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Letters of appreciation
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Letters of appreciation


Letters to facilitators of Advanced CCE-CC Chikankata. August 2008

Letters to facilitators of Advanced CCE-CC Chikankata. August 2008

Published in Education
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  • 1. Letters to Facilitators of Advanced CCE-CC
    What participants said concerning 6 days of Advanced CCE at Chikankata
    Theme: Identifying bottlenecks in CCE-CC
  • 2. Nametsego'sletter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and MacDonald
    Time and ability has allowed me to drop you these melodious!
    It has been a wonderful week in the rich land of Chikankata - “chicken cutter!!”
    I feel very privileged to have this concrete experience of being trained where CCE exists, where you can touch and smell it.
    Many of the people read about it from books but I touched and saw it.
    The idea of conducting this course in Chikankata was good: it was an eye opener and you guys are heroes. When I arrived I had a lot of amygadla hijacks but I realized afterwards that this is exactly what I would call “Advanced CCE-CC Training” as well.
    Looking back: When I came here, I had a CCE-CC deficiency but with information from the facilitators and the community (thus Participants, CPT, Headmen, Chikankata community) I am now rich but still want to be richer.
    This is just the beginning; I stop writing here because I might cry ...
    Thank you heaps and looking forward to your support.
    Please send my regards to Chikankata community.
    Nametsego Tswetla
  • 3. Arlene's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    Thank you for letting me be part of the CCE-CC Training . It has really opened my eyes to the critical role communities do play in responding to HIV and AIDS.
    When I came here I had no idea what this workshop was all about and therefore I was a bit reluctant to come. But I am happy I came because there so much I have learnt.
    I am happy to have learnt how to use reflection to get in touch with my innermost feelings and this is going to help me even in my personal life . The communities my organization works with will also benefit from my newfound skills in reflection.
    I am looking forward to attending the basic CCE-CC training as I feel there still is a gap in my knowledge (I hope this will be soon).
    Your facilitation skills are also an inspiration to me and I hope from here I will be a better facilitator. Your passion for the communities is also contagious. Please keep this up.
    Finally I just wish to encourage you to continue thinking of us here in Zambia as you are a resource which should never be lost.
    God bless.
    Arlene Phiri
  • 4. Patrick's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    It is my deep conviction at this junction to say to you that the 6 days I have been with you has been of great value to me.
    Although I had had the exposure to CCE and been applying it in my work, this has been a particularly critical time for me. I have learnt a lot from you and my fellow participants from different parts of the globe.
    I am particularly taking two things home, Linking the application of CCE-CC to the theoretical underpinnings and the great need to develop an M&E framework in the utilization of CCE-CC.
    Love to you all.
    Patrick Hachintu.
  • 5. Saima's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    I hereby would like to write to you this letter of appreciation. My words are out of my mouth and as I am writing this letter my tears are about to burst!
    I feel sad because I am going to miss you, but what I want to say is that may the Almighty God be with you and bless you!
    On my first day during this workshop I was blank and on the last day I am being fed up with new knowledge and skills that will enhance myself and Namibia at large regarding effective implementation and monitoring HIV/AIDS CCE-CC programs.
    As I am leaving Chikankata I now have a confidence within me that Yes, I have attained my expectations of the reason why I took part in this workshop.
    I met good humble and Christian people pin Chikankata I gain knowledge and skills, I get to know the history of CCE-CC where it originated which of course gives me a priviledge to say I have now have a concrete experience in CCE-CC.
    Surely I am taking what I gained here back to Namibia and of course I will debrief to my managers what happened and ways forward on CCE-CC in Namibia.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and skills.
    Love to you all.
    Saima Shikongo
  • 6. Thokozile's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    Thank you very much for affording me this opportunity to be grounded in the CCE-CC approach. When I came for the training I just though that it was just the same as what I was used to (community dialogue). I am sure Tom you will remember that during our trip here I kept asking for differences. But now I am aware of what the program is all about. I feel that the fact that this programme places the community at the centre stage, shows hoe important it is in our fight against HIV and AIDS.
    The journey you have taken me through this programme is enriching me and will always have a special place in my life. My passion is to be a CCE ambassador and my hope is to see that it will also be adopted in Zimbabwe and within my organization. You know the funny thing is that the reflection aspect is what we grew up doing in our family and it was a time when we really searched ourselves and how we related to each other and that really worked in our family. Since we moved from home I had forgotten all about it and I am glad that we used that in CCE. You know I always had challenges trying to put M&E in behaviour issues or should I say qualitative aspects. I feel I have gained a lot through CCE-CC training.
    To end a long story short I can go on and on ... keep up the good work. I have learned from your passion and will definitely adopt you as role models.
