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Niger pro ject final
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Niger pro ject final


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Published in: Education, Business, Travel

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  • 1. Niger
    By: Carly O’Reilly
  • 2. Religious beliefs
    Religion helps emphasize regional and ethnic distinctions.
    practiced in every major city in 1990
    Ethnic group is 95% in North (Muslims)
    & 5% (Christians) in North
    In south 99% Christians
  • 3. Religious Beliefs(continued)
    Many are Animists. Which means they think their gods are found in trees, rocks and plants. They also worship many animals. They also believe in Baha’I faith. They celebrate many festivals and traditions including the HolyDay celebration. Some Nigerians are also islamic. Which means they can be muslims.
  • 4. History of Niger
    Archaeological research has shown that people were already living in southwestern Nigeria (specifically Iwo-Eleru) as early as 9000 BC and perhaps earlier at Ugwuelle-Uturu (Okigwe) in southeastern Nigeria, where microliths were used.[Smelting furnaces at Taruga dating from the 4th century BC provide the oldest evidence of metalworking in Archaeology.
  • 5. History
    An assasination happened in Niger in 1999. It was president; Ibrahim Bare Mainassara. Niger and France also go through a couple of conflicts. First Niger gains independence from France. And the French commision.
  • 6. Technology in Niger
    Technology in Niger is not like ours here in America. They only have one
    connection for the internet. They hardly have telephone lines placed anywhere.
    And they do not have cell phones. Not even does it vary, it is extremely slow.
    To start up the internet it takes about 45 minutes.
  • 7. In the major markets Niger is not first
    Trade Is beginning to become harder
    The annual growth rate is getting to big
    Prices are going up on needs.
    Lots of freight (341 million)
    Political issues
  • 8. FOODS!
    Millet, sorghum and beans are major food crops in Niger
  • 9. FOOD! continued
    Rice is very common in Niger. It Is grown along banks of the Niger river.
    Peanuts and cotton are a major ca$h crop.
  • 10. Food!
    Millet is one of the oldest grains known to be cultivated by humans
    The millet dish is very popular in Niger
  • 11. When food is very scarce in Niger, the Nigerians eat ‘Anza Berries’.
    Their last source of food is a small, hard round green pea with a bitter taste, called ‘Anza’.
  • 12. Food
    As you can see Niger does not have a lot of money. When food is scarce they don’t really have many options. They say that this year is especially bad – last year at least the animals had enough to eat, but now the cows and goats are dead or dying. If their animals die that means no food for the Nigerians.
  • 13. In Niger, many kids get sick. When they are ill they eat cooked leaves.
  • 14. Customs
    • 1st custom: If a Nigerian is muslim the womans cover their entire body.
    • 15. 2nd custom: The nigerians have a choice of any religion (religious tolerance)
    • 16. 3rd custom: If they are Animist they have many festivals and traditions based on animals.
  • There is some evidence that the meaning of the term has changed over time,
    and that earlier definitions of racism involved the simple belief that human
    populations are divided into separate races. Many people may make judgments
    Because of where the Nigerians live and the color of their skin.
  • 17. The culture in Niger and the culture in America contrasts immensely. In America everything is more updated. For example in Niger they only have one internet connection that takes forty-five minutes to start. Here in America we have way more! In Niger everyone wears fewer clothing and does not wear shoes. In America we are always fully dressed, head to toe, and we would never go out in public without clothing. In Niger it’s more of a village with huts made of sticks. When it comes to religion Nigerians believe different things then in America. If a Nigerian is Animist they think that gods are found in trees, rocks and plants. In America, we have one god who we believe is a person.
  • 18. Economy
    The important and basic economic issues of Niger is basically trading and the annual growth rate. With the trade factor there is lots of freight that is costing Niger $341 million. And the annual growth rate is getting far too big.
  • 19. Pictures
  • 20. more pictures!
  • 21. THE END!
    Hope you enjoyed learning about Niger!