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Jerry Uelsmann
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  • 1. Jerry Uelsmann American Born, 1934- Gainesville Resident
  • 2. A analogue photographer with surrealist inclinations and a photoshop aesthetic done completely in the dark room with multiple exposures and negatives.
  • 3. “ My creative process begins when I get out with the camera and interact with the world. A camera is truly a license to explore. There are no uninteresting things. There are just uninterested people.”
  • 4. and he taught at UF, still lives in Gainesville and is married to artist, Maggie Taylor.
  • 5. So if you remember…
  • 6. Surrealism is an avant-garde movement in art and literature in the 1920’s that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind.
  • 7. Some common surrealist techniques are… Minification/Magnification Multiplication Fragmentation Metamorphosis Transference Distortion
  • 8. Minification /Magnification: Something is made to appear smaller/bigger than expected.
  • 9. Multiplication : Repeating images or forms within a composition
  • 10. Fragmentation : Splitting or fragmenting objects or images. The subject may be either partially developed, fragmented, or dismembered.
  • 11. Metamorphosis : Something in a progressive states of change.
  • 12. Transference : The intrusion of an object or element into a space or environment not normally its own; the displacement of an object or elements into a new situation.
  • 13. Distortion : the use of latent or hidden images; obscuring the qualities of an object
  • 14. Apply the six common surrealist techniques to the following images.
  • 15. A.
  • 16. B.
  • 17. C.
  • 18. D.
  • 19. E.
  • 20. F.
  • 21. M.C. Escher G.
  • 22. Rene Magritte H.
  • 23. Man Ray I.
  • 24. Dali J.
  • 25. K.
  • 26. L. Kiki Smith
  • 27. Frida Kahlo M.
  • 28. Mark Ryden N.
  • 29. Ron Mueck O.