    Love you all,
  • 7. Peter's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    The course has helped in refining my skills on dealing with the community. More importantly, the course gave me the opportunity to understand how we can align the process to the national structures such as the National Strategic Frameworks. This is important for the promotion of ownership and assured sustainability. What has been our major challenge in Botswana was the issue of M&E for CCE processes.
    This course has given me that foundation. The underpinnings (theoretical aspects) have also helped in elevating my understanding of CCE-CC.
    The answer lies within.
    Thanks Guys,
    With Love to you all,
    Peter Chibatamoto
  • 8. Violet's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    I really enjoyed being part of this team and I have been privileged to be picked amongst my fellow countrymen, I enjoyed all our presentations especially the background, EI and Reflections and Review processes.
    The group work also spiced up my interaction. Hei, guys, before I forget your reflections exercises made this course very intimate and I have learnt a lot from other participants. The three of you interacted with us casually and this really proves that you love CCE-CC.
    Thebisa I think I saw you somewhere; you look familiar and your book, heishi! You have been an encouragement to me.
    Tom _ I enjoyed your humour although you did it unconsciously; I will never have amygadla hijack , hei! And Mac! You are a humble man who loves God.
    By the way my spiritual life has also been revived; am moving into the next level of glory.
    Will C U soon!!
  • 9. Imara's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    This week has been truly transformative . Despite my infancy where CCE is concerned. I was able to learn a great deal without feeling lost. Your manner of facilitation has made me feel ready to have begun with the advanced CCE course. I truly do feel as though my feet are planted firmly on solid CCE grounds.
    The methodological framework for me was extremely interesting and so was the M&E discussion.
    One thing I must say is that its rare to be in training that is intended for intensive focused knowledge sharing that also makes room for the building of mutual trust and support building.
    I plan to continue my journey with CCE because my belief in how this process can signal change in the world way of doing things has been greatly fortified.
    I realize that even if I am to begin in Canada the CCE approach as a way of living and doing will be an affirmed part of my work with and within communities.
    Thank you so much for having the Oxfam, SAFAIDS .. group and taking the time to also taking our learning needs into consideration.
    Truly truly amazing . This is definitely one of the most significant learning moments for me to date and that is due in great part to the both of you.
    Thank you so much.
  • 10. Dolly's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    I am glad I was given this opportunity to come for this one week training.
    My journey in CCE-CC has been a very up-hill experience, faith was lost, confidence gone and I felt consciously incompetent because I allowed the world to see me that way.
    After this experience I am ready to pick the process head high to face the world. This experience has brought Dolly back whom I though was lost and never to come back.
    I thank you to have shaken my inner being changed my perception about myself.
    Once more I thank you.
    I am grateful and appreciating.
  • 11. Kabo's letter
    Dear Thebisa and Tom,
    Let me take this opportunity to greet you the Gurus of CCE-CC. If I had chickens now I would send you the fattest of them all. With the advanced CCE-CC course you have made me a little guru of CCE-CC in Botswana.
    All the thing I have always wanted classified on CCE-CC have not been brou8gh to rest. The skills and the manner that characterized this training will never be forgotten.
    Extend my greeting to other please; I have in mind MacDonald, Patrick, Cramwell, Matros as well as others who made our experience a possibility.
    Thank you very much.
    Kabo J. Kgwaraga
  • 12. Cramwell's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    I just pray that the Good Lord will continue giving you the wisdom and the strength so that you can continue with your work. The work you are doing is so great that will benefit the communities at present and the generation to come. I am convinced that you are going the work of God and the principle of CCE-CC is in line with the Bible.
    I just want to remind you that this one work was very helpful to me ad an individaul and as a community worker.
    I will continue praying for you and your group. I was very impressed with M&E presented by Mr Chaava.
    Many thanks.
    Cramwell Mweemba
  • 13. Comrade's letter
    Dear Thebisa and Tom,
    Thank you for choosing Chikankata the birthplace of CCE-CC as the venue of this Advanced CCE-CC Training. This was personal “Pilgrimage for me,” borrowing the words of my brother Kabo! It was both a CCE-CC and spiritual journey.
    What I am taking away from here is not just the technical knowledge and skills on CCE-CC but fundamentally, all three of you have been sharing your hearts with us. This amplifies the statement “CCE is better caught than taught!”
    In fact in my journey of CCE it is more that the things that I have caught that has been driving me to excellence. I know I can push myself because I have caught your passion and vision for transforming communities. The interesting thing is that just as I was skeptical about HIV/AIDS work before CCE- I was not a great fan of M&E before this training. Please extend my deepest appreciation and love to him for not just sharing technical stuff on M&E but also his heart.
    I go away with renewed hope, confidence and inspiration both in terms of hardware and software. But more so the highlight of meeting the Chieftainness, the Headmen, CPTs and the cherry on the cake – the Amygadla hijack.
