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  • Look for pointing/tap, swiping, and dragging.
  • Durability of the device – express concerns – get suggestionsAccess – how will the individual access the device. Does it need mounting?Needs - what do you need the app to do?Consideration: What are you willing to compromise on?Expectations: does it need to be able to take data? Does it need to be able to adjust to students learning? Does it need to be able to print or print screen
  • App attack education042413

    1. 1. APP ATTACK: EducationMike Marotta, ATPAssistant Director, ATS Originally Developed by Vanessa Lombardo & Jeannette Van Houten
    2. 2. Who are we???? Advancing Opportunities• 20 + Years• Mobile assistive technology services• Serves individuals with all disabilities• Diversity of staff• Technology Lending Center
    3. 3. Don’t write everything down….
    4. 4. One size fits all • Perfect for individuals with autism • Works in all environments • Does everything you need it to do • The only tool the students will need • There is an APP for that.
    5. 5. The SETT FrameworkS = SkillsE = EnvironmentT = TasksT = Tools Adapted from Joy Zabala,
    6. 6. Student• What does the individuals need to do?• What are the individuals special needs?• What are the individuals current abilities?• What are the individuals strengths and weaknesses?
    7. 7. The Touch Screen– Doesn’t require pressure, only contact.– More sensitivity may help some, but may be a hindrance to others.– There are some adjustments that can be made to the touch screen. How effective are they?– Requires ability to use gestures
    8. 8. Training app suggestions to improve direct accessWheels on the Bus Bubble Xplode Skee Ball Free Looking to develop pointing/tap, swiping and dragging 8
    9. 9. Environment• What is the physical arrangement?• What materials is available in the environment?• Special concerns, Lighting? Printer?• What is the instructional arrangement?
    10. 10. Tasks• What are the critical elements of the activities?• How might the activities be modified to accommodate the individuals needs• How might technology support the individuals active participation in those activities?
    11. 11. Tools (Apps)• Durability of device• Access• Needs• Consideration• Expectations
    12. 12. Focus Areas• Organization• Time Management• Behavioral Supports• Reading• Writing
    13. 13. Characteristics of the disorganized• forgets to bring • turns work in late and materials sometimes not at all• loses papers and • has trouble school materials remembering• writes assignments information inaccurately or does • poor sense of time not write them down at all
    14. 14. Let’s Look @ some APPS!
    15. 15. Time Management Concerns• Doesn’t know where to start• Doesn’t know how to break tasks down• Wait until the last minute• Doesn’t ask for help
    16. 16. Let’s Look @ some APPS!
    17. 17. Behavioral Difficulties• Difficulty focusing on a task• Difficulty transitioning from one activity tothe next.• Sensory sensitivity• Difficulty maintaining positive relationshipwith peers
    18. 18. Let’s Look @ some APPS!
    19. 19. Reading Difficulties• Read slowly and deliberately with no or little fluency• Appears to read and re-read very slowly, when reading silently and orally• Substitute, omit, and/or transpose letters, words, syllables, and phrases• Lose place on page• Have poor comprehension of written materials
    20. 20. Let’s Look @ some APPS!
    21. 21. Writing Difficulties• Poor handwriting / writing illegibly• Writes letters or numbers backwards or upside down (especially when tired)• Poor spelling skills• Difficulty with copying or completing work on a printed page• Difficulty taking notes from reading or oral presentation
    22. 22. Let’s Look @ some APPS!
    23. 23. Access Aides 28
    24. 24. Speakers 29
    25. 25. AV Accessories Apple Camera Connection Kit Apple VGA Adapter Apple Composite AV Cable.Apple Digital AV adapter 30
    26. 26. Cases 31
    27. 27. Mounts 32
    28. 28. Want More Information? Visit our NEW Blog @ Search “APP Attack”
    29. 29. Contact Information Mike Marotta, ATP Assistant Director, ATS Dept. Advancing Opportunities email: twitter: @mmatp
    30. 30. See you on ?????For Part 2 of this training! Assistive Technology Services (888) 322-1918