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Crackerbox pro sponsor pack 2013 pdf Crackerbox pro sponsor pack 2013 pdf Document Transcript

  • 2013 Promotion management by veteran agency, Mackey Marketing Group, Inc.nos·tal·gia näˈstaljə/ A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. “...it’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.” Mad Men
  • We’ve been around! No other racing series can deliver a type of racing vehicle whose basic design is the same after a half a century of racing development. It is a time tested formula of excitement that fans have loved from the very beginning.“These boats look like cracker boxes.” The name stuck. In 2012, our link to the past is obvious. Now, we have developed a commercial opportunity that is unrivaled in boat racing. No other series has the combination of historical boat design adroitly intermixed with modern motorsport technology to create a racing series that brings incredibly close action and continuous thrills to fans at every event, across the nation.
  • What experts are saying…. “As we age our nostalgic yearnings grow, making us more receptive to advertisers and marketers use of what researchers call "a longing for positive memories from the past." In addition to times arrow, this desire for nos- talgia is further intensified by societys present Derrick Daye Managing Partner The Blake Project “I’m an • Businesses and advertisers have known ol’fashioned for years that nostalgia sells, that the prod- Crackerbox ucts popular during a persons youth will influ- PRO fan!” ence their buying habits throughout their life- time." But they didnt know why, and they perhaps didnt care - that was their endgame, to figure out how to sell things," says psy- chologist Clay Routledge, of North Dakota State University. Nigel Bairstow B2B Whiteboard • In recent years, psychologists have been trying to analyze the powerful and enduring appeal of our own past - what Mr. Routledge calls the "psychological underpinnings of nostalgia". "Why does it matter? Why would a 40-year-old man care about a car he drove when he was 18?" he asks. It matters, quite simply, because nostalgia makes us feel good. Niche sports, by contrast, can offer a worthwhile marketing experience at a fraction of the price. “Dollar for dollar, you can’t compare the value,” says Harris (Bobby Harris, founder and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics). Issie Lapowsky INC. magazine June 2012
  • Where nostalgia brings the past back to life, our racing series boasts a constant link from one end of the time line to the other. We’ve been racing the same basic design of race boat for the past fifty years. We’ve featured close completion, hard fought racing and action packed events for a very long time now. These are not “historic” racers that were pulled out of a garage and raced as an “exhibition” of how it used to be. We’ve been racing these boats continually all along! We’re bringing the past to the present by pulling the history of the class along with us.• It’s the right demographics.• Family friendly.• Boating enthusiasts feature a very desirable high income audience.• Recreational boating is a $6.5 billion industry.• Timely application of nostalgia elements.• Exceptionally strong marketing tactic directed toward boating audience.• Opportunity to seize nostalgia marketing momentum with modern applications.• Enables to audience to interact with the series in a strikingly memorable fashion.• Perfect synergy between nostalgia and racing platform.• Old and new.• Traditional and trend-setting.
  • • Events held in conjunction with the Lucas Drag Boat Racing Series and can attract upward of 30,000 fans for a three day event. • Regular publicity opportunities expand and extend the fan audience.Crackerbox Pro Racing features a racing boat that is one ofthe oldest designs still in regular use today. Most racingseries modernize their vehicles every year. But Crackerboxboats utilize many of the original design features that werethere from the beginning, including the unique aspect of ariding mechanic! But that is where the link to the past comesto an end! These boats utilize all the modern applications ofboating safety along with the technology of modern horsepower and state of the art power plants.These boats fly!The result is incredible action as drivers jostle boat deck to boat deck for race position. It is constant on-the-water action that keeps fans’ attention lap after lap, race after race.Crackerbox Racing has enjoyed generations of participants and fans alike. Weattract families, boating enthusiasts and a broad spectrum of attractive andappealing demographics. The opportunity to capitalize on every aspect of Crackerbox racing is our firstpriority. Recognizing the strength of the series, its capability to entertain audiences and the ability toconsistently provide boat racing events with lively, safe and competitive racing action is what makesCrackerbox Pro the newest sensation on water, with a history that goes back generations.
  • The Crackerbox Pro Racing events will be like no other. While standing in the present, the fan will be walking into the past. We’re stopping time and enabling a fan experience unlike any other racing arena in the world. Fans will be provided an experience that will trigger those nostalgic feelings and create a memory that will stay with them long after the drop of the checkered flag. It’s not just a racing event, but a racing experience! From the outset, fans • will enter the racing arena and know that they are experiencing something extraordinarily “different”. • Programs (flyers) will cost 50 cents. • Drivers and teams will be encouraged to wear “period” dress overalls while working on the boats.• Fans can have their photos taken with vintage Polaroid film cameras.• 1950’s & 1960s music between event announcements.• Local car clubs will be invited to “show and shine” vintage car events with prizes to the winner.• Fans can wear “period” clothes, from ‘hippy’ to dress suits and win prizes.• Our intent is to bring the fan an experience unlike anything that has been part of a racing event to date.• Replicating the look, feel, sight and sounds, not to mention the racing, of the 1960s with 21st century speed and technology.• Where possible, support equipment and infrastructure will maintain the aura of the 1950s and 1960s. From typewriters to phones ringing, we plan to include as many facets as possible.• Modern day applications will be integrated into the nostalgic theme. For instance, QR marketing codes will link to a fast fact detailing some nostalgic aspect of Crackerbox Pro racing history.
