Full service SEO


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This presentation tells more about what we as SETalks.com can do for you. Hire us for your SEO needs!

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Full service SEO

  1. 1. Hey Yeah!
  2. 2. You know what? We areSMART people!
  3. 3. We know online marketing and wereally understand the VALUE of it.
  4. 4. We are a group of smart, creative,analytical and sharp people who canprovide value to your business.
  5. 5. So, what is ?
  6. 6. It’s NOT a traditional company that sell SEO services... No, we are NOT!
  7. 7. SETalks.com is a platform for people who wanthelp with regards to SEO and Online marketing.
  8. 8. Don’t expect a We are New!portfolio of fortune500 companies... we don’t have it
  9. 9. SETalks.com is headed by Moosa Hemani.
  10. 10. Moosa Hemani:Moosa started sharing his view point in the community though guest blogging andbecome a known blogger within a year of so... few months back he started his ownblog to share his view point on regular basis.
  11. 11. Moosa Hemani:You will find Hemani on many known blogs and forums in the SEO world.He shared his view point on blogs like:
  12. 12. Moosa Hemani:
  13. 13. Moosa Hemani:
  14. 14. Moosa Hemani:
  15. 15. So, what we can do for you?
  16. 16. Keyword Mapping:Every good strategy starts with Keyword Mapping. We at SETalks.com consider thisas step one of our SEO campaign and work with client to finalize the list of keywordsthat include fat head, medium competitive and long tail key phrases. It is importantto work with the mix of keywords in order to get quality traffic as well asconversions for the business.
  17. 17. Keyword Mapping:This is how the keyword map looks like! This data help us to talk on behalf of statsinstead of a guesses.
  18. 18. On-Page Optimization:Link Building is important but this does not reduce the importance of Onsite Optimizationin any way. We at SETalks.com will review your site in terms of Visibility, Structure,website content and user experience.
  19. 19. Visibility:We use different tools like SEOmoz on-page analyser, Search Enabler and more to improvethe overall sites visibility. We want your site to be seen by search engines “more the better”
  20. 20. Visibility:We also work on the technical side like building xml sitemaps, checking robots.txt andother areas from where search engine bot get instructions about crawling and indexation.
  21. 21. Site Structure:Website’s structure is very important and need to be optimized correctly. Every page ofyour website has its own authority that it can pass to other pages and similarly other sitescan pass authority to you. We at SETalks.com will analyse the structure of the website andwill optimizes it accordingly in order to gain maximum visibility.
  22. 22. Page Structure:There are certain ways, search engine get a clue of what the page is all about. We atSETalks.com will try to cover all aspect and pass a report to the content people. Our contentpeople will look in to everything from Alt image tag to hidden text available on pages andoptimize it accordingly.
  23. 23. Content:Content may not be the king but it always revolve around all the important aspects of theSEO campaign. On the page it adds value to the website and off the page it helps you withbuilding links and authority for your business. We build our content strategy against ourkeyword map so we always know which part of the website needs more content.
  24. 24. Off-Site SEO
  25. 25. Off-Site SEODirectories :Directories may have a bad reputation in the market but still there are some good directoriesavailable. We will find the directories and recommend you to add link to it in order to addsome good basic links in the link profile.
  26. 26. Off-Site SEONice Commenting:This sounds like yet another low quality SPAM but trust me it’s not. It is a way to get attentionof the targeted audience and bloggers within your niche by consistently adding qualitycomments to authority blogs in your niche. This will help us build relationships with bloggersand content producers which will further help us getting link to desired content.
  27. 27. Off-Site SEOGuest Blogging:We at SETlaks.com, when build links we keep the targeted audience, reputation andconversion in mind. We reach out to quality blogs, get approval for guest posting, brain stormabout an actionable idea and then write about it. We did a great amount of guest bloggingon quality blogs for SETalks.com and results are phenomenal.
  28. 28. Off-Site SEOLink Sleuthing:Very Few people are doing it, may be because it’s difficult to SPAM ;). Link Sleuthing meansfinding bloggers and website owners who are linking out to either wrong or 404 pages andget a chance to get link back to you.
  29. 29. Off-Site SEO Link Baiting:This is BIG and that’s why we offer this service separately as well as in our full service package.One viral link bait can take your business and you to the next level and help you get links fromhighest authority blogs. Sometimes Link Bait does not instantly generate good amount of linksand traffic but it pays off really well in the long run.There are uncountable ideas for link bait but few of the most common link baiting ideas areInfographic, Actionable blog posts, Browser application, Free tool or more.
  30. 30. Tracking:SEO campaign without tracking is same as investing everything and throwing it all in the deepblue sea. We at SETalks.com use Google Analytics to track all your campaign and track thevalue of each and every visitor visiting your site.
  31. 31. Reporting:We do not only report rankings or traffic or links but we report conversions, business growthand return on investment to tell clients about the success of the campaign.
  32. 32. Social Media:Social Media is inter-connected with SEO. At the moment we are not offering social media inany service but we can always help out by offering some great ideas for running socialidentities like facebook fan page and twitter account.
  33. 33. ...You might not always like us...but you will always trust us!Because whatever recommend will help you build and grow your brand.
  34. 34. Like us? Hire US?