    He is still working on me.
    Comrade Ngcobo
  • 14. Lindile's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    It is a pleasure to have been part of this process both for myself personal development and for inputting in the way of organization business.
    For me this is holistic in that while one is using it in the community it has unintended outcomes! At individual level for facilitators/ trainers it becomes a way of living and reflecting on one's actions which improves interaction at both family and community level. This brings out a new breed of development workers which impacts on other people around. We wee Bandura's theory of social learning coming into play. At the community level the approach brings back the dignity and respect that has been stolen from people.
    To me, this is some form of emancipation in development, another war that most if not all African countries have to fight and win as no success can be made in fighting aid with strings attached to it. If we are to leave community behind. I am just reflecting on the sermon you gave in the morning – the Pharaoh – Moses conversation. The whole idea revolved around entire total participation of communities in their processes.
    The workshop in itself was well organized . I suppose a lot of preparation was put into it. Thank you for starting us with concrete experience; theory will sink in well.
    Twalumba kapati!
    Thank you.
  • 15. Immanuel's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    The Advanced CCE-CC training has exactly filled the gaps that was needed in order for me to perform my duties with confidence.
    The training helped me to connect the M&E to the CCE methodology and the importance of partnership and networking. As a program manager, I would like to admit that the coaching and mentoring session helped me a lot since my duties involve mentoring and coaching CCE regional coordinators and facilitators. I have found value in the session of transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence, this is very critical to the nature of my work.
    The training was very enlightening and a good preparation for a future ahead as we continue finding innovative solutions to reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
    May God abundantly continue pouring showers of wisdom as you continue providing international capacity building in your respective areas of expertise.
    Much love to you all,
    Immanuel MwilimaMushokabanji.
  • 16. Botho's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Botswana team for the experience you have taken me through during the six days in Chikankata Village. I came to this course as an empty vessel in as far as CCE-CC is concerned.
    As I write this letter I already have a plan in my mind as to how I am going to re-roll out the CCE process. I am going to act as advocate for the process, coming from the government point of view.
    Botswana is going to rock with regard to transforming our communities. I am now highly enlightened in the area of community involvement in decision making.
    I wish you all the best in your endeavor to transform the world with regard to this wonderful process of CCE-CC.
    Love to you all,
    Botho Tangane.
  • 17. Noki's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to meet you as old friends. I have also made new friends – people of Chikankata and other participants from other countries. I loved the energy of the participants.
    I am taking home a renewed conviction of the power of this humbele yet bright methodology and a will to share it with as many people as possible. I am taking with me a way of being like Patrick and Cramwell in serving our communities. I am taking with me a strength which has been slowly diminishing in the hard, Corporate world.
    Love you all,
    Noki Pakade.
  • 18. Hanna's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    It was a great appreciation to have been one of the participants in this course.
    You have done a great job in organizing the training in Chikankata where we could hear and feel the success of CCE-CC in its birth-place. You have given us the opportunity to stand on the holy grounds. Having heard the stories from the people on how they made it work is a true inspiration personally.
    I have been touched by your commitment and professionalism in one way you helped evolve the methodology and wisely motivate it in other countries for the benefit of social change process particularly in regard to fighting HIV/AIDS. Thanks also for sharing your inspiration and stories with us.
    I personally learnt a lot and have ideas of how I would use it to the current work I am doing with organizations who do need the approach in their community level work. In some form I will try to explore ways which we can adopt it in its pristine form. I take home with me the assignment to sit and discuss with colleagues (persons) and come up with a way to develop a long this line. I am also committed to adopt the methodology for our organizational transformation process and in our services. Thank you so much for down to earth training.
    Love you all,
  • 19. Oupa's letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac,
    I have the pleasure of informing you about how fulfilled I am after this Advanced CCE-CC course.
    As you know me being a “doubting Thomas,” I wondered what could be Advanced in what we already know and beyond the manual.
    I just could not imagine what really could be that Advanced!
    Let me inform you that, Yes, what we are taking home is truly advanced.
    We even started thinking about some of our friends, those we've been together on this journey for some time, back home, and realized that the course would have been most appropriate for them too.
    It is imperative that the course should be an annual event especially for those to whom it is appropriate.
    I have never felt so confident with CCE-CC before!.
  • 20. Ketshepile’s letter
    Dear Thebisa, Tom and Mac
    It has been a pleasure to have been part if this training. You guys have been an inspiration to me. The process you took me through made me reactivate my essence in life. I have felt the need for personal introspection and have actually seen personal growth.
    It is clear and am empowered as I go back home that I will be a different person than I was when I came . I will be able to be part of the team that will be championing the CCE-CC in Botswana. I am going to use the CCE concepts in doing the evidence based planning process for my District in HIV response.
    Thank you.