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  • These are the most common tasks people do in CRM: They search for cases (either of a particular customer, or those that are assigned to their provider group or to themselves) They create cases. They add notes to existing casesThey transfer cases from one provider group to another, or from one person in a PG to another. They email customers And they solve cases.
  • There are lots of ways to do each of the actions in CRM. Some methods are better than others. This presentation will show you which methods we will use in HR to accomplish the various actions.
  • The bolded methods are the most efficient way to do each of these actions. If you have a new customer, use 360 view to see if other cases are already open for that customer. If you want to see what cases are open and assigned to you or your PG, use the dashboard. If you need to create a case – use quick case. - Your provider group may have an ERMS connection set up to automatically create cases that are sent to an email address. Add notes to cases using email, or the quick case screen. Transfer cases to another PG or person via standard view or quick case view. Email from the standard viewSolve cases via email or quick case.


  • 1. Student Success Tools 2009
  • 2. How can we help?
    • Degree Search
    • My Major Map
    • Catalog Search
    • “ What If?”….
    • Tracking Tool (for Advisors)
    • Academic Status Reports
    • Dashboards for Enrollment Management
    • Student Advisor Data
    • Etc.
    • Etc.
  • 3. Degree Search Students can search through ASU’s degrees, quickly viewing requirements. Click on the screen shot for a video demo
  • 4. My Major Map Available to Sun Devil Tracking Students. This lists all of the required classes for a major.
  • 5. Catalog Search Students can see books, fees, requisites, locations, and add a class to their schedule directly from this screen. Click on the screen shot for a video demo
  • 6. What If? ?
  • 7. Advisor Tracking Tool Advisors can see if their full time Freshman and Sophomores are on or off track, and what specifically they need to do to move forward.
  • 8. Academic Status Reports What to show here? From Faculty P.O.V.? From Advisor P.O.V.? From Student P.O.V.? All three? Twice a semester, faculty can notify students of poor performance via email. Advisors can monitor. Student Faculty Advisor
  • 9. Dashboard: Enrollment Manager Course Capacity: Quickly see how full different classes are
  • 10. Dashboard: Enrollment Manager Course Forecast Forecast into next year
  • 11. Dashboard: Enrollment Manager Missing Instructors: See which classes don’t have instructors and which are fillling up
  • 12. Student Advisor Data Click on the screen shot for a video demo
  • 13. Etc,
  • 14. Etc