Smart Cities and Service Innovation in Cities


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Design London in partnership with Living Labs Global invite you to a one day symposium on how innovation in services and mobility contribute to creating sustainable cities. The event coincides with the launch of a new publication “Connected Cities: Your 256 Billion Euro Dividend”. This is the first practical guide to the market for innovation in services and mobility in cities, showcasing how cities are exploiting digital technologies to enhance their sustainability and to transform the nature, value and effectiveness of public services.

Manuel Martinez, will showcase Ferrovial's vision on "Smart Cities and Service Innovation in Cities"

This conference was held at the Imperial College London, on March 9th 2010

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Smart Cities and Service Innovation in Cities

  1. 1. London, March 9th 2010Smart Infrastructures & InnovationManuel MartínezOpen Innovation ManagerFerrovial
  2. 2. INDEX1.  About Ferrovial2.  Worldwide Situation3.  Smart Infrastructures definition4.  Smart Living concept5.  Open Innovation model6.  Smart-Structure & Smart City model7.  Innovation Center for Smart Infrastructures8.  Conclusions 2
  3. 3. 01. About Ferrovial•  World’s first private investor in transport infrastructures, owning assets valued over 50 Billion Euros•  More than 90% of EBITDA comes from the Airports, Toll roads and Services divisions •  International infrastructure company (85% of EBITDA) •  Over 105,000 employees in 49 countries •  Over 12 Billion Euros in revenues Global Infrastructure Operator 3
  4. 4. Engineering Human Progress Vision: Make a valuable and lasting contribution to humanityMission: Develop smart infrastructures to the customers full satisfaction, with respect for the environment, in order to maximise shareholder value, professionally foster all of our employee, and make a contribution to improve our society VALUES ACTIONS SOLUTION Anticipate – Improve – Solve INNOVATION Progress – Create – Inspire EFFICIENCY Efficacy – Results – Reliability COLLABORATION Teamwork – Cooperate – Share RESPECT Care – Protect INTEGRITY Ethics – Openness 4
  5. 5. 02. World Situation Demography •  Currently 50% of the world population lives in a city, and in 2050 it will be 70% (6.4B people) •  Rapid urbanization is creating big urban stresses Environment•  30 to 50% of urban water is Technology wasted due to leaks or •  There are over 4B mobile breakdowns susbscribers in the world•  There will be 1.2B cars on the •  Location-based services and social road by 2015 networking is growing in capability and popularity •  Convergence of digital networks, sensors and analytics Economy •  The top 100 metropolis currently account for the 25% of worldwide GDP •  Global turndown push governments to develop new economic stimulus, creating new productive models and employment 5 •  Traffic jams costs $78B in fuel and wasted time
  6. 6. 03. Smart Infrastructure“Each highway, airport or city that, based ontechnology and services, looks for the quality oflife of its users, being economic, social, andenvironmentally sustainable” 6
  7. 7. 04. “Smart Living” Open Innovation Ecosystem Mobility Energy Entrepreneurs People Businesses Environ- Science Technology ment Public 7
  8. 8. 05. Open Innovation “Not all the smart people in the world, work for you”! Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins! 8
  9. 9. Closed Innovation Model Companies that rely entirely on their own research 9
  10. 10. Open Innovation ModelOpen innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge toaccelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use ofinnovation, respectively 10 Source: Henry Chesbrough, 2004!
  11. 11. The logic of Open Innovation!  Good ideas are widely distributed today; no one has monopoly.!  First to discover is neither sufficient nor necessary for commercial success.!  A better business model beats a better technology.Open Innovation is not about... ... but abouttechnology only both technology and business modeltechnical invention commercial valueappropriating value win-win partnerspartnerships only innovation ecosystem buildingcutting research costs improving R&D and innovation ROI 11
  12. 12. Confidential Information 06. “Smart-Structure” Government Users BusinessesHuman Progress SMART SERVICES IntelligenceEngineering Infrastructure’s Traditional Services Infrastructure 12
  13. 13. Servicios Inteligentes Smart City Smart Open City City 2.0: Agent CollaborationEcosystem •  Services Maintenanc Services Preventive Smart City Smart Car Collection Efficiency Improvement Buildings Telecom Smart Efficient Mobility Energy Access Waste Smart Smart Parks •  New Services e - services only illustrative -! Assets Smart Sensors, Interconnectivity, Analysis Street Metro Parking Parks Roads Cleaning City Services Water Street Lamps Sewage Urban Waste Administration City Infrastructure 13
  14. 14. Centro de Innovación07. Smart Infrastructures Innovation Center FOUNDERS PROJECTS Open Innovation Ecosystem Companies Science 14
  15. 15. Centro de Innovación08. Conclusions•  Define a personalized strategy for the city (envision a better city?, ensure mobility?, protect the environment?, attract tourism?...)•  Take an holistic view of the city (interrelation among different city systems)•  Make it flexible (allow experimentation)•  Create a safe environment to develop new ideas coming from anywhere (citizens, entrepreneurs, SMBs, big corporations…) 15
  16. 16. Thanks!Questions, comments and participation