? YES & NO
  8. 8. My Believe! YES, because I am still going to submit directories, register to forums, commenting on blogs, submitting articles to websites... its all same! NO, because the approach I use is completely different!
  9. 9. Directory Submission! SAY NO TO DIRECTORY LISTS! 1. Relevancy is Important 2. Link Profile of the directory should be checked 3. Domain Authority a.k.a DA should be decent! 4. Where my link will be placed? 5. Use Brand name as an anchor text
  10. 10. Blog Commenting BLOG COMMENTING IS NOT LINK BUILDING 1. Branding 2. Exploring Niche’s Pain Point 3. Relationship Building 4. Influencer Mapping 5. Helps in Content Marketing!
  11. 11. Forum Posting BUILDING LINKS FROM FORUM IS SHIT! 1. Branding 2. Finding Link Opportunities 3. Influencer Mapping 4. Relationship Building 5. Increasing referral traffic that possibly converts! 6. Finding Topic for Content Marketing & Content Promotion
  12. 12. Guest Blogging THIS IS NOT ARTICLE SUBMISSION 1. Branding 2. It’s Relationship Building 3. Discovering Business opportunities 4. Displaying yourself as an EXPERT 5. Capture Wider Audience 6. It’s Link as well!
  13. 13. Review Websites AGAIN NOT FOR LINK BUILDING 1. Positive Branding 2. It helps targeted customers to dive in to the website and convert 3. Increases word of mouth
  14. 14. Why doing Shit for NO Link? ITS IMPORTANT & ITS YOUR JOB! 1. It Produces Conversions 2. It helps you find more link opportunities 3. It increases website’s referral traffic 4. It builds relationship 5. It makes your brand SEXY!
  15. 15. Where are REAL Links?
  16. 16. Where are REAL Links? 1. Guest Blogging 2. Link Sleuthing 3. Link Baiting 4. Ego Baits
  17. 17. Guest Blogging! How to go with it! 1. Google Advance Search Operators ( as discussed earlier) 2. Link Prospector 3. Excel Sheet/Google Spread Sheet 4. Gmail 5. Yesware 5. Boomerang
  18. 18. Link Sleuthing WHAT IS LINK SLEUTHING? Also known as broken link building! The idea is to identify the broken links on the website and fix it build links! 1. Build link though HELP! 2. Creating similar content and Outreach **Creativity is the Limit!
  19. 19. Link Baiting WHAT IS LINK BAITING? Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. 1. Infographics 2. Quiz Competition **Creativity is the Limit! 3. T-Shirt 4. EBook
  20. 20. EGO Bait WHAT IS EGO BAIT? Ego Bait is when you actually target specific people or businesses in an effort to get them to link to or promote your work. 1. Interviews 2. Sending a Birthday Gift **Creativity is the Limit! 3. Help them in need 4. Writing Biography about them!
  21. 21. Link Building Seems difficult! IT REALLY IS! And it will continue to be more difficult! Because 1. Returns are HIGH! 2. BIG Money is involved 3. It’s not SERPs, its total Online Marketing 4. Branding is involved 5. Google want it tougher!
  22. 22. What’s New in Link Building? 1. Rich Snippet 2. Author Tag 3. Author Rank 4. Co occurrence 5. Co Citation
  23. 23. Thank You!