California Greenworks Proposed Urban Design Projects


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California Greenworks is a registered 501 c 3 organization who primary mission is to improve the quality of life in urban communities through environmental education and implementation of sustainable community-based restoration and neighborhood revitalization projects and programs that promote green space, eliminate urban blight and advocate for green jobs creation and economic development.

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California Greenworks Proposed Urban Design Projects

  1. 1. Current Projects 2012
  2. 2. Del Rey Lagoon Community Based Restoration Project About California Greenworks Founded Jan 2002. We are a registered 501 (c ) 3 non-profit organization. Our mission focuses on environmental education and restoring revitalizing urban open space. Proposed Project Elements With a community based approach, this project seeks to restore this historical facility to offer educational opportunities for this and surrounding community, introducing new native vegetations to this coastal water body, improving bird and wildlife habitat and creating educational connections to the lagoon and the ecology of this area.
  3. 3. Hyde Park Blvd Tree Planting Project Our vision of “Greening Communities oneStarts with improvingneighborhood areas by Neighborhood at a timecreating much-neededgreen space whileeliminating urban blightwith just the simple act ofplanting a Tree.Although some habits arehard to break; we believeby engagingresidents, youth andstudents through simpleacts such as planting atree is a step in the rightdirection. When there isa Tree; there is a sense ofplace, ownership andcommunity pride.This is a phased projectwhich will extend into2014. We plan to plant 200trees in this communitystarting with 30 trees thisyear.
  4. 4. WaterLinks WatershedEducation ProgramProgram goals• Program is a 4 week science based learningcurriculum which teaches 5th grade studentsabout the importance conserving andprotecting our waterways.• This project helps urban studentsunderstand their roles in connecting theurban streams to the confluences of thewaterway leading into the ocean.• Students gain an understanding about thewatersheds and importance of protectionthem• Students learn about various marine lifewhich can be effected by pollution• Students will gain on hands experience inwater sampling• Students participate in local field trip toeither a marina or discovery park to gainfurther learning experiences about theirwatershed.
  5. 5. Degnan BlvdStreetscapeSolution• Greening Degnan Blvd. projectoffers an opportunities to createsustainable and ecologicalbenefits: including adding to theurban forest that filters our air andreducing heat zones within theurban centers and reducingcarbon depletions through thebenefit of planting trees.• The Degnan Blvd. GreeningProject would extend LeimertVillage’s defining intimacy to theentire street into the park space.• The potential opportunity tocreate much needed green spacealso creates walking benefits fornew customers visiting thishistoric district promoting bothhealth consciousness andbusiness.• Finally, this project will abate oldand evasive trees and re-plant newlower profile trees allowingvisibility on the street and stores.• And by providing more lightingfor patrons by day lighting thestreets.
  6. 6. Ecology Center ParkThis project is a collaborationbetween (NOMA) NationalOrganization of MinorityArchitects Los Angeles Chapterand California Greenworks, Inc.which proposes to:• Educate the public on bestpractices for green buildingconstruction technology.• Teach youth about urbanecology and various forms ofplant and aquatic life.• Offer environmental educationprograms taught by local NGOsto urban students.• Provide satellite educationallinkage to local colleges andUniversities i.e. LMU, USC,UCLA• Offer field experience forscience, public policy and urbanplanning oriented students.
  7. 7. Stocker Trail IngoldPark Ramp Connection• CGW proposed elevated design offers thecreation of a pedestrian-friendly trail withdirect connectivity to Stocker Street and LosAngeles County Ruben Ingold Park.• Design and implementation of a landscapeplan that incorporates site-specific measuresfor enhancing and creating a greenway withnative trees, plants and bio-swales to allowinfiltration and detention of storm waterrunoff. The landscaping will enhance wildlifehabitat and user experience of Stocker Trail asa greenway.• Ramp will offer opportunities for hikers torest along the pathway and observe naturewith observation station located at variouslevels.• Selection and installation of benches alongthe trail path and decomposed granite surface.• Development of a trail management programand identification of responsibilities for long-term management and maintenance similar toAdopt a Trail.
  8. 8. 2012 EarthFestLA TMa concert for the environment is CaliforniaGreenworks, Inc. premier annual event to supportenvironmental education in public schools andpromote public awareness for its urban initiativesincluding increasing open space opportunities forlow income communities. This event is acollaboration of environmental and health agenciesto raise awareness for both the environment andhealth related issues within urban communities. Ourgoal is to create a fun learning environment for ourattendees. EarthFestLA TM began in 2006 in Watts,California as “SouthLA EarthFest” and has continuedto bring families out to enjoy the music, attractionsand celebrate environmental stewardship.The 7th Annual EarthFestLA TM Concert & Expowill be held Saturday, September 15, 2012, at WestLos Angeles College - a 70-acre, newly transformedcampus with park-like landscaping and scenic views.The event will include musical entertainment,festival activities, and educational materials.Past performers have included: 3 Grammy awardwinner guitarist Paul Brown and Jesse J, DW3,Something Smooth, Jazz and R&B Singer WendyMoten, Jazz Experiment Saxman Darren Rahn,guitarist Chris Lightfoot and many others.