  • The Crackerbox Pro Racing serieswill be a featured participant onselect Lucas Oil Motorsports Hourbroadcast nationally on cable network. With a continued increase in television coverage culminating inour television coverage association with Lucas Oil for 2012, sponsors and promotional partners ofCrackerbox Pro Racing will enjoy unprecedented visibility and vastly extended promotional capabilities.Never in the long history of Crackerbox racing has there been this level of attention, this level ofprofessional involvement directed to the series. 2012 CBRA CRACKERBOX PRO RACE SCHEDULE 7 events, 21 days of racing June 8-10 John Haas Memorial Drag Boat Classic (Wheatland, MO) June 22-24 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series RACEShowdown In San Angelo (San Angelo, TX) July 20-22 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing SeriesRACE27th Annual Augusta Southern Nationals (Augusta, GA) August1 0-12 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing SeriesRACEMarble Falls Lakefest 2012 (Marble Falls, TX) Sept 14-16 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing SeriesRACELucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series Fall Classic (San Diego, CA) Oct 6-7 ADBA Tentative Parker, AZ (ADBA) Nov 1-4 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series RACE Napa/Lucas Oil WORLD FINALS(Phoenix, AZ)
  • Thanks to our strong marketing partnership with Lucas Oil and an Integral part of the Lucas OilMotorsports Hour television program, Crackerbox Pro will be seen by a large audience of race fans, allprimed to view the action and to trigger the long tested legendary brand loyalty of motor racing fans.It is a time tested formula of brand success. From the racing finish line to the corporate bottom line,Crackerbox Pro is a marketing and promotional platform squarely focused on the success of itsmarketing partners. Join us for all the action!
  • Sponsorship of the Crackerbox Pro racing series features a number of unique and powerfulelements designed to transform our marketing platform from a racing series to a motorsportmarketing experience. With marketing expertise from the veteran team at Mackey MarketingGroup, Title sponsorship of series. • • Presenting sponsor of the series. • Single event sponsor. • Official category sponsor. • Extensive shoreline signage. • Where applicable, advertising Inflatable section park. • Sampling and on-site merchandising • Exclusivity and product exclusive categories. • Sponsorship of web broadcast media. • Sponsorship of web browser theme with links and sidebars incorporating sponsor interests. • Text messaging marketing included in each event promotion. • QR marketing activity with sponsor links and interaction. • Sponsorship of augmented reality options. • Program ads. • Check presentation and trophy award designations. • Media sponsor tags in each market pre-race promotion. • Personal appearances of racers. • Participant promotional and appearance tour at each event. • Local celebrity and media “rides” at every event. • Interactive shoreline activity to bring fans closer to the event and sponsors. • Augmented reality capable to highlight event activity and interaction with fans. • Social media promotion and activity. • Charitable links provides additional platforms for positive public awareness and community outreach.
  • Marketing Matrix for Crackerbox PROTarget Group Target Role in Target Required How To Reach Media Used purchasing BeliefBoat owners Personalizing their boat Love their boat Events Event sponsor Television Event signage Publicity articles TV features Crackerbox websitePerformance Purchases product to Faster means Events Event sponsorboat owners improve boat performance better Television Event signage Publicity articles TV features Crackerbox websiteDrag boat fans Enthusiastic supporter Love drag racing Events Event sponsor of drag boat racing Television Event signage introduction via CB paddockRace fans Supports racing I love racing Events Event sponsor Television Event signage Pubicity articles introduction via CB paddockNostalgia fans Nostaligia makes us feel good Great fun event Events Event sponsorOther attendees Curious about event Just wanted to Events Event sponsor attend exciting event introduction via CB paddock • Sponsorship costs can range depending upon the goals and objectives of the sponsor but are basically broken down into four distinct levels of participation: Primary $ 75,000.00 Major $ 40,000.00 Associate $ 25,000.00 Official $ 15,000.00 Each category can include pass-on rights, partial in-kind, or alternative solutions per the needs and direction of the sponsor party(ies).
  • There has never been a better time. There has never been a more active Crackerbox Pro racingopportunity. In many ways, our time has come! Take advantage of a unique racing series,perfectly balanced between new and old, traditional and new age, and create a motorsportmarketing arena that will provide your brand a superior return on your marketing investment! It’sall here. It’s ready to go. Now and in the future.
  • Marketing Agency contact:Mackey Marketing Group is the veteran motor sportmarketing agency that is managing the promotionalaspects of the series.Mackey Marketing Group, Inc.12 Powder Springs Street, Suite 220Marietta, GA 30064770-423-9593Brian C. Mackey - Presidentwww.mackeymarketing.com