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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Puntland Youth Experts Technical Assistance PYETA Head Quarter: Garowe, Puntland, Somalia Consultancy firm Long-serving Multi-sector Research Expert with extensive experience and maximum technical, Managerial and Professional Capacity. Highly committed to serving community in a tireless atmosphere.” “It is now the time and occasion to visualize a better future for the community on more specifically for the youth” “Please get advised to the sole principle of never getting bored and/or reluctant to your absolute ways for development in your society” Join us with your technical contributions for Development. Author & Contact person Name : Mohamed Abdi Ahmed Founder &Program Managing Director Mobile : +252 50 710106/+252907710106 Organization Type: Management Consulting Email Address: Consultancy Firm Profile
  • 2. Profile Summary Contact Persons Mohamed Abdi Ahmed Faduma ladan Hussein Dirie Titles Program Director Executive Director Registered Address Garowe , Punt land, Somalia Contact Address Mobile: Mobile +25290710106 +25290 298248 Email Email Year of Establishment 1st January-2010 Registration No. Mopic-12/12/2011 Vision Cause Immediate Youth-led Economic Development through Education, Career Development and Employment. Mission • Ensure Punt land Economy through Improving Youth Academic and Technical Capacity. • Improve Punt land Socio-Economic and Livelihood Situations through Provision of market-driven hands on skills with youth. • Creation of Livelihood Sources of Income and Employment Opportunities for the youth in total • Strengthening Education systems and key Development Sectors including Agriculture, Food, Natural resources and the Environment as well. • Advice, coaching and mentorship of the youth to give them full confidence in participation of country wide national development initiatives • Provision of education consultancy services to all education family individual partners including Ministry of Education • Reduce Unemployment rates Objectives • Associate and Network among individuals making contributions to solve important Problems in Youth Education and Employment
  • 3. • Anticipate new challenges and opportunities for the youth • Mobilize and allocate enough resources for investment of Youth-Minded Research and Development. Geographic Coverage This will focus and extend services to all Somalia and more specifically Puntland grounds. Its hear-Quarter situated at Garowe City and planned sub-offices in Galkaio and Bosaso as well. Target Groups/Institutions Youth and all other Education Professionals and Education institutions as well. Welcome Puntland Youth Experts Technical Assistance (PYETA): is a private youth-led and Expert- minded national consulting firm dedicated to catering for the youth to have access to their primary services for individual and country Development as well as career and employment promotion services through cooperating with all Development involved government and non- government associations in an all inclusive atmosphere. The firm itself is not a training provider, but facilitator for all Youth Development and professional, technical, career and employment efforts carried out by all and the individual Development partner to make it sound beneficial for the youth target groups in a result-oriented scenario. This will concurrently take place by just technically assisting any certain implementing partner and the youth beneficiary as well as joint cooperation with harmony, coordination and dedication. What we do Through provision of advisory services, such as interactive workshops, consulting, inclusive TVET and other professional participatory lectures and publications, PYETA, educates, activates, Facilitates employment and helps youth groups create effective capacity for labor market absorption and creation of youth professional employment opportunities. The firm offers a wide variety of consulting services to help youth groups, government institutions, businesses and no-profits find appropriate, practical ways to contribute to the overall country development, youth coaching and mentorship, youth career and employment promotion services facilitation for the youth at a very large scale. The firm brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the new world of youth professional, managerial, leadership and youth-supportive technical requirements as well as education and employment creation in a very professional and youth-minded talent management principles and techniques.
  • 4. The firm provides youth-related professional trainings for the sole purpose of equipping youth with employment facilitator capacity on a mixture of professional skills and expertise leading them for easy absorption by the labor market. This professional training constitute both introductory and more advanced trainings in topics of education and employment promotion services (EPS, general sustainability issues, indicators, youth and community performance measurement at the job market and institutional internal control systems development for furthering quality and opening doors for innovative youth employment opportunities. Academic Level, Professional & Employment Sustainability Assessment: - sustainability competency and opportunity rating and evaluation (Score) determine where your organization is on the road to education and employment and identify new education and employment opportunities for the youth and assess your organizational/institutional capacities and practices at the national and community levels in line with the job market. Community, Organizational and System Development – Clarify and develop goals based upon professional competency-based technical development as well as Education and Employment principles, review existing employment promotion and career advisory guidelines and feedback systems, create a set of indicators appropriate to youth needs and resources and develop a process to encourage on-going use. Evaluation – Work to analyze indicators and processes to ensure they reflect and support principles and standards of youth technical quality control and acquisition of set of demand-driven skills, knowledge and capacity building themes for Employment through Education and learning, move the community or organization toward a more sustainable state and can be consistently used regardless of change and development. Data Analysis, Reporting and Editing – Perform data analysis, edit reports and documents and create presentations discussing indicators in language that all TVET and Education involved can understand and for proper application. Practitioner Networks – Designing, developing, hosting or facilitating peer-to-peer support for learning and professional development through practitioner networking and professional groups foundation and establishment. Consultancy Target Areas • Youth Counseling, Coaching and Mentorship for youth Behavioral transformation • Anti-piracy Awareness Campaigns at the sea lining coastal areas • Career advisory guidance and employment creation advices for the youth. • Advocacy of career and professional development for the youth. • Profile Development, Business flyers, Brochures, Business Cards Development as well as Resume writing.
  • 5. • Proposal and Report writing • Assessments and Programme/Project Research Studies including baseline assessments, institutional capacity assessments, tracer studies, progress and monitoring reporting to all individual implementing agencies per given project. • Monitoring, Data collection and all programme key implementation guideline tools. • Education Trainings, workshops and organization of interactive and peer-peer youth forums and participatory youth consultation meetings. • NGO and Organizational Development. • Programme Review and Monitoring • Project/Programme Documentary making from start until the end • Agriculture, Environment and Education The firm will carry out and perform the above-listed professional development areas and employment advisory and promotion services through effective collaboration with key TVET actors in a participatory approaches. With this, the firm will be in forefront to take up the whole responsibility of quality assurance by setting timely close monitoring and supervision on all current and on-going TVET &livelihood Programmes in Puntland. The firm will technically capacitate and provide support with EBTVET, IBTVET, NFE and even formal education institutions to effectively and efficiently correspond to the essential youth-demanded services/skills to smoothly access to the local economy and later contribute to the Government nationwide strategic national plans in the near and far future. The firm will secure a close working linkage with all key target programme actors including local training providers, the Ministry of Education(MOE), Ministry of Labor, Youth and Sports(MOLYS), implementing agencies, donors and youth beneficiaries. With regards to that, when a certain agency is willing to do any service and/or consultancy through external corporation, the firm will be onboard to apply and implement systematically and accordingly based on the receipt of the offer for that certain consultancy. Puntland Environmental and Socio-Economic Studies Planned to be Researched:-With the use of all Multi-sector technical Experts and all available research resources tools, Puntland Youth Experts Technical Assistance will as one its core and strategic research areas will implement the following technical research studies through expected funding from the Humanitarian and Development international counterpart NGO’s as the well as Government authorized endorsement backing:- • Ecology • Anthropology • Puntland Socio-Economic Baseline
  • 6. • Land Tenure • Sociology • Agriculture • Vet- nary • Epidemic Disease • Infrastructure • Limnology • Climatology • Hydrology • Archeology • General Social Study or Social Analysis • Fixation of Sand Dunes at the coast both at the Indian Ocean and Red Sea • Dry Valley Studying for Table Dams Puntland Youth Experts Technical Assistance Technical Committees: Technically, PYETA will form the following technical committees to ensure its organizational strategic operational objective targets are successfully attained. However, these committees will rightfully be nominated by organizational-mandated pre-set Voluntary Advisory Panel comprising of both local and international mult-Arial technical policy formulation experts in an all inclusive atmosphere:- The voluntary advisory panel will mostly be a number of 6-7 multi-sectoral policy level experts to technically frame the professional model of nominating the organizational-mandated professional advocate committees with each one comprising of knowledgeable, experience, fully aware of the nature of his/her individual business Programming. The following are the set list of Organizational committees: • Sports Committee • Business committee • Environmental Concerns Each of the above committees will formulize its sub-organizational internal control systems will locally and professional nominate the chairman/lady and all other members of the committee in a professionally written climate under the direction of the Voluntary advisory Panel led the interim chairman of the Panel whose name indicated below
  • 7. The consultancy firm Director Mohamed Abdi Ahmed(Hashi) in consultation with the interim Chairman of the advisory Panel will jointly nominate other members of the advisory Panel. Both of them are also members of the Voluntary Advisory Panel(VAP). The Voluntary Advisory Panel will technical nominate the above highlighted technical committees in a consultative, open and participatory approach. Organo-gram(Firm Structure) Previous Experience Previous Experiences Type of Service Implemented Funded Cost Duration Year Quality assurance Training PYETA Ministry of Education $9000 2 months 2011 Local labor market Survey PYETA MOLYS $6300 21 days 2011 NGO Development and Management Training PYETA Kulmiye Development Organization $5,000 2 weeks 2011 NGO Security Training PYETA Kulmiye Development $3,500 1 week 2011 Programme Director(Initiative Founder)Programme Director(Initiative Founder) Deputy Programme Director Programme Support Unit Technical Advisory Unit Logistics Procurement Finance Technical Advisors Professional Consultants
  • 8. Organization TVET Programme Baseline Assessment Survey PYETA Save the Children $18,900 21 days 2012 Monitoring and Evaluation Training PYETA Foundation for European Initiatives- UK $10,000 2 weeks 2012 Conflict Sensitivity and DO NO HARM Training PYETA Ministry of Interior and security $1,500 5days 2012 Programme Planning and Implementation PYETA SAVE $15,000 10 days 2012 Organizational Internal Control Systems and system Institutionalization PYETA MUDAN YOUTH NETWORK $15,000 10 days 2012 Ant-piracy Awareness Rising and Youth pirate Counseling PYETA & Youth Org. Against Piracy NCA $30,000 20 days 2012 Loans and Micro-Credit Programme for Women PYETA UNDP $240,000 18 months 2012 Hygiene Promotion TOT Training PYETA DRC 6,500 15 days 2012 A)Formation Tool of PYETA Consulting Voluntary Advisory Panel of Technical Experts s/n Name Designation Qualification Area of Expertise No. of yrs in operation 1 Mohamed Abdi Ahmed Founder & Director as well as Member of organizational Advisory Panel BA Education & Livelihood 8 yrs 2 Amos Deputy Director of PYETA and chairman of the Voluntary Advisory Panel ----------------- -------------------------- ------------------- 3 4 5 B) Nomination tool for PYETA technical Committees s/n Name of the Committee, Members and other details Descriptive Details No. of Volunteers Their academic & Professional level Strategies they can contribute to the organization